Leila Mourad’s Tone Of Feathery Delights, In the Comfort Of Vocal Ease!

Observing The Light and Fluffy Vocal Performance Of LEILA MOURAD, In The Performance Of "El Donia Ghenwa," And Its Bringing Of Comfort and Ease For The Ears!

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Singing takes skill and precision. Should you desire to convey a particular feeling or color, then one is likely to experience the meticulousness of a performance. It requires a great deal of vocal work, and vocal control. The pacing and perfect timing, in taking a proper breath, is key. All of the vocal mechanisms and dynamics come into play, when a singer is highlighting their ability to sing fluidly; thereby, giving the illusion of complexity being easy. Singing as if it comes easily, and making your vocal presence a form of therapy, is one of the very challenges in the world of singing. Yet, for many of the most eloquent and legendary singers, such a technique is performed consistently. After all, what is singing (or any performance for the creative arts) if it is not being conducted to bring a sense of relaxation and calm for those masses of individuals, coming to hear. Venturing to your concert/performance halls, so that they can experience the world of ease! Life has already been painted as difficult, and “hard!” There are certain artists, and songs, whose responsibility it is to bring comfort and calm to our lives. We know who they are. From the moment their voices are heard, we automatically feel as if we are in Heaven’s greatness! Of course, there are also those, who use their vocal ease to create playful artistry, within their voices! The texture is not as heavy. Its not too rich. For a number of people, it is just right!

There are particular singers, who have the ability to move through musicality with such grace, and water-like tranquility. It is empowering and invigorating. Other singers have that particular flavor, where it feels as if they are simultaneously singing and talking! Furthermore, they carry that carefree and vivacious energy about their vocality-their musicality, their musicianship! Its intriguing! Such singers have the capacity in allowing their voices to run ahead of them. Letting them take their own direction, and guiding the artists who birth them. Its a real treat and joy to hear such singers. Furthermore, it comes to tickle the ears of those listeners, who are enchanted when hearing it.

Moving into the land of Egypt, we become immersed into that light, free floating, and playful energy of one particular, Egyptian Dame. Birthed in Cairo, Egypt, and returning into the Heavens from that very same spacing. She is considered one of the great ones in modern, Egyptian her/history. Therefore, through inquiring minds and eyes, a person has to consider the mental and artistic adventures that will take place, in order to navigate a similar journey, with this artist. For this blessed spacing, the artist is none other than. . .

Leila Mourad

https://www.google.com/amp/s/womenofegyptmag.com/2018/02/17/the-100th-birthday-of-egyptian-icon-laila-mourad-1918-2018/amp/; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Her voice is a legacy of its own! Sometimes, humanity has a tendency to listen to the bigger, and more powerful voices, that we miss out on other tonalities, which can tell a story. We ignore those subtle, and honey-brown coloring, which have the power to radiate (and navigate) certain landscapes, throughout the lens of time. There is just something about them! Once it comes to be, then we are dedicated towards moving, and feeling the pressures, in being meticulous, with the notes being articulated.

We could do an entire analysis on the work and vocal repertoire on Leila Mourad! However, for the purposes of this piece, we can direct our attention to one. A brief performance in, El Donia Ghenwa, highlights the very nature of what was previously conveyed. Mourad’s voice is not heavy, which gives it that feather-type floating, in moving together so, effortlessly! Furthermore, there is a particular technique of her voice. Not only is she able to give the illusion of her vocal ability being effortless, but she is also able to create an illusion for a mixture, between her sound being muffled, and clear. Its fascinating! Listen closely, and you will hear what I mean. Initially, a non-Arabic speaker may not hear this. They may think that there is a level of non-clarity in her voice. Such cannot be more than untrue. In fact, there appears to be a particular glossy aura, which covers the run of her notes. While this slightly, higher vibration of air seems to cover her voice, a deeper ear allows us to hear how meticulous, and precise Leila Mourad is, in articulating (and highlighting) each note. Its fascinating! Truly fascinating! It takes a particular skill set, which was clearly practiced into perfection, by Leila Mourad!

https://www.egypttoday.com/Article/4/94475/Commemorating-the-death-anniversary-of-iconic-Leila-Mourad; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

There is another enchanting moment in the performance. It is evident that this performance is about love. You don’t have to know the language in order to figure that out. Simultaneously, what adds to this free floating texture and timber of Leila Mourad is her ability to dance, while singing. Other women join in with Mourad, as she serenades a man, whom she clearly has an interest in. Her feelings have been made very clear! On a level of vocal artistry, we begin to see how she was also capable of immersing her voice with other women singers. It is as if they glided together, under a sky-like texture. On a higher level, they also continued that same timber throughout the song, as initiated by Mourad! In a terse amount of words, she clearly set the tone! Vocal magic, at best!

There is also a beauiful point within the song, which cannot go unnoticed. As her fellow dames, dance around in a circle, there comes a moment, where Leila Mourad is singing through her teeth! The notes are just as clear, and its feels as if she is putting very little effort in performing the piece. Its phenomenal. If you are a vocalist, you can understand the richness of this method. It goes to show why it is important that certain soft-like singers are heeded. Underneath their “simple” and “small” voices, there are treasures to be learned. In fact, they guide our minds into a manner of hidden elements, within the very wonders of music!

https://en.nogomistars.com/346/layla-mourad; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Its best to listen when hearing feathers. What appears to be solely delicate actually presents spaces of euphoria for the very wellness of music. Things don’t always have to be , so heavy. Musical wealth is not always found within the voices of the most powerful! Its alright to open our minds, in order to experience the aesthetics of music, in its more gentler touch. A feathery hue! After all, when people listen to music, they want to also be entertained! It doesn’t always have to be a deeper message. Healing doesn’t always have to be within a musical tone, only known for healing. On the contrary, it can be as free floating and as fun, as a light touch! In fact, its the very nature of vocal wellness-and vocal ease!

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