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Tee Crane on Vertical Living!

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Live Life Beautifully Tee Crane #LivingFearlessly #ThriveGlobal

In my recent experiences on the Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald international radio/podcast show – it has become my innate observation; the succession of guests I am interviewing throughout these particularly heightened and globally challenging times – are unearthing the most genuine of heartfelt conversations. Consistently so, my weekly guests are showing up on the global airwaves as raw, candid, vulnerable, present, deeply introspective, and immensely thoughtful. 

It has become abundantly clear to me, who has elected to use this unprecedented gift of unexpected time to go even deeper within themselves – – who has chosen to further undergo the self-transformative process during this universal paradigm shift of elevated human consciousness. 

In all the time I have known Tee Crane, he has always presented as the type of individual who is committed to personal growth and to personal development. An individual who has consistently been drawn and driven to self-improve. Tee’s inquisitive spirit and adventurous demeanour is outwardly infectious. I love and appreciate people who can laugh at themselves – – who recognize themselves as the common denominator in all of their relationships – – and who use all of their life experiences – – good, bad or indifferent – – to undertake the often painful path of self-examination, self-discovery in their ongoing healing journey. Tee is such a said person and one I am humbled and honoured to call friend, peer, and colleague. 

When you are one with the energy of the universe, you are in flow with it. You relinquish yourself from the attachments of the belief that ‘when’ or ‘if’ a certain something shows up, that this is somehow the burden of proof or the necessary evidence for comfortably moving forward. No, you move forward in spite of the ‘when’ or the ‘if’ not being present or forthcoming – that is when the universe responds accordingly and knows you have truly stepped into it – when you have truly shown up to be guided and navigated toward what is truly intended. Tee has embraced this universal lesson and because he has chosen to do so, he is spiritually, energetically, emotionally and mentally FREE as a result. This is making a true and conscious move. This is consciously levelling up. It is the letting go of how things are ‘supposed’ to be. This is what unlocks and opens up the door on everything that is meant to exist for us – that which awaits us on the other side of surrendering our preconceived notions for how our lives are meant to unfold and to materialize. WAY TO GO, TEE!!

What I most respect and admire about Tee is the way he just ‘is’. The way he just allows himself to ‘be’. For those of us who are on a perpetual quest to ascertain the same…we know this is an incredibly hard feat in which to master. It is often times unachievable simply because we continue to subconsciously hold onto that which holds us back – – gets in our way – – trips us up for one reason or another. Often the journey feels like five steps forward; ten steps back and the level of fortitude, foresight, tenacity and resiliency required in order to prevail and to persevere can be both daunting and exhausting. It is the soul that chooses to endure. It is the ego that chooses to quit. And it is each of us who gets to choose. Sometimes what we perceive to be the hardest decisions to have to make are actually the easiest – – if we are truly willing to surrender that which does not intuitively support us being in flow with the energies of the universe. It is a blind trust one must hone as well as an unwavering commitment to the old adage, “You have to believe it to see it.” Anyone can profess these core concepts – – theorize it – – philosophize it – – preach and lecture it – – very few implement and maneuver themselves accordingly. WELL DONE, TEE!!

As someone who is highly sensitive and attuned to other peoples energies; I am either magnetized or repelled. Energy itself is my own personal barometer for establishing unspoken boundaries. It is for both longevity purposes so I can energetically rise and show up for others whose flame I am equally drawn to. It is also an intrinsic coping mechanism for maintaining my own emotional equilibrium with respect to self protectiveness. I am either present or nowhere to be found dependent upon others energetic field of resonance. I say this to preface Tee’s energies and why I consistently resonate with him. He has a purified, cleanliness to his emanated energies. Tee’s energies feel safe, healthy and respectful to me. I naturally feel lighter, brighter and organically detoxified in all our exchanges. That is a gift, and one I do not take lightly or for granted. THANK YOU, TEE!

As always, I will leave it up to you…the #ThriveGlobal reader to arrive at your own decision upon you kindly clicking onto the enclosed podcast link of my uplifted and vibrant conversation with Tee Crane!
On behalf of both Tee and myself, we wish to express our wholehearted appreciation to each of you within the #ThriveGlobal Community for generously taking the time to read this Feature Article. Mutually, we also wish to thank you for graciously taking the time to listen to our interview via the enclosed podcast link! For anyone here who wishes to take the conversation further with either or with both Tee and myself – – it would be our joint pleasure and honour to connect with you and to be of additional service to you in whichever way(s) you deem to be a suitable fit! THANK YOU! MUCH APPRECIATED!

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
#Grateful #ThriveThursday #ThriveGlobal #LivingFearlessly


Tee Crane has led a richly diverse life up to now and is still adding to his long list of achievements, adventures, and contributions to the world as a whole.

From the time he was a little boy, Tee knew the pathway to his dreams and desires was only going to come to him through diving into the variety of experiences. He claimed his entrepreneurship at the age of six years old when he heralded his own lemonade stand. This was followed by his own Jewelry business in high school.

From his outwardly clean cut professional appearance, one would never guess that he was one of the original wave of Punks, as it just seems so unlikely! BUT THAT is exactly what makes Tee Crane such a unique person. He refused to be locked, stuffed or kept in a box that would be deemed as socially acceptable in all aspects. But then what does one expect from a University English major with a minor in Religious Studies? You might expect this person to jump into the entertainment industry as a performer, but you may not expect to find him behind the scenes where one sets up the stage for performers. However, the list of credits under his belt is a long one, from performing in bands as a singer, to being in videos on Much Music (Canadian MTV); behind the scenes as he worked with some of the hottest A-List Celebrities and World Renowned Artists such as the amazing James Brown, the original DIVA, Diana Ross, comic sensation, Chris Rock, the soul-stirring, Lionel Richie, and so many others.

But as incredible as all of these achievements are…there was a time when things weren’t so great. Illness took hold of Tee and as it does…Life Changed on a dime. It was at this time that he began to search for teachers. He sought out and studied as much as he could under as many teachers as he could, when something miraculous happened. Tee received his calling. See, the entertainment world was incredible, it was fun, exciting, afforded a wonderful lifestyle, but there was also something a little out of sync. What Tee found in his search for knowledge, was as mentioned above…his calling. Which was…TO TEACH. But once the call came…another hurdle, stumbling block, road block – shook him to his core. Tee suddenly found himself homeless…and BROKE. For most…this kind of upset, this kind of breakdown would have taken them out. But what Tee learned from all of his studies was that this…was just another point in time, a point in his life…that he would look at and say, “It’s only temporary.” So…he picked himself up, hiked up his bootstraps, and put his nose to the grindstone and started to teach. In just a few years with absolutely NO MONEY, he built a business. Not just a business…but a THRIVING business.

Tee is now the creator of a multitude of life transforming programs which he teaches. He is a successful coach, helping others overcome adversity. Tee also speaks at conferences and events – inspiring the masses. To say that Tee is an extraordinary human being, would be an understatement, but it will be said nonetheless. Tee Crane is EXTRAORDINARY!

From homeless, ill and broke to healthy, vibrant and thriving…through thick and thin, high achievement and adversity, Tee says this…

“I love my life immensely and am here to serve. My desire is that through my stumbles, tumbles and bruises…I can help others out of the treacherous places to a life that is fulfilling and on purpose with who they are.”
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