Katie Lee and A Muddy Journey, In Rivers! Women’s Herstory Month

The Power Of Rivers and the Celebration Of Heaven's Direction! #WomensHerstoryMonth

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So, we are back to rivers. This time, they are more than for the comfort’s of one’s own meditation. For this time, rivers are the sources of poetry and storytelling for the beauties and joys of one’s own style. For this moment, rivers are a writer’s dream. The flow is right. The rhythm is serene. Imagination surrounds you and you are left within nothing other than a space for tenderness and affection. Rivers’ movements keeps one staying, afloat! Steady, focused, and in a certain direction, which continues to move within a particular lens. Enchantment kicks in and there are particular factors, at play. Of course, rivers do not merely stay within their own accord. What looks linear, or in a unilateral direction, is more myriad than what we are used to. On an imaginary sense, rivers are much more shapely and vibrant than what we could possible imagine! From the naked eye, we may not see it. In fact, we can’t see it. However, what peaks our level of fascination is that we are quietly being guided to understand this deeper level of richness and power. The fantasy is titillated, and we come to understand rivers on a deeper level than we could ever mentally conceive. It’s a fascinating level of wellness!

Simply imagine that you are a painter-floating on the river and understanding what it feels like to move in that very same rhythm. It’s a fantasy for artists and creatives, alike. Another song for another time. Floating on the river brings with it a stillness, as it relates to the memories of time. Floating on the river maintains that we learn to listen. After all, one cannot fully immerse themselves into a nature’s liquidation if we do not quiet the mind. Often, such is one of the toughest challenge to engage in. Nevertheless, it is possible. And, once we become masters of self, we are able to master our matriculation through the Earth’s paradise, and Universal timing. When Earth and Heaven become united, there is harmony in the atmosphere. Of course, rivers have a way of truly painting that!

Returning back to the folklorist from Arizona, a tale of the river returns. However, this time, it is comes through another sensory. She is not alone. This time she has companionship. Whether it be a friend-an acquaintance, or what have you-she is not alone. Not only is she not alone, but she is also embracing faith. Faith in Heaven’s delight and the power of believing in the Creator. Such a theme is another reminder that Heaven’s Creator had a special purpose for Earth’s waters. Pray and meditation are part of it. Surrender is another additive for it. It is a space where humility, and the willingness to be vulnerable, are seen as blessed things. Listening to Heaven’s domain, requires that we have a humble Spirit. It mandates that we know that we are limited. Such is a requirement.

And so, we are back with one particular dame-a folklorist, singer, actress, and environmentalist. Her name is none other than. . .

Katie Lee

https://www.google.com/amp/s/phogotraphy.com/2015/05/03/desert-goddess-katie-lee/amp/; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

What is truly delightful concerning the content of this song is how it details the journey of two people on the river. On this “muddy river,’ they navigate through San Juan, and other arenas. Furthermore, they have the power and agility to move through different visions and observations, while on this river. There are beautiful times. There are wonderful times. And, there are stories of passion and restoration. What makes it such an intriguing decorum are the final words of the song. . .a Christian you made me! Interesting enough what a ride along a “muddy river” can do for someone. One’s transformation into a higher level of spiritual enlightenment and reckoning. It’s refreshing. You have to admit! Acknowledgement of the Creator. Acknowledgement of a higher calling and higher role! Knowing that a journey along the river does not necessarily equate to simply passing time. On the contrary, it is about becoming one with the Creator! It translates into that initial surrender that we had come to address. It means we are moving into a greater level of understanding, concerning our purpose. Even if one’s companionship was for a romantic sense, it should be notated that faith in a greater power than our own, a greater purpose, is geared towards our very wellness and Being. It means that we recognize that we cannot always do something on our own. It means that we have to be willing to surrender ourselves to a greater power, outside of ourselves. A greater power, which can provide comfort and nurture during times of trouble; during those troubling times, when we have lost our way! That is the very essence of faith-and belief.

Rivers have been Biblical. They carry the very essence of those Biblical teachings! Even on a journey, that is coupled with someone else, there is a beautiful celebration when faith is connected to it. That connection is powerful and filled with the very treasures of Divine blessings. It is profound and the perfect celebration for why humanity has been placed on Earth. Listening to the song, “Muddy River,” there is a great fascination, concerning the wonderful tales of faith. Therefore, when dealing with the river, let us always remember the power of Heaven’s delight! Always remember that traces of Heaven, glimpses of Heaven, are found in, THE RIVER!

https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2017/11/10/obituaries/katie-lee-folk-singer-who-fought-to-protect-a-canyon-dies-at-98.amp.html; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
https://www.williamsnews.com/news/2008/oct/21/take-a-river-trip-down-memory-lane-with-western-i/; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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