Lindsey McKeon Makes Her Mark With New Indie Film

Women & Sometimes Men is currently making the rounds on the film-festival circuit.

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When Lindsey McKeon takes on a role you know it will be memorable. Her two month tenure on Guiding Light in 2001 earned her a Daytime Emmy nomination for the role of Marah. Since then, she’s impressed fans of Supernatural, One Tree Hill, and many more with her featured and guest-starring roles.

Her latest endeavor, Women & Sometimes Men is currently making the rounds on the film-festival circuit. It is an indie feature film based in New York that explores the complexity of female sexuality and the contract of marriage.

As she prepares to attend the Portland Film Festival to promote her newest venture, the gorgeous and talented actress took the time to talk with me about her role as Ali.

How did you hear about the movie?

One of my best friends, Lesley Demetriades, is a producer and she had wanted to shoot this script for some time. She’s very interested in women’s rights and sexuality.

What drew you to the role?

A couple of things… I’ve always wanted to do an Indie film, one where the shots are held for a longer amount of time, one where those moments of awkward silence are not only allowed but welcomed. And also, getting to explore bisexuality on film through a woman who has never experienced it before, but because of Sara’s interest in her she becomes curious.

Tell us a little about your character, Ali.

She is a free bird. For now, she works at a coffee shop in NYC but I get the feeling she goes where the wind takes her.

How did you mentally prepared for this role?

It’s funny. I knew Lesley wanted me to play this character but had no idea when. During a vacation to Charleston S. Carolina, I walked into a very charming art studio and heard a ladies voice ask if I would like some limeade – I looked up and immediately fell in love. There stood a girl with asymmetrical shoulder length brown hair, she was edgy but soft too, kind of a southern hipster but with no accent. She seemed effortless and cool. I wanted to follow her around and get a glimpse into her life, or maybe just meet her at the art studio after hours, have a glass of wine, talk listlessly, while an old record player could be heard in the background. As I stepped out of the studio and onto the street it dawned on me that I had just met a real life Ali and that I was feeling the feelings Sara must have felt for her.

What do you hope fans will take away from the film after seeing it?

That it’s Ok. Not knowing is Ok. Wanting to explore is Ok. Not needing to be defined as one thing or another is more than Ok. Love is love. Curiosity is human.

As a supporter of the LGBTQ community, how did this role impact you personally?

The bi-sexual community continues to receive stigma to this day, even within it’s own LGBTQ community – often not being taken seriously. Maybe this is perpetuated by intoxicated people wanting to hook up, or maybe there’s fear that if you fall in love with someone that is bi they could at any moment leave and opt for the perceived competition? Or perhaps, even, that their hardships and struggles haven’t been as severe as the LGT’s. Whatever it is, I think we’re all better served not to judge whose struggle is worse than the others. Instead, when we focus on what does make us similar and support each other’s own unique journey, we find understanding and acceptance. To me, that’s what it’s all about. Not the circumstances, but love and unity in the face of our differences.

Women & Sometimes Men – Official Trailer

Women & Sometimes Men also stars Tasha Ames
and Ian Shepard and has already enjoyed a successful debut screening at the
2017 Chelsea Film Festival. The movie is also an official pre-selection of the
2018 New York State Film Festival.

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