Kirsty MacColl’s Angelic Taste, For the Softness Of Reality’s Song!

The Vocal Gentility Of the Late Scottish/UK-Born Singer and Songwriter-KIRSTY MACCAROLL and Her Power Of Illuminating Fiction In Reality's Time and Song!

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There are certain singers, who bring an unusual element to the musical world. They are eccentric, out of the ordinary, and force us to dive further into a deeper perspective. Initially, their sound may not be as catching or moving for the masses of listeners. Yet, through consistent repetition, their sound becomes appreciated. Its like adjusting to that fine taste of wine, which has been treasured and savored for such a long time. And yet, no matter the amount of repetition for its taste, there is still an aura of mystery for its delight. Their voices are a silent lead into imagination and childhood fables. What’s even more holistic is how they are able to bring those childhood stories into the adult world. Bringing them into the present world, in order for adults to grapple more with the current circumstances of the times.

One of the most artistic characteristics of such singers is their ability to bring vigilance to truth. Oftentimes, those who have that unique sound, are able to convey truth, in a way that is natural. Meaning that the audacity of truth becomes a daily performance and ritual. Its like drinking water. Natural, flowing, and free. That’s how enriching it becomes. So, when certain singers are able to convey truth’s comfort, in a way that is inviting, its easier for the audience to connect with the serenity of such voices.

In the world of British Pop (through Scottish heritage), that was none other than the one and only. . .

Kristy MacColl; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

In a previous piece, I had written about the nature of “red-haired women.” They are those red-spirited women, who wear the very essence of truth. Telling the world they have no shame in doing so. For this to take place, a person must move through that personal journey, within themselves. Music 🎶🎶🎶 has that factor. Kristy MacColl conveyed that magic. The way she sang and performed it, within her music 🎶🎶🎶 made a person want to go to the magical world of truth. We are often told how “ugly” truth is. Yet, through this Scottish, England-born artist, truth takes on a much prettier touch. Its not always “unpleasant,” as we would believe it to be.

There were certain songs from her, which tickled our imagination. They were diverse and versatile, in how they were able to reflect honesty in the fictional realm; thus, making it a reality.

He’s On the Beach. A New England. They Don’t Know. In These Shoes. Fairytale Of New York. Walking Down Madison (UK Version).

Kirsty MacColl was truly a mythical woman. She had no problem in bringing fantasy into the context of reality. Her music spoke to this. Whether it be conveyed in a bland, and simple text, or should it be discussed in songs such as “Fairytale Of New York.” There was nothing, which could hinder her intertwining of fantasy’s truth, in reality’s timing. Certain things were meant to display the realm of love and humanity’s grappling with the truth of love. The songs she sang told stories. Furthermore, these stories felt like little lullabies, or narratives for life’s lessons. The way she performed them made am individual feel they were natural sonnets, given out as daily medicine for the masses. Every day listeners receive that daily sweetening for the tenderness of time and wellness’s fruition.

One of the most decorative nectar of Kirsty MacColl’s voice is its light touch. How she is able to reach those high notes, and maintain the gentility and lightness, within her voice is enchanting. That’s the beauty and fulfillment of her gift. One of the most austere experiences is hanging onto that flow. Remaining interconnected with her voice, in order to ensure that every note of the song is felt. Kirsty MacColl’s voice has a specific texture to its essence. There is something about her timber, that you must lighten your own spiritual load. Releasing burdens and toxicities, so that its easy to move through one’s arena of love and gentility. In order to carry her texture, there is something meant to be removed, and erased away, for some time. That means even if it is just for a temporary moment. The gentility of singing through the day, with lightness is further illuminated with Kristy MacColl’s, voice!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

