“Keep track of the words you’re thinking and speaking & notice how many words are optimistic and positive”, With Milana Perepyolkina & Dr. Marina Kostina

I keep track of the words I am thinking and speaking. I notice how many words are optimistic and positive and how many are pessimistic and negative. I pinch myself every time I use a depressing word and then change it into an encouraging one. Once I wrote several “happy” words on pieces of paper […]

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I keep track of the words I am thinking and speaking. I notice how many words are optimistic and positive and how many are pessimistic and negative. I pinch myself every time I use a depressing word and then change it into an encouraging one. Once I wrote several “happy” words on pieces of paper and placed them in different parts of my house. Marvelous, miraculous, spectacular, splendid, fabulous, breathtaking, remarkable, luminous. Later, having completely forgotten about this, I accidentally found one of them and smiled. My day instantly became better. The words you are thinking and speaking create your life.

Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, unchallenged, and have nothing to look forward to? It doesn’t have to be that way. One idea that I always advise my clients is to “Detox yourself”.

It is interesting how our relationships with our bodies dictate our relationships with the partners and with the world. When we feel fit and sexy we are on top of the world and one with the world; but when our bodies feel unattractive to us we often create discord alienation and push partners, jobs, and opportunities away.

When we start cutting of all toxic things from our lives- foods, drinks, habits, people, places — everything changes- our body, our psyche and mind. Our life becomes ravenous and fulfilling. Any disciplined action (such as getting in shape, or healing yourself from a disease, quitting drugs and alcohol) is a spiritual journey that is also transformational in many ways- and affects not only your body but your life in general.

As a part of our series interviewing experts on how to live a “ravenous life” — a life filled with the passion, pleasure, playfulness and abundance that come naturally to those who dare to be authentic, I had the pleasure of interviewing Milana Perepyolkina, an international bestselling author, healer, psychic, and spiritual guide. Milana became a writer in order to share the ancient wisdom and magic of her Gypsy ancestry that she uses every day to make a difference in the lives of others. Having suffered throughout her life from countless physical and emotional ailments, Milana found that reconnecting with the energetic world allowed her to completely heal, transcend her troubles, and live a happy and more fulfilled life. In sharing that wisdom, Milana saw the powerful impact that the simplest techniques could make in transforming the lives of others.

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?

Everything I know about the ancient energy work and healing techniques was shared with me through a story-telling tradition. After my father died I decided it was time to preserve this knowledge by writing it down for my daughter. It was when I began to write with the intention of preserving Gypsy wisdom for my own family, I realized that others might also be interested in this unique knowledge. I was right: both Gypsy Energy Secrets: Turning a Bad Day into a Good Day No Matter What Life Throws at You and Dark Chocolate for the Soul: Turning a Bitter Life into a Sweet Life No Matter What Happens to You became bestsellers.

What does it mean for you to live “on purpose”? Can you explain? How can one achieve that?

To live on purpose means to live with passion — this is important in deep relationships, at work, in your loving community, everything you have a connection to. By inviting the deeper magic found in nature into your life, you will find powerful ways to cope with the tough realities of the world. And once you begin to do that, you will start engaging in everything with an incredible energy and spirit.

How can you achieve that? By being authentic. Wearing a “mask” to please others takes a lot of our energy. Yes, being without a “mask” makes us vulnerable and can seem quite scary, but the benefits outweigh the risks. Opening your heart may make you feel as if suddenly you have nerves on the surface of your skin. But removing that armor will make you so much lighter that you will feel like you are about to float! One of the things you will notice is that you will start to breathe more fully, as if the air became sweeter, as if you are standing next to a loaf of freshly made bread. Your body language will certainly change. No more slouching, no more avoiding eye contact, no more looking down at the ground and crossing your arms around you. You will feel like your heart is ready to jump out of your chest! You have so much to give to other people! You are the one who will make the difference in the world. Suddenly, you will notice that people want to be around you. You will become a story teller. And your stories will bring smiles and laughter. Even the tone of your voice will change. It will become soft and sweet. You will talk slower and quieter but more people will hear what you have to say. Little, mundane things will seem like a joy to do. You will notice so many details that you will be surprised over and over again: How come you never noticed them before? You will stop to admire a beautiful flower, you will try to touch a rainbow, and you will enjoy listening to the rain. And because you will be so in tune with the creative forces of the Universe, coincidences will start to happen that will make your life seem magical. You will be “in the flow,” or “in the zone.” You will get your dream job. You will meet your soul mate. You will start getting gifts for no reason. You will suddenly learn how to talk to animals and even trees. Your kids, pets, and plants will be the first to notice and appreciate “the new you.” You will have a sudden desire to skip once in a while. You will become spontaneous. You will have an abundance of new ideas. You will invent something. Your dreams will change. You will also start being kinder. You will start doing random acts of kindness without expecting anything in return. You will realize that you are able to heal and to comfort. To get someone out of depression. To save someone’s life. That is what it will be like to live “on purpose.”

