Lessons from Heaven in an Interview with Cherie Aimée

An interview with the bestselling author.

Cherie Aimée is a near death experience survivor, number 1 bestselling author and motivational speaker. She speaks today about how her near death experience affected her beliefs, values and insights about life and death and most of all, how it freed her. She died and came back to share her story.

Sarah Browne: You were diagnosed with cancer about eight years ago. Can you tell us the specific diagnosis and what stage you were at in your NDE?

Cherie Aimée: I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in the winter of 2008. It was 2-months after my beautiful, fairytale wedding on a mountain top. I remember it like it was yesterday. The sun was beating down on my shoulders. My gorgeous white gown pressed comfortably against my skin and the multi-colored hues of red, burnt orange, and yellow radiated elegantly drifted off the trees in the rare 75 degree heat — for the middle of October in Connecticut.

The cancer was discovered by accident. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is a highly treatable cancer with a 98–99% cure rate. There is a set protocol for treatment, which must be implemented quickly. I was diagnosed at Stage 2B.

6 months of chemotherapy put me into remission and I have been cancer-free for the past 8 years.

SB: You have had heart problems and heart transplants. Tell us about your journey with that.

CA: I was born with what the pediatric doctor initially called, a “wandering pacemaker.” Basically, another way of saying, “We have no idea why your heart beats fast.” When I was 12 years old, I was eventually diagnosed with an arrhythmia known as atrial fibrillation — which was classified as non-threatening. It was controlled with medication for years. I was extremely active growing up. I played sports alongside my friends and in college studied dance and Tae Kwon Do for several years.

SB: When did you start to listen to your body and realize something was very wrong? Did you know you were dying?

CA: 3 weeks prior to my cardiac arrest, I began having difficulty breathing. I would wake up in the middle of the night as if I was having a panic attack. Over the next few days, I noticed my breathing symptoms getting progressively worse. In the middle of the day I would collapse to the floor hyperventilating.

After an undiagnosed trip to the local emergency room, I started to realize something was seriously wrong. I could tell that what I felt in my body was not normal. The best way I can describe the feeling — it was a knowing. A knowing deep in my soul that this was not a normal cold or virus. Something was seriously wrong.

Then one day it hit me. I was dying. I couldn’t explain to anyone how I knew. It was a calming feeling that the end was near. That the reason no one believed me or could find out what was happening to me was because nothing could stop it. It was my fate.

SB: When did you die and how exactly did it happen?

CA: I don’t remember anything from the day I died other than the last few seconds before it happened — which I remembered 4 months after that near fatal day.

I asked my husband the night before to promise me that he would take care of my beagle if anything were to happen to me. He assured me he would and I cried myself to sleep knowing the end was near.

The next I knew, I woke up strapped to a hospital bed thinking it was 2003 — when it was actually 2010 — and that I had been in a severe car crash terrified that I had injured someone.

According to my husband he rushed me to the hospital as I was complaining of both my arms feeling heavy. We arrived 10 minutes before I flatlined in his arms, due to cardiac arrest.

SB: When you died, did you cross over to the afterlife right away? What was the experience like? Was it difficult or easy?

CA: As soon as I died, I remember finding myself floating in white light. I knew exactly where I was — that I had died and crossed over. It was instant and pain-free. I remember feeling so relieved at how easy it was. My whole life I had spent worrying about death and would the transition hurt. I discovered it was quick and painless.

SB: What did you carry with you in Heaven? Did you have memories, emotions? Could you feel what was happening on earth? Did you know you were deceased?

CA: I noticed that I still felt emotions and memories from the life I just left — but solely from a place of love. The heavy burden of guilt, shame, and worthlessness seemed to have detached from my soul. I felt light as a feather and free as a bird.

There were moments where I could feel the pain of what my loved ones were going through, knowing I had died. I remember wishing they wouldn’t feel so sad and wanting to let them know all of us would be okay.

SB: What were your senses like in the afterlife? What did you touch, taste, smell, see, feel?

CA: My senses were more heightened in the afterlife than they were in the physical world. Colors had various hues that were not of this world. They were beautifully radiant and rich. I can still see them when I close my eyes.

The dominant senses in the afterlife tapped into the heart and mind. Communication and understanding my surroundings all stemmed from the process of feeling into everything I experienced. Verbal communication did not exist — only telepathy.

These senses gave me more data about life than the physical realm.

SB: Did you experience the presence of other beings? If so what were they like? What messages did they have for you?

CA:When I first crossed over and realized I was in the afterworld, I was greeted by a group of beings. We communicated telepathically. They felt familiar. As if I had known them for lifetimes. These beings were the ones who showed me my lifetime review when I didn’t want to go back to my physical life. They are also the ones I told — towards the end of my journey — that I wanted to return to my life.

At one point along my journey, I came across my grandmother and a family friend who had always been a secondary father-figure growing up. They needed my help to find peace from the loved ones they had left behind who were unable to move on without them.

SB: Did you get a choice to come back to earth or stay in Heaven? If so, how did you decide?

CA: Yes. I was given a choice to come back to earth. I decided after my lifetime review.

SB: Did you experience a life review? If so, how much did you see and most of all, how did it affect you?

CA: Yes. Although my lifetime review was not just of this life but of multiple lifetimes. I learned the biggest block that had been preventing me from living my true potential in life.

SB: Were you given reflections as to how you should have been living?

CA: Absolutely. I was shown that most of what I had learned growing up was blocking me from fulfilling my purpose in life. I learned how to finally release these blocks and fulfill my role on the planet.

SB: What was the most powerful part of your experience?

CA: The most powerful part of my experience was being given the answers to every question I have ever asked about how the Universe works.

SB: Did you see yourself die? Did you witness the earthly journey others made in coping and giving condolences? Did you see your funeral?

CA: Yes. I remember the moment I died and crossed over. It happened really fast. I remember being relieved at how easy it was. Once moment I was in one dimension and the next minute in another — well aware that I had died.

SB: Last question. What are you doing now? How did the NDE impact your current state of being? And are you cancer free, heart healthy? How are you now?

CA: Since my NDE, I am no longer afraid of death. I know now the soul never dies. This freed me to truly live my life from a grounded place of power. I don’t have the same fears as most of the people around me. I find myself extremely selective of who I allow into my inner circle. I am certain of my mission here in this world.

Thankfully I am cancer-free and have been for eight years. As a result of this near-death journey, I was on life-support for many months. I was eventually upgraded to a portable life-saving device called a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD), or bionic heart. The LVAD kept me alive for almost 5 years. I then received a heart transplant.

Currently, I am consulting entrepreneurs and businesses on branding, writing for Influencive.com, and growing my startup for women with heart disease and heart failure. I also run a community called, Live Big Be Happy, inspiring entrepreneurs and leaders to live a life of no regrets.

I am happy and healthy now, sharing my lessons, learnings, and love with the world. For more about me, you can visit http://www.cherieaimee.com

Originally published at medium.com

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