The Powerful Tip That Helps Kellyn Smith Kenny Stay Committed to Her Goals

In her Thrive Questionnaire, the Chief Marketing Officer at Hilton opens up about prioritizing, building healthy habits, and staying consistent.

At Thrive Global, in honor of International Women’s Day, we’re inviting women business leaders to share how they Thrive. 

Thrive Global: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received about prioritizing your health and well-being?
Kellyn Smith Kenny: Too many people spend their health gaining wealth. And then have to spend their wealth regaining their health.

TG: What’s the best advice that you would give women about preventing burnout?

KSK: Workplace culture is everything.  Make sure that your values are aligned with the values of the company you work for. And ensure you’re in a role that can contribute meaningfully to your company’s ambition.  Working hard inside an organization that is dysfunctional is exhausting – and you will burnout.  Working hard inside an organization that values your contribution is exhilarating – and you will thrive. 

TG: How do you prioritize when you have an overwhelming amount to do?
KSK: I divide my work into 4 buckets: (1) Urgent & Important, (2) Not Urgent & Important, (3) Urgent & Unimportant, and (4) Not Urgent & Unimportant.  I start by tackling everything in the first bucket. Once that’s done, I move on to the second bucket.  And everything that falls into the third or forth buckets get deprioritized… permanently.  

TG: Are there any small actions (or life “hacks”) that you swear by to help you prioritize, focus, connect with others, get solid sleep, or incorporate movement and nutrition into your life? Share any and all!

KSK: To get a good night’s sleep, avoid eating after 8:00 pm and abstain from eating sugar, caffeine and carbohydrates in the evening.  What gets measured gets done: set an activity and sleep goal and wear a fitness device (Apple Watch, fitbit, or smart ring) that can hold you accountable.

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