When we get the pleasure and experience of having such singers, as Kirsty MacColl, its always important to treasure them. Ensuring their presence is never taken for granted. In fact, they are those special clues for life’s treasures. Such voices showcase that they don’t always have to be boisterous. In fact, their level of vocal gentility makes sure that life’s lessons can lay awaiting in a gentle breeze. It can be gentle and free floating. Often coming in a time when things are moved into another direction. That’s the nature of those mythical creatures and persons; bringing a natural essence and breeze. Another particular vision, relates to such Spirits and their ability to direct us to things, which have been left, uncompleted. Ah! There is another chapter we must venture to. Its that simple, is it not? Maybe. Yet, for some of us adventurous Spirits, our journeys to completion require a harsher path to follow. That’s alright. Yet, when you have those gentle voices, you will come to understand that your path will be much more soothing. The harshness will be decreased to such a degree, that one feels its easier to travel down that sacred road.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark/

Learning more about the career of Kirsty MacColl, a person comes to understand that she found solace in other spaces of the world. Places such as Cuba and Brazil were musical paradises, which inspired her in other genres. We have to ask ourselves what is it about these places and spaces, which made her comfortable and connected? As contrary to what many believe, musicians need love, too. Kirsty MacColl had the power of vocal healing and guidance. If you were lost and couldn’t find your way, the gentility of her voice, made you want to get back on the right path. Of course, singers and musicians get lost, too. So, its not uncommon for them to feel lost and confused, while venturing to a sacred spacing for restoration of their musicianship. Travel has a way of doing that. Furthermore, it also has a way of re-shifting our perspective on life, and our current journey. Music is a nourishing tool of abundance. There is a great awakening of wellness, within its artistry and delight. Kirsty MacColl used those foreign landscapes-and the music 🎶🎶🎶 birthed from them-as a means of inspiration for later music projects.

Kirsty MacColl’s travel legacy is telling. Its a lesson to be learned. Even healers need healing. They, too, need restoration. Its one of the treasures of spreading the power of musical healing, so that it comes back to you. That’s beautiful! And, its telling. One of the most nutritious attributes pertaining to the arena of healing is that it finds us, during some of our most vulnerable moments. I can only imagine what Kirsty MacColl’s thoughts were, as she lay there in those tropical lands; allowing her Spirit to receive the nutrition, and euphoric experiences. A person can only imagine what it means to allow music to cover you.

It was in Cozumel, Mexico, where she made her final transition. One can only imagine her final moments. As her Momma Bear instincts kicked in, one could only hope to sense the passion arising in protecting her children. That too, is the Spirit of rouge-spirited women. They are audacious, bold, and willing to safeguard the care of others. That’s the joy and beauty of such red-colored women. There are great things arising from them. They are the ones, who are willing to move through unfamiliar territory, gather hidden jewels, and return them for blessings of those, needing them the most. The truth of the matter is that Kirsty MacColl gave her life for us all. It seems a level of vocal gentility is reigning down on us from the domains of Heaven’s gaze.

We will ask ourselves the question of why? Why do the angelic ones have to always go? And leave us so young? Well, maybe Heaven misses their gentility. Perhaps, they are called home to remind the world, of there being another way. Another way of living, and another way to be. That’s one of the enchantments of musical arenas, when they are moved in wellness’s enchantment. There is a great awakening when special Spirits return back to the Heavens, in order to continue that whispering work. That work which is vital for humanity to remember the gentle whispers, necessary to soften the harsh realities of this thing called, life.

The living legacy of Kirsty MacColl is one, where the reality and fiction merged together. Fantasy was spoken through the natural reality of human existence. Furthermore, it was natural for imagination to be spoken within realistic landscapes. Our paths and trips to reality were not so heavy. Through them, the journey was less heavy. On another level, it wasn’t so scary. When people are programmed to believe that the only acceptable reality, is a repressive one, its difficult to accept another way; especially, if it presents itself as prettier and more humane. With the gentility of her timber, surely and slowly, she guides us back to a more holistic form of good livin.’ The videos associated with her songs present the fantasy and mythology, that many adults secretly wish they could enjoy. And here Kirsty MacColl has no problem of moving into that world of childhood’s domain. She has no problem doing that. Furthermore, her willingness to sacrifice her own life, for the sake of her child proves just how much she treasured that sacred fantasy of, childhood’s domain!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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