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Dr. Issam Nemeh, the Final Act

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Nachu, my 18-year old son’s, cancer was now spreading rapidly. Although his doctors lost hope for a cure, I continued searching for alternative treatments.

In mid-March, I got a call from a friend of mine living in Arizona, who knew about spiritual and energy healing. We started talking about Nachu’s condition and my search for other treatments.

He said, “Sona, why don’t you take Nachu to see Dr. Nemeh? Dr. Nemeh is an anesthesiologist in Ohio who combines prayer with acupuncture, thus fusing spirituality with medicine. He says that when medication and medical treatment do not have the complete effect, you add prayer. Prayer is sometimes the missing piece that can complete a healing. Dr. Nemeh states that it is God who heals. He merely surrenders himself as an instrument for God to use. He prays over all his patients. He has helped cure hundreds of people. Perhaps Nachu can get help from him.”

That name sounded so familiar. I then recalled that I had sent a prayer request to Dr. Nemeh’s free prayer program a few months before. I had not even thought about physically taking Nachu there. Yes! I would do it.

I called his office. His secretary told me that Dr. Nemeh was booked for months in advance. Well, that wasn’t going to help Nachu. I didn’t know what to do. I wrote an email and sent it out to as many people as I could, asking if anyone knew Dr. Nemeh, to please get in touch with me. John, a psychic who I had talked to after my husband died, answered back. He knew a wonderful lady, Anne, who personally knew Dr. Nemeh’s wife. I was elated when John told me he would reach out to Anne. Within the day, Anne got in touch with me. When she heard my story, she immediately connected me with Dr. Nemeh’s wife, Kathy, who bent over backwards to get Nachu in to see Dr. Nemeh within a few days.

My mother, Nachu, and I set off on a plane flight to Ohio. It was a horrible experience. Nachu suffered immense pain due to low air pressure in the small plane. The combination of having to sit upright for so long in a cramped space, as well as my forgetting to pack Nachu’s heating pad, all contributed to his agony. As soon as we landed and got off the plane, Nachu was breathing heavily, unable to walk, his body twisted in pain. He had to sit in a wheelchair. I felt so angry at myself for putting him through so much torture to get here.

Nachu’s appointment was at nine p.m. By the time we walked into Dr. Nemeh’s office, my son had already taken the maximum dosage on his meds. At this point, he could barely walk or turn his head. He hands were squeezed into tight fists to deal with the extreme discomfort. It was hard to watch. Kathy cried when she saw him walk through the door. She later confided to me, “Sona, I just could not hold it in seeing him in such agony.”

We were told that Dr. Nemeh spent a lot of time one-on-one time with his patients, so it wasn’t uncommon for appointments to run late into the night. Our turn finally came around ten thirty p.m. We entered the treatment room, where Dr. Nemeh was waiting for us.

Dr. Nemeh started Nachu’s treatment with meridian acupuncture. He tested a few points around Nachu’s feet, while at the same time, he prayed. We heard him whisper, “The Holy Spirit is coming in now.” He continued his prayer. “I sense Nachu’s father helping along with a lot of saints and angels.” Within seconds, Nachu started shaking, his right foot quivering rapidly. Dr. Nemeh said, “God is healing his pain.” This went on for about thirty minutes.

Then Dr. Nemeh started acupuncture on Nachu’s back. Nachu had an incredible amount of pain in his neck. He screamed in agony, with tears running down his cheeks. Suddenly, his neck went into sinuous movements. Dr. Nemeh said that Nachu’s vertebrae and his bones were re-adjusting. Like a ripple effect under the skin, you could see the bones in the neck and shoulders moving by themselves. This went on for about twenty minutes. The session came to an end, long after midnight. Nachu felt a lot better than before. His pain was more than eighty percent relieved. Dr. Nemeh said that while the discomfort should get better, it wouldn’t be instantaneous.

Dr. Nemeh called me in to another room to speak with me privately. “Sona,” he said, “I prayed to the Holy Spirit for Nachu. Nachu is a very good and high soul. In all honesty, though, Nachu is not going to live. When a healing takes place, I can tell right away. Some people are healed because that is the Universe’s choice, but some people are not. In Nachu’s case, a lot of transformation happened in the mind, but not the body.” My spirit crumbled upon hearing this. I decided not to tell Nachu any of this. He had had an awful day already. He did not need to hear such terrible news.