Do you have an example or story in your own life of how your pain helped to guide you to finding your life’s purpose?

I had an out-of-body experience after a terrible ice skating accident. I was in the middle of a jump and the blade of my left skate sliced into my right foot. The pain was excruciating. I collapsed, blood started flowing nonstop, and pain kept increasing until my spirit left my body. I saw a very bright light of unspeakable beauty. Slowly, I approached the light and became one with it. All of my senses reached their highest point and I was filled with this incredible love. The joy I felt was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I was the light, and yet I was still myself. I felt enormous peace. I was in a state of bliss and ecstasy. And then I was back in my body, back to the awful pain of it all. I was crying, but they weren’t tears of pain — they were tears of gratitude rolling down my cheeks. I still felt the connection to this incredible light. There was another side to my pain that was opened by feeling connected to the entire world. For me, the pain was a reminder to reconnect with my Gypsy heritage, to become in tune with the Universe again. I began listening to my intuition every day. It taught me to heal pain and get through suffering. I now teach others how to listen to their intuitions and create miracles.

The United States is currently rated at #18 in the World Happiness Report. Can you share a few reasons why you think the ranking is so low?

In the United States, the focus is on the individual, material possessions, and competition. The happiest people focus on community, spiritual gifts, and cooperation. For most people in the United States, the left part of their brain is overactive: the focus is on attention to details, going at a fast pace, and being rational, goal-oriented, and logical. The happiest people use the right part of their brain more: the focus is on looking at the whole picture, experiencing the process rather than rushing towards results, and being intuitive and contemplative. People who use the right part of their brain are more creative and experience more magic in their lives, allowing them to thrive in the joy of all the things that community and spirituality have to offer.

How have you used your success to bring goodness to the world?

My readers send me e-mails every day. They ask me questions about their future, their current struggles, and seek guidance in overcoming their past. In responding to these e-mails, I provide people with the tools they need to heal themselves and live their lives to the fullest. The changes that people make in their own lives by following just a few simple steps is incredible, and I continue to spread my knowledge to others in the hopes that everyone can have just a little more sweetness in their lives.

What are your 6 strategies to help you face your day with exuberance, “Joie De Vivre” and a “ravenous thirst for life”? Can you please give a story or example for each?

1. I keep track of the words I am thinking and speaking. I notice how many words are optimistic and positive and how many are pessimistic and negative. I pinch myself every time I use a depressing word and then change it into an encouraging one. Once I wrote several “happy” words on pieces of paper and placed them in different parts of my house. Marvelous, miraculous, spectacular, splendid, fabulous, breathtaking, remarkable, luminous. Later, having completely forgotten about this, I accidentally found one of them and smiled. My day instantly became better. The words you are thinking and speaking create your life.

2. I drink a green smoothie every day. Green smoothies are filled with fiber and incredible nutrients. Eighty percent of serotonin (the feel-good hormone) is made in our intestines. Fiber is the best food for the production of serotonin. I add bananas, which are known to boost the mood, and I feel good right away and for the rest of the day. I started drinking green smoothies back when no one even knew what to call them. My co-workers called them “mud” and laughed at me. Now pretty much everyone knows what a green smoothie is. Even my co-workers who used to laugh at me now drink them with pleasure and call them delicious.

3. I walk barefoot all the time. Grass, sand, even snow. I feel the ground with my feet and how it tickles my toes. The earth has amazing healing energy. I imagine dumping all of my negativity to the earth through the soles of my feet. One time my boss noticed that I walked barefoot in the office. He demanded that I always have my shoes on. I am still healthy and happy but my boss had to leave his job due to health issues. Now I’ve gone back to walking around barefoot most of the time.

