Jennifer Watson on Mastering Change!

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By the time this Feature Article is uploaded to Thrive Global on my standard weekly date of featuring my weekly radio/podcast guests, the world will have known two days prior on November 3, 2020 (possibly) – who is announced as the next President of the United States. What does this have to do with my Feature Article on last week’s Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald international radio/podcast guest, Jennifer Watson?! One word to sum it up before elaborating and stripping it down…LEADERSHIP!

The word leadership has inarguably become overly used and seemingly commonplace, particularly in the space of business, coaching and mentoring, and so much so that I believe people have grown despondent, desensitized, skeptical and even disenchanted at the mere mentioning of it. My overall intention here is not to descend the rabbit hole of politicizing leadership at the macro level for how it continues to play out on the global stage, rather, my intention is only to reference politics as one of many leadership domains; regularly cited. Leadership will inevitably remain subjective a term based upon each person’s individual experiences for how it has been depicted, demonstrated, represented, misrepresented, construed, misconstrued and so forth. At the core and the crux of people’s perceptions, opinions, judgments, inclinations or descriptors for what leadership is or isn’t, should be or has not been…is often contingent upon one’s own personal experience for what might be deemed as either a favourable or an unfavourable one. This of course, would only be one of many factors or considerations in which to draw upon, for what one might believe to be indicative of as either positive or negative…successful or unsuccessful. 

For LEADERS like Jennifer Watson in our lives…any aspect of LEADERSHIP in all of its complexities and descriptors is most certainly not something to be taken lightly nor is it a title, a role, or a responsibility to ever be taken for granted. Jennifer is fully cognizant of the fact that she is an oversaturated industry…that any prospective client/consumer is not without a plethora or variety of fellow coaches, leaders, and mentors in which to choose from, and to essentially decide upon. So why and how does Jennifer stand apart from her cohorts, the ones of whom she confidently does not view or perceive as her so-called ‘competition?’ I can and only ever do speak for myself, and on my own behalf and respectfully leave it to others who are interested enough to do so…to formulate their own assessments and to arrive at their own conclusions. In my evaluation of LEADERS and LEADERSHIP, I have come to notice that credible and integral leaders have a tendency to employ and to subscribe to the concept of free will where other individuals are concerned. Another feather in Jennifer Watson’s leadership cap to my way of thinking.

As a Coach, Mentor, and Servant Leader myself, I have been gifted with decades of first hand experience within the personal growth, personal development, and business arena. I have occupied and have inherited enough leadership roles, positions, and titles within my expansive career in which to differentiate and to discern the differences between who credibly, reputably, and legitimately IS a leader at the core of who they genuinely are. Jennifer Watson is hands down a powerhouse LEADER!

In spite of the fact that I have never hired or retained Jennifer for her profoundly impactful services or for her invaluable levels of expertise…I know the real deal when it crosses my path based upon the energy, the presence, and the aura of the messenger themselves. Simply stated, Jennifer is dynamically electric in her magnetism where other people are concerned. Some people are naturally gifted in being the automatic attractor-factor, and without even needing to speak a word, in which to instantaneously garner immediate trust, intuitive respect, unspoken buy-in from those observing on the periphery. Certain people’s presence commands attention, and for no other reason than their internal confidence oozing out of every pore in their body, even unbeknownst to that person themselves, and particularly if their demeanour and disposition is altruistically organic, un-orchestrated, non-contrived, not fabricated or un-embellished in nature. Simply put…permeated energies do not lie…not to those of us who rely upon transmuted energies in order to trust one’s own instincts and one’s own intuition as it correlates to entrusting our ‘spidey’ senses in the external, physical or material world. It is after all, a survival mechanism at the grassroots level for trusting ourselves for how we maneuver and pivot in the jungle we otherwise refer to as…LIFE.

The benchmark for Jennifer’s ‘claim to fame’ from my perspective is her REALNESS. What you see is what you get. Jennifer’s rawness, candidness and vulnerability are amongst her greatest attributes and skill sets in my overall takeaway for how I believe Jennifer to stand out and to stand apart in the endless sea of coaches and leaders. When Jennifer speaks, she is unquestionably in the zone…she is undeniably in her sweet spot…and irrefutably in flow with what in fact sets her soul ablaze. Jennifer has amazing cadence as a speaker. She is clearly impassioned with her life’s purpose…her life journey as a servant leader. Jennifer’s overt enthusiasm and her momentous drive are incredibly infectious. She is a woman with conviction and laser-focus energy! Nothing short of an ultimate breath of fresh air…a soul-stirrer…a strong force of magnetization. I could listen to Jennifer speak on any one of my favourite subject matters all day long!

I highly encourage people to reach out and connect with Jennifer. Your future self will thank you! Jennifer is a results oriented individual who is committed to the interconnected mind, body, spirit success of all her clients. Your wins are her wins. Your struggles are her struggles. Jennifer remains committed to being in the trenches alongside you until such time it no longer becomes necessary because of your own accelerated growth, and your evolutionary transformation of self! She is that awesome!

On behalf of both Jennifer and myself, we wish to express our wholehearted gratitude to each of you for kindly taking the time to read this Feature Article! We are equally appreciative for the gift of your time in graciously listening to the enclosed podcast link of our riveting conversation with one another! There are back-to-back nuggets of invaluable information coupled with multiple gems of wisdom shared by Jennifer, which would be beneficial for any listener wanting to expand their knowledge base and to enrich their lives! Thank you, Jennifer, for being exactly who you are! 


For anyone wishing to personally reach out to either Jennifer and/or myself, please know that it would be our absolute honour and pleasure to be of additional support and service to you! We take nothing lightly nor for granted when it comes to the lives, hearts, and souls of others! Thank you in advance for connecting!

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
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WHO IS Jennifer Watson?!

Jennifer Watson, MPT, I.M.T.,C., owner of Jennifer Watson Leadership, is a dynamic speaker and coach with a gift for intuitive and visionary coaching.

She is an expert in wellness + leadership development, identity & mental edge enhancement, post-trauma growth, movement & change adaptation, soul-aligned living mastery.    

Incorporating her expertise along with her athletic gifts as a former collegiate athlete and All-American, she is ecstatic to share a message of strength, courage and hope against mountain tops that may seem unattainable. With 20 years experience in business and leadership management and health + wellness advocacy, she inspires those to unleash their potential and performance in all areas of their life. 

Jennifer Watson Leadership + Watson Wellness has given rise to Jennifer’s great passion of supporting people in their journey to live their EPIC Health, their EPIC Leadership, and their EPIC Legacy that they were destined for.

Jennifer’s special interests and hobbies include hiking, running/competitive racing, yoga, stand-up paddle and anything to do with the beach or mountains!  She also enjoys reading, hanging with family & friends and takes special joy in hanging with her nephews.  Jennifer has a passion for organizations that support Mental Wellness as well as active & retired Military.

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