Karima Kibble’s Maidenal Footsteps, Through the Color Of Gospelic Tunes! #BlackAmericanHer/History360

Gospel Singer KARIMA KIMBLE, Her Song "So Happy," and Its Message For Spiritual Wellness Of the Black American, Urban, Gospelic Maiden! #BlackAmericanHer/HistoryMonth360

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New Orleans, Baby! Ain’t no place like it. We know it as the birthplace of Jazz music. That peculiar music of Black American gardens and soiling. Somethin’ about Black American culture in New Orleans, and its vibe, which gives a peculiar lens into how things are meant to arise. There is somethin’ about it, Baby. You probably can’t explain it, but you know its there. When someone from your culture understands that, a balanced harmony pervades the space.

New Orleans is known for its Jazz festivals. Simultaneously, this very music 🎶🎶🎶🎶 was birthed from the haven of Black American, Church-based culture. Before that, it was Gospel, and the sacredness of Gospel music moves a different element, into the atmosphere. Like the Negro Spirituals before them, the essence alludes to the Divine, and a people’s ability to lean onto that power, during the most painful, and hostile of times. When you had nothing, when all you had was your faith, you grew stronger. Heaven’s artistry was there the whole time; waiting and providing support whenever we called out on that name.

So, we are back to the role of Maidens in their gardens. Again, we are returning to the chambers of Black American soiling. Even within the urban sector of this peculiar people, they are there. Explorations into the Gospel world, and its confines within Black American, Church-based culture, ensures that in his domain, Maidens, too, can be found. They are prevalent in song, Sisterhood, and in ensuring the balance and well-being of community. Their energy is too important. It is necessary, as without it, there is disarray in the garden. Certain songs and music 🎶🎶🎶 videos, hint to this. In fact, a few have been discussed. And yet, there is one such Gospel video and song, which performs this narrative-this tale of Black American maidens in the Gospel scents of their gardens. It is none other than the video for the song, “So Happy,” by Gospel singer (and founding member of the group Virtue). . .

Karima Kibble

https://www.google.com/search?q=karima+kibble&hl=en&prmd=ivn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj1k_v8xp3sAhUG01kKHc7SBkYQ_AUIFigB&biw=360&bih=512&dpr=2#imgrc=Scf4MXIHznIMgM&imgdii=eGabVnKlC6ubPMEdits By Lauren Kaye Clark

The video is a perfect, artistic, and real expression of joy and tenderness by Black American maidens, within the urban sector. That Gospel-themes vibe is another display (and factor) into how the Black American Church has served as an oasis, throughout the urban sector. Stepping outside of her apartment building, on a bright and sunny New Orleans’ day, the radiance of her Spirit begins. Stylish, confident, and in tuned with Heaven’s divinity, she is ready to take on the day; thereby awaiting how the Creator will work through her, for that day.

Upon stepping outside, there is a man sitting outside, with fresh vegetables. He tosses her a fruit. Catching it with a comforting ease (as what Maidens can do), she carries on into the adventures of her journey. We know that she is the Maiden, as she has been blessed with Nature’s vegetation. Always remember, that the young, Maidens within any culture, always tend to the garden. Therefore, representations of Earth’s fruition will always show up, somewhere. In addition to their youthful beauty and essence, Maidens should also embody holistic eating and wellness. Mother Nature is the perfect paradise, in acquiring that.

Let’s carry on with our Maiden, for happiness is following her, through.

In the urban sectors, children also play in the gardens. A young boy on a skateboard, rolls on by. Assisting one young woman, who has dropped the flowers she was carrying, he illuminates the gentility of Black American boys and their childhood innocence. Just children wanting to immerse in the realm of artistic play, right in the neighborhood. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that! He accompanies her along the way, and harmony is maintained in this garden of Black American soil.

\https://youtu.be/3qC_ZOVoV2I; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Shortly after, our Gospelic maiden comes across a gentleman in the neighborhood. He is clearly down on his luck, as they say. Any form of kindness, is sure to give him a smile. Food, along with money, is the perfect delight. In addition, it creates the auspicious symbolism into how money should be used. If its not for Earth’s enhancement, beauty, and healing, than it has no meaning. Don’t think you can get any clearer than that. Walking away from a man, reflecting her imagery ( and culture), the radiance of the Divine comes across her face. There is joyful celebration in Heaven’s paradise, when love is shared with Earthly spacing; within human spacing.

Proceeding on, the sacredness of Maidenal symbolisms are reflects upon the paths, she takes. Another Black American maiden near her, has an assortment of colorful flowers. Karima Kibble’s character is attracted to them. That’s the very nature and essence of Maidens. They always show up in the garden. When they do, a natural binding occurs. That happens if Maidens are in tuned with the principles of womanhood and virtue. If they are in tuned with the responsibility of women to work together, so that holistic, feminine energies are channeled through the community. In the context of Black American spaces and culture, such is being demonstrated in this video. When Karima Kibble proceeds to pay for the flowers, her fellow, Black American sister, declines the money. Its a sacred gesture of Sisterhood. One that is as old as time. It is a method of affirming each other, and of channeling that love of feminine bonding to each other. This act may seem simple. However, it carries greater depth, than what may be realized. Women’s nourishment of each other, and recognition of one another, is significant for the sustaining of life, within any community.

https://youtu.be/hsoXSNJJVdQ; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Carrying through, the Maiden has her flowers. They will further symbolize the power of a Maiden’s journey, as she walks on into her next adventure around town. Let’s make it very clear that not every young woman carries herself as a maiden. Part of fulfilling the responsibilities and obligations of a maiden is to provide care for the community. When the exchange is equal and healthy, the maidens are rewarded.

Certain parts of the video highlights the presence of gravity. Yes! Even that is artistic, and can be very nutritious and holistic, when it performs in the way of Divine love. When we discuss high praise to the Heaven’s, we must always remember to be open minded to the different forms of celebrations.

Our beloved Karima Kibble comes across a small girl from her community, who is sitting on a bench. Immediately, Kibble’s character gives her the blue flower, which had been given to her. Let’s get deeper! An adult reflection of this little girl, has approached her with tenderness and gentility. She may not know her. Yet, the first gesture of respect is acknowledging her girlhood. Giving flowers ensures that little girls are aware of their softness and sensitivities to Earth’s landscapes. Yes! Even in “the hood,” little, Black American girls must be reminded of their gentility. And, YES! Urban demographics of Black America’s trajectory have the symbols of nature’s wellness. They should be used, as such. Watch the beautiful smile, from this chocolate-colored 🍫 🍫, young girl, and you will witness how Heaven worked the healing wonders.

One of the most blessed lessons of this video is how our urban maiden has been blessed. Nevertheless, she passes on the blessings. And, it’s representations of Mother Nature symbolizes how she transmits each blessing. Heaven’s gates uses Earthly treasures to spread healing among the community. Whoever knew that love could be so simple? Yet, through this digital performance, that is made very clear. Even those precious, non-Black American beings, who show up in the video, learn the healing factor, within this sacred, cultural garden. These peculiar gardens. If it needs to be said again, then lean in for a repeat. In “the hood,” in “the ghetto,” Black American maidens exist. That Higher, Heavenly love surrounds them, that same love from the Biblical days. So, when you experience that kind of love, see it as a cautionary tale, that you will BE. . .HAPPY!

http://www.dagospeltruth.com/karima-kibble/; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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