Let’s Talk, Mentally! OK?

The Role Of Mental Health Conversations in the Role Of Mental Health Engagement! In Honor Of "Mental Health Awareness Day 2019" October 10, 2019 #ItsOkNotToBeOk

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One of the beauties of mental health is. . . speaking on mental health. Yes! The release of shame and taboos in conversing on our mental health struggles. For such a long time it had been apparent that proclaiming one’s battles with mental health or depression was a “private matter.” That it was “unprofessional” to discuss the matter. Images of a “looney bin,” or “nuthouse for the criminally insane,” were presented as dominant perceptions for those even hinting in not feeling well.

Mental health has come a long way. And no longer is it scary images of the psychopaths, which has been ingrained in our heads. On the contrary, its the common faces of ordinary and famous folks. Mental health is. . . IN. And caring for it is. . .the trend! Not only is it trendy to discuss mental health, but it is the cool thing to do. Mental wellness and mental well-being is. . .COOL! And, getting there is cool. Yet, in order to “get there” acknowledgement must happen. “I’m not well, and that’s OK!” Its the truthfulness which makes mental health comfortable. Articulating our errors, flaws, and stuggles as human beings is what makes life interesting and nurturing. To know that even the most successful, professional, over-achieving people suffer from mental health is what makes mental health discussions holistic. Because at the end of the day, depression, suicide, and other mental health disorders are not privy to one particular race, color, culture, ethnicity, age, nationality, or even profession. Mental health is one of the common denominators, which unifies the human Spirit.


As we continue to delve into the realm of mental health, its the ugliness and reality of it all, which gives humanity its slap, wake-up call. We are not machines or super Sheroes and Heroes, who can defy the natural laws of Earth’s sphere. Nourishment of our physical and mental care reminds us, just how delicate we are. So, delicate that our sensors have no problem informing us (in whatever way) when we have failed to protect our natural balances. Afterall, isn’t that what Mental Health Awareness Day is truly about? A check-in! How often do we have our own personal check-ins? That’s the beauty of having a national, annual reminder in making sure that we are doing. . .just that.

The aftermath and highlights of putting mental health on an international platform is more than for ourselves. It means that we are connecting our mental health, and discussions, with other people. That we are finding commonality with a diverse group of people through the very basis of self-care for our mental psyche. For people all over the world to embrace this day means that different stories and conversations are being brought to the forefront. The beauty of honesty, and being vocal about our personal struggles for mental wellness, is affirmation for our sanity. Hearing conversations and discourses on mental wellness is indicative that our very mention of the terms, mental health awareness, is normal. Connecting with other individuals, in their own personal, mental health struggles means that we are normal. In fact, discussing mental health is the normalcy of humanity. It is becoming a normal conversation. Coming a long way from denying people of their humanity. Punishing those who had been removed from energetic balances, without even providing them with the care and treatment, necessary for their devlopment. The phenomenon of Mental Health Awareness Day is that it is transforming (and overcoming) conversational taboos, and make mental health a normal conversation. In making mental wellness, holistic well-being, and personal dialogues regular conversations, we are assisting people in coming out of one of the most oppressive weapons of mental health: silence.


By examining the therapy of mental wellness discourse, we are observing how the release of toxic energy assists in the saving of lives. Think about how many people removed the gun from their head, or flushed the sleeping pills down the toilet because someone-who had been in their same situation-told their story. Revealed the intimacies of that personal struggle. And, after hearing such, a Spirit of hope had been revealed in that person. Never underestimate the power of a conversation. The power of individuals, who were honest with themselves. Were able to admit to themselves that everything was NOT “ok.” The sincerity off those women and men, who found themselves on the verge of clocking out from Earth’s time. Yet, through the love and care of a friend, or stranger, who had “been there,” they found a reason to hang on a bit longer, until help arrived. This is the power of mental health conversations. This is the artistry of dialoguing in the realm of mental health.

Our discussions on mental healh is a realm of oratorical aesthetics. Anytime that we voice our personal struggles, we are exploring how we can become creative in one aspect of therapy. Vocal therapy and expressing our pains outloud. Putting that pain in the public realm. Making ourselves vulnerable enough to expose our emotional and mental scars. Afterall, its when we reveal our spiritual bareness, that oxyen is able to touch our wounds. Contributing to the healing factor. Everything begins with the word. So, once we perform our mental awareness (or mental wellness) through words, we are able to use different realms of artistry (performance, literary, and visual) in capturing that struggle. Once we have identified that ugly side of the mental wellness component, we can engage in the beauty of healing. The journey of healing and fighting for our mental health wellness is the aesthetic of re-claiming our sanity. It is that gentle path in articulating our mental factor. And, its that path, which makes everything soothing and nutritious. Its that final feeling, which ensures that everything will. . . be alright.

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So, as our annual celebration of Mental Health Awareness 2019 continues into beauty, we gather in knowing that it is “ok” to know when we are not up to par. When something does not feel right, we state it! OK? We proclaim it. Proudly, in fact! Proclaiming it indicates that there is a desire to get better! Nurture it. And, then after we get it right, let’s be Ok. . .for real!;)

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For more information on Mental Health Awareness Day 2019, you can click on the following link: https://www.who.int/news-room/events/detail/2019/10/10/default-calendar/world-mental-health-day-2019-focus-on-suicide-prevention

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