Ken Hampton: “Time is precious and can’t get back”

I believe that the most significant way I can make an impact on people is to walk in true love by example and encourage everyone with whom God connects me. I must walk in agape love which is unconditional and always be my brother’s keeper. Too often, our love is conditional which means I’ll love […]

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I believe that the most significant way I can make an impact on people is to walk in true love by example and encourage everyone with whom God connects me. I must walk in agape love which is unconditional and always be my brother’s keeper. Too often, our love is conditional which means I’ll love you if- this is selfish and God’s love is selfless.

As part of my series about “authors who are making an important social impact”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kenneth Hampton, a faith-fueled force for a new generation. For over 20 years, he has inspired people from all walks of life by utilizing God’s word through love to motivate change. Hampton connects with and ministers to thousands globally through a variety of multi-media platforms, the most recent being the launch of his first book Aspire for Change, currently available on Amazon. The new self-help manual is a compilation of affirmations that links spirituality to success and encourages readers to let go of the past and start a new personal journey.

Hampton is an author, entrepreneur, music producer and composer with a reputable career in the entertainment industry. He is the Founder and CEO of Composers Media Group, Founder and CEO of Raise ’Em Up Records, Music Director of the Hoboken International Film Festival and Co-Host of the JCT TV show. For information visit

Thank you so much for joining us in this interview series! Before we dive into the main focus of our interview, our readers would love to “get to know you” a bit better. Can you tell us a bit about your childhood backstory?

I was born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut raised by a single mother with three younger sisters. Being the oldest of my siblings and the only boy with no father figure, I struggled with a lot of brokenness. I remember my mother having a lot of unhealthy relationships riddled with domestic violence and alcoholism. My primary coping mechanism and escape plan became music. Michael Jackson was a major influence in my life as I witnessed another African American that looked like me have success and it gave me hope of what I could become. Growing up in poverty and seeing injustice in my homemade me mad and resentful at the world. In fact, I always said that I wanted to become a lawyer or a singer- a lawyer so that I can bring justice to those deserved it and a singer because they brought joy to people’s hearts. Due to a lack of a father figure in my childhood and adolescence, I fell into a generational curse of not understanding what true love really was. This would set a pattern of hurting others and it wasn’t until I was 30 years old that I found God and accepted Him as my heavenly Father, who would deliver me from my lifetime of pain and bring me freedom.

When you were younger, was there a book that you read that inspired you to take action or changed your life? Can you share a story about that?

Yes- The Bible! As a new babe in Christ, I recall my pastor preaching a sermon on the Book of Job and all the trials and tribulations that he suffered. I immediately felt a kindred connection to this book as it related to my life. It encouraged me that no matter what I go through in life, I have to trust God — this was a game-changer for my life.

Can you share the funniest or most interesting mistake that occurred to you in the course of your career? What lesson or take away did you learn from that?

Two years ago, I was performing at GospelFest, a massive spiritual event in my region. Immediately before I was called to the stage, the bottom of my shoe broke off and I didn’t have an extra pair. Instead of being embarrassed about what I looked like, I realized that God doesn’t care about what I had on my feet as much as he cared about the word he placed in my heart to share with the crowd. Today, I know that it’s not what’s on you that matters, it’s what’s inside of you that’s important.

Can you describe how you aim to make a significant social impact with your book?

I believe that the most significant way I can make an impact on people is to walk in true love by example and encourage everyone with whom God connects me. I must walk in agape love which is unconditional and always be my brother’s keeper. Too often, our love is conditional which means I’ll love you if- this is selfish and God’s love is selfless.

Can you share with us the most interesting story that you shared in your book?

I was at work one day watching co-workers drink their coffees and realized that most people need a good cup of coffee to start their day off right. God infused my mind with this thought, “Know that every day we drink C.O.F.F.E.E. “Christ Offers Freedom For Everybody’s Eternity” from the cup of life. God has given us the choice as to how we will have it — Some people take it dark and bitter; some like it light and some add the sweetness of God. When we stir up all of life’s situations and live by God’s word, we can taste and see that the Lord God is good, plus “all things are working together for our good in this cup of life.”

What was the “aha moment” or series of events that made you decide to bring your message to the greater world? Can you share a story about that?