4. I pour a bucket of very cold water on myself and scream very loudly. Negative energy does not like cold showers. I imagine my bad mood swirling away down the drain. When I walk barefoot in the snow, people look at me as if I have lost my mind. And I’m always smiling when I do it, which probably makes them even more suspicious. If only they knew that this is the best way to build resistance to colds, they would take off their shoes and socks and would walk along with me. The cold is not as unpleasant as it seems to be, especially when you focus on all the good that it does.

5. I go out into the sunlight every day. Being out in the sun has been known for thousands of years to make us feel better. I used to get burned by the sun easily but when I started eating healthier, my skin stopped getting burned. Now I can spend hours outside without sunscreen, soaking in the warm energy of the sun.

6. I turn on my favorite music and wiggle my body. I dance as silly as I can, without worrying about how I must look to other people. I move my hips, shake my shoulders. The release of endorphins (another feel-good hormone) brings a smile to my face in no time. One day, by pure coincidence, I ended up in a park where a local Gypsy band was playing. I love performing for big crowds and so I just started dancing, not thinking about anything except how my body was connecting to the rhythm. People loved it.

7. (I have to have 7, 7 is the lucky number). I diffuse happiness-promoting essential oils: bergamot, pine, peppermint, and orange. Just a single whiff makes me feel more at ease. I was the first one to introduce essential oils to my office and now everyone is using them too.

Do you have any favorite books, podcasts, or resources that most inspired you to live with a thirst for life?

The book Stealing Fire was a confirmation that I am on the right track in my approach to life and spirituality. It gave me plenty of new ideas that I am working on right now.

Can you please give us your favorite”Life Lesson Quote” that relates to having a Joie De Vivre? Can you share how that was relevant to you in your life?

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” I find great inspiration in the Gypsy way — being bold, passionate, and full of energy. This is just one thing we know that can shift your perspective. We know how to dance when we are miserable and when we are happy. When was the last time you really danced? Not at a nightclub or a wedding. Not when you felt self-conscious about how you looked or were trying to impress someone. I mean really danced, from the inside out. Dancing is not only for a rare and special occasion like a big night out or a celebration. Dancing is for every day! Dancing is for when you cannot stand the pain of life one more minute. Have you ever danced when you were sad? Have you ever danced when you were angry or hurt? Have you ever thrown your head back and stomped your feet? Does this sound ridiculous to you? Well, it’s not. Dance is one of the most effective mediums for expressing your emotions, positive and negative. Promise me that you will try this the next time you are ecstatic, in despair, or feel hurt or hopeless. Promise me that you will experiment with these ideas not just in your head as you read, but by actually doing what you read with your body so that you can physically experience Gypsy magic. Will you dance today? Will you dance just to get a feel for this? Pick music that you know will make you want to move and set yourself free. Notice what comes up. Notice any discomfort. Push through it. Being free takes effort. And once you are free, you will be astounded by the world that opens up to you.

Are you working on any exciting new projects now? How do you think that will help people?

I’ve just created an audio meditation series that focuses on reversing aging and giving people an extra energy boost. My readers are asking for more mediations and training videos, and I am working hard to provide those. I am also making new healing bracelets charged with positive energy and essential oils, both of which can be used to ease pain and bring more happiness into your life.

You are a person of great influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. 🙂

I would like to teach everyone how to have a conscious, controlled, out-of-body experience, especially children. They already have some experience with connecting to a different world through their imaginations. If people could consciously control their out-of-body experiences, then first-hand spiritual knowledge would be available to everyone on our beautiful planet. Every person would know how to use the energy of the Universe to heal themselves, help others, and live the best possible life.

About The Author:

Dr. Marina Kostina is a life and business fulfillment coach. She uses research and energy work to help professional women find their purpose and turn it into a profitable business. Dr. Kostina incorporates innovative marketing strategies and the creation of engaging, lucrative online courses to scale their businesses. As a result they enjoy what she describes as a “ravenous life” — a life filled with the passion, pleasure, playfulness and abundance that come naturally to those who dare to be authentic. Her book “Find the G-Spot of Your Soul” is available January 2018. Download a free gift from Dr. Kostina- an MP3 Meditation Album “Find The G –Spot Of Your Soul” and get unstuck.

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