Life in the waters

The Laws of River Fishing

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Did you know?

The largest freshwater fish in the world is from Russia. The Beluga Sturgeon can weigh up to 2500 pounds and reach 15 feet in length. The largest recorded weighed over 7000 pounds and was almost 20 feet long. The fish can live for 100 years.

Still in the context of the River;

How can we compare our lives to the river? The Amazon or the Nile. What lessons can we draw from the activities in the water? The home to scorpions, crocodiles and other killer creatures. Subject to storms and Tsunamis. We surely need grace to make it.

But Wait;

What about the Mandarin and clown fish, the beauties of the water? The nutritious Sardines and Salmon? All we need is a net to get them. Just like you and I, everyone else wishes to eat, drink and have a preserve. We either use nets or fishing rods to get the needs. Some go deep waters for the fish while others waits for them at the shore. Whichever the case, it behooves everyone to have and protect their nets and rods. To protect the net from the eyes that are jealous and envious and above all to know the laws and the tricks of the field.

Before rowing the boat, think about this;

Deep into the sea, the net will catch everything on its way, the frogs, scorpions and the sharks which can pull-drown you into the water. The tongues will start wagging of how you sunk into your wealth. Unto this, I urge you to develop a friend in Him whose eyes see to the bottom of the lake. He will control the net inside the water.

Another challenge with the net is that you can’t use it alone. You must have people to help you pull it from the water. This is what defines our success; the ability to build and inspire a team. Therefore, remember to seek God’s guidance when choosing your team. Desire those people who will not let go the net from their side no matter the struggle. A person who will not halt your vision.

And this one;

The body. The fish and other aqua-creatures have slick bodies. It can easily slip back to the water if carelessly handled. Perhaps the reason why managing your earnings is much harder than getting it. In the river, always yearn the goodness of God that makes your earnings stick to your hands.

The bottom line;

To you fishers; whether you use a net or a fishing rod, whether you fish to get food or to be wealthier; the storm is strong both in the sea and at the shores. It doesn’t matter how hard the waves hit and block our movement to destiny. Sometimes we need to sail with the waves and other times against them, but sailing we must. Let those who can swim do it, and those who have vessels row them briskly.

And to the creator of the seas and all the aquatics. To Him that we pledge our Faith and Trust. May he protect our businesses that ours shall be big profits. May he establish a supportive and united environment in our workplaces. May his mercies be with us that no earnings will slip from our hands and go to waste. Oh lord, give us the strength to overcome the storms according to your promise in Deuteronomy 31:6.       

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