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You may not realize this, but everything you do will have an impact on something else that you do.

Even to the slightest thing, such as you going into a clothes shop, spotting a gorgeous top at the back of the rail, it’s the last one. It’s not your size, bugger! So you place it back on the rail at the front, which just happens to be the next person’s size and style, and they spend their last bit of money on it because it’s so nice, resulting in them now having to walk all the way home. They may have never seen it if you hadn’t first.  

It’s the same with everything. Everything you do will have a reaction to something else, no matter how small.

This post is for you to look at the impact that you have on the world and possibly changing it if necessary, so that it’s less damaging to yourself and others around you.

Now’s the time to get the pen and paper, and write all the things that you do in your life, every single one of them; from work, food, families, friends, travel to and from, hols, beer, shopping…Everything!

Here’s an example:

I get up and try to do a little bit of yoga, feed the cats, have a cup of green tea and water, get a shower, get dressed, go to work, have a laugh as I go along.

Do my job, meet different people every day, do lots of paperwork, eat sandwiches every day! and lots of cups of teas (Yorkshire girl!), tidy the house, walk to work or use public transport, recycle my rubbish, write, read, meditate, take long baths, see my friends, have lots of fun, drink alcohol, eat lots of yummy food, eat out, go dancing occasionally, love my cats, love my daughter, love my family and friends. Do lots of charity shop shopping, walk a lot, go to parks/woods. Sew, make things, study, go on the internet, dream about my goals and manifest them.

Once you have your list, go through each one and ask yourself:

Is my impact a good one or a bad one?

For example:

For my self

My daughter – Is my daughter’s impact on my life, my world etc. a good one? Of course, yes.

Alcohol – Is alcohol a good impact on my life and the world around me? Well, this could be a debatable answer because, on one hand you have the problem of what it does to your body and wallet, but on the other hand you have the fun and laughter that you get out of it. Tricky! As I would like to answer this, I will go with the answer that it is not a good impact on me and I don’t have enough knowledge about the impact it has on the world so, I shall seek this out. As a result of this awareness of my impact, I am going to try and curb it somewhat!

Do you get the idea?

Please go through the whole of your list and ask what impact it has on:


Others around you

Your life

The world

Maybe one of your things on the list is smoking: (don’t worry I’m not going to preach you. I’ve been a smoker myself). If this is one of your things, ask yourself, what impact does it have on yourself, others, your life and the world?

We all know smoking is bad for us, just as drinking alcohol is. This is just a random example. I could have picked anything here. I’m not picking on smoking, but I want you to understand the full impact of everything you’re doing to you and all around you.

Please answer as accurately as you can. Hopefully you’ll find this insightful.

Are there any you’d like to change; anything that’s made you more aware of the negative impact it has?

Now that your answers are in front of you, those answers that are not having a good impact, maybe it’s time to change it?

If it’s a person that isn’t having a good impact on you, is it time to change this too?

The hardest changes come with the greatest relief on the soul.

Now you have some insight to your impact, I’d like you to make a new list of the ones that you want to change, separately on your paper. These are things that we can change if we want to, to make a better impact; and if we cannot change them, why don’t we see if there is anything that we can do to help them.

Whatever it is that is having a negative impact on you, others or the world, try to change it by writing down what it is that’s causing the negative impact. Once you’ve written it down, see if you can change or tweak it in any way. It’s worth a try if it makes you feel better in the long run, helps others or the world.

How nice life would be if we or others didn’t have a negative impact on anyone else, or our world. Pure harmony.

Well, maybe we can’t speak for others but we can speak for ourselves, and I hope by reading this page, you’ve found out just what impact you do have on this world and all that’s in it, I hope it’s a good one.

There is another thing I’d like you to try.

With your pen and paper, I’d like you to write down all of the things that you use in your daily life; petrol, food, soap, carriers, aerosols, hair products, tins, plastic cups, glass bottles etc….

If your impact on the world is a negative one, i.e. let’s say you drink ten cups of water a day from the water machine at work. All the cups are plastic and there is a bin at the side of the machine to throw the cups away. Do you use ten cups or do you use one and keep refilling it?

This is just one example.

What about all of the aerosols that you use? What impact does this have on you, others, your life and the world? Glass bottles and so on? Please write down all the products that you use, to become more aware of what impact it has, and if there is any way you can be more resourceful.

If your impact on the world is dramatically negative in many ways, try to imagine that you are invisible, that everything that you do leaves no trace. You clean after you, you leave no marks, no mistakes. You cannot be traced. You tidy things up. You are invisible, leaving everything just as it was before you stopped by and did whatever you had to do.

Now imagine that you are invisible and a penny-pincher, yes, a tight bugger! Everything that you use is scarce, may run out at any minute, plastic, wood, containers, carrier bags, clothes, everything!

You do not know if you can carry on buying what you have so you must be the tight bugger that you are and buy only when you have to, limiting what you have instead of wasting it. You have realized in your tightness that everything can be re used in some way, recycled etc…; taking clothes to the charity shop, having a bottle bin in the yard, using roll-on deodorant, reusing carrier bags etc. Being resourceful and leaving no trace behind you is a good impact on the world.

Learn to be invisible and a penny-pincher!

I’d like to think that I’m a resourceful kind of girl. I know I can do better but my impact isn’t as big as it could be.

Please change your impact? and change your world.

Shape our future.

I have faith in you 🙂

Sending you love and hugs to your soul.

Olivia xxx

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