Over the following days, I noticed a change in Nachu. His face was calmer. He was more accepting of his situation. His tumor grew rapidly, yet overwhelming tranquility surrounded him. Later, his sisters told me that Nachu talked to them about where he wanted his ashes spread and which of his material possessions to give to certain friends.

It was at this point that Nachu wanted to talk to me. He said, “Mom, I love you very much. I thank you for everything you have done for me. I’ve gone in with a positive and open mind each time, only for it to backfire. Now I need to stop. I am tired of trying everything. It is just too much suffering. Please allow me to go. I am ready to die.”

It was heartbreaking hearing him say this. Tears streamed down my face as I listened to him. We talked for a long time about what he wanted. Afterwards, I told Nachu his wishes would be honored, and that we would keep him as comfortable as possible.

Two days later, Nachu was in excruciating pain and was now completely paralyzed. We rushed him to hospice. On the eve of his death, we stayed with Nachu in his room. Although he was immobilized from the upper-chest down, he was still as alert and conscious as ever.

On the morning of Good Friday, around one thirty a.m., Nachu woke up, pointing in the air. “Mom!” he exclaimed, “Dr. Nemeh is here. Look, look, right there at the flashes of light. He is right in front of me. There, there, can’t you see him?”

I jumped up and ran towards Nachu’s bed. I looked everywhere but couldn’t see anything. There were no blobs, no shapes, no lights. However, I thought I felt a heavy presence, just like I did months ago when Mohit appeared in the closet to give me his message, but then maybe it was just my imagination.

Nachu said matter-of-factly, “Dr. Nemeh is telling it is now my time to go. He said he would be with me all the way through. I am so happy.” Nachu smiled blissfully and promptly went back to sleep. I was up the whole night agonized.

At eight a.m., as I was about to phone Kathy Nemeh to tell her what happened, she called. “Sona, good morning, how are Nachu and you doing?”

“Wow, Kathy,” I told her. “I was about to dial your number. How amazing that you should call. I have something important to tell you!”

“Sona, I have to tell you something, too,” Kathy said.

“You go first,” I said to her.

Kathy continued, “Dr. Nemeh got home about twelve forty-five a.m., and I told him that Nachu wasn’t doing well. He immediately went in his prayer mode. About one thirty a.m., he told me that he was talking to Nachu’s spirit. Nachu is ready to go home.”

In shock, I repeated the same conversation to Kathy, from Nachu’s standpoint. We were both astounded.

Kathy said, “Oh, my God! It’s remarkable how Nachu was awakened to the prayers! Dr. Nemeh and Nachu are so connected!”

Nachu passed away peacefully that same day on Good Friday. While Dr. Nemeh’s prayers didn’t cure Nachu, something else happened. Nachu gained inner strength and total acceptance of his life. During grief, Nachu attained peace. In disappointment, he became paralyzed, but had peace. Toward the end, in humiliation, with the loss of his bowel and bladder functions, he had peace. As his life’s quality decreased, he had peace. And in death, he had peace. There is no greater miracle than attaining peace throughout all stages of suffering.

After so many years, I wanted to return and thank Kathy and Dr. Nemeh for their love, care, and compassion for Nachu. In May 2016, I traveled to see Dr. Nemeh at a healing service. Many people of different ages, regardless of whether they were sick or healthy, had come. All came with faith and hope. Dr. Nemeh took his time conversing and praying with each person. It humbled me to see him on his feet all day long, without a break, praying over each person with his heart and soul.

Dr. Nemeh is a man of empathy, a man of love, a man filled with the Holy Spirit. He has given his life to God. He is a messenger to help anyone who can be cured and for the rest to accept their peace.

A patient of his best describes him, “Dr. Nemeh is so beautiful a person that words cannot describe how compassionate he is. I love him so much and I am just a stranger. I met him, and the feeling of love and kindness and understanding radiated from him like the sun.”

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