It was around January last year when I had my “aha” moment. I was working on a project and needed to get some executive producers involved. I reached out to a producer who I had worked with on a Netflix film. After a brief dialogue, she was unable to participate, but told me that the inspirational daily messages that I had been sending her were helping her navigate through some difficult life issues. She then asked me if I had considered writing a book since she believed that the words were powerful and that the message needed to be shared with others. That’s when the “aha moment” hit and “Aspire For Change” came into being.

Without sharing specific names, can you tell us a story about a particular individual who was impacted or helped by your cause?

Every time I think of this particular situation it really touches my heart as I realize how powerful God’s Word truly is. As I continue to obey God by sharing daily messages through my Facebook account, there was a particular lady who would message me back to let me know how impactful the messages were for her life. This went on for about five months and then suddenly she stopped communicating. I thought nothing of it as I know how busy life gets for people, but two months later, my phone rang and it’s a Facebook messenger ring. I picked it up and there were two voices on the line that said, “Hi Ken, you don’t know us, but you have been sending our mother messages and we want to inform you that she’s passed away. We wanted to call and thank you personally because as our mother was dealing with her sickness, the only thing she would say is I thank God for the strengthening messages that Ken has given through this time. I started to cry, thanking God for His Word that he deposited into my life to share with others because we never know how and when someone will be uplifted.

Are there three things the community/society/politicians can do to help you address the root of the problem you are trying to solve?

Yes- the first is stop dividing because that is Satan’s number one plan from the beginning of time. Secondly, people need to walk with integrity so that we don’t compromise what is right in God’s sight and third, is to live the first and second commandments because if we truly love God and love our neighbors as ourselves then we would never even need the other two suggestions.

How do you define “Leadership”? Can you explain what you mean or give an example?

A true leader is someone who is able to listen and learn and apply it by helping to guide others by the life they lead. A great leader is willing to make sacrifices, be mindful, considerate and compassionate, but also, stern to make decisions in tough situations.

What are your “5 things I wish someone told me when I first started” and why. Please share a story or example for each.

1) Time is precious and can’t get back. — When I was in my late teens, I spent a lot of time hanging in clubs and chasing after women, where if I would been more focused on my gift from God, I could be more developed in my career.

2) It’s okay for a grown man to cry. — Growing up in the inner cities, it was a sign of weakness if a boy cried, but as I got older and experienced a relationship with God, He showed me that Jesus wept and that true strength is being able to show a vulnerable and compassionate side.

3) Watch the company you keep. — I remember hanging out with someone I thought was my friend. We used to club together, pick up girls together and I didn’t realize that he was badmouthing me to my girlfriend. After that, it made me realize that just because people are with you, it doesn’t mean that they’re truly there for you.

4) The truth hurts, but it’s necessary. — Coming from a world of lies and deceit, I didn’t want to hear that I was not supposed to cheat on women. I remember my mother telling me that living a deceitful life would catch up to me, but during those times I didn’t want to hear it. When I became a father, I did not have a good relationship with my son and his mother. The truth is, hurting them was a fact of life that I had to go through as it was the only way to grow into the man, partner and father that I want to be.

5) I am the son of the Most High God. — I wish that I had been instilled with the phrase that “we are all children of God” and that gives us a better chance of becoming the best version of we’re supposed to be. We are deprived as children and flounder as adults when God is not implemented in our lives from day one.

Can you please give us your favorite “Life Lesson Quote”? Can you share how that was relevant to you in your life?

“Never let another man go through what you went through if you can help them through“- Growing up without a father figure, it was very detrimental to not have a male role model to help guide and instruct me. I always promised myself that if I ever had children, I would be an active father in their lives. That’s why I make every effort to speak to the youth and let them know who they are in God and that they are accountable to help others.

Is there a person in the world, or in the US with whom you would like to have a private breakfast or lunch with, and why? He or she might just see this, especially if we tag them. 🙂

Perhaps the president as I could hopefully speak God into his life and pray with him for true change.

How can our readers further follow your work online?

  • My new book “Aspire for Change” is currently available on Amazon
  • Facebook Ken Hampton
  • Instagram Raise Em Up Recorcs
  • Twiter Raise Em Up Records
  • email@ info@raiseemuprecords or

This was very meaningful, thank you so much. We wish you only continued success on your great work!

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