Kalina Jedrusik’s Hidden Musical Coloring, For Healing Pleasures, Onstage!

How Legendary, Polish Singer and Actress-KALINA JEDRUSIK-Shows Hidden Vibes In Performing Similar Songs, and the Healing Of A Musical Journey's Depth!

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Light and fluffy has its own vocal touch. There are myriad ways to create a levels of animation, when a person is blessed with the lightness of vocal flavor. On another level, there is also the beauty of hidden surprises behind those voices, which appear lighthearted. Yet, they have a great pattern and charisma of vocal artistry, design, and coloring. Yes! They definitely have that surprise element within their voices. Let’s do make sure to notate the level of allure that they have, as well. Such voices are intriguing. They do require that a person moves through a different ear, when trying to highlight the music 🎶🎶 scene. Its something, isn’t it? For an audience to be surprised by the level of nurture and surprise is filled with greatness. There is something exciting about underlying mysteries, when it comes to the sacred beauty of a surprise. A number of people are granted the serenity of moving through certain vibes of love and serenity. Surprises are life changing! They are Earth shaking. Surprises transform us into greater heights. What we thought we only knew, what we thought we only heard is shifted into another plane. There is a higher love, and a higher level when it comes to being awakened to richness! That’s what the element of surprise has the power to do. It reveals hidden gems, that we never knew existed. When it comes to a level of musicality, the artistry of surprise is crafted into a particular manner. Certain artists have that enriching power and wellness in doing such. They present music, or a song, in the way we are accustomed to hearing it. Then, they have the power to switch our worlds; presenting us with that deeper river of richness, that very few people have the power to see.

Poland continues to stay, for this current feature. And there is a reason for that. For the most part, when you come across a certain dame, from Polish gardens, who is able to move mystery through the artistry of her voice, you become exposed to another layer of human creativity in the music world. For some, it may seem strange or a little shocking that certain singers can change up, in that manner. Nevertheless, such a vocal technique and artistry is slowly embraced. We migrate back to this Eastern European nation. And awaiting our very essence within this land, is none other than another legend of Polish song. . .

Kalina Jedrusik; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Kalina Jedrusik is clearly a woman of many voices. She even moves into the power of speech within certain songs, from her vocal repertoire. Jedrusik brought different personas to her singing style. There are songs which were fun-loving and upbeat. Then, there were those quiet and sudden melodies, which guided listeners into this jazzy vibe. Hence the term JAZZ, and her sampling of another garden-known as a Black American one. Sometimes her vocal artistry highlighted a playful nature and playful side of herself. Let’s not forget about that melodramatic style and method. We can also find ourselves intertwined with the enchantment in the level of joy and tenderness, that she creates within a song. /Jedrusik can be lighthearted, or she can be soft. Keep in mind the songs, where she showcases her animated style. There are so many levels of exploration. Let’s also never forget her vocal alignment with different instruments; never using the same vocal technique, or style more than once. And she gives her audiences repetitions of familiar sounds. Well, then! Remember that she did well to, gives us a taste of surprise! Many surprises, in fact!

Moving into the realm of vocal intimacy, and gentility, listeners can hear the call for an invitation, within the song. One of such songs is “Piosenka dla kogo innego.” It sways through different realms, and guides a person to understand just how magical things are. Its a soft invitation. Providing listeners with that inner smoothness, which attracts the attention of others. Forget about the level of boisterousness and sudden thunder of awakening. Through this song, and with Jedrusik’s touch, the listener can imagine graceful lace being laid across our fears. Slowly and surely, that new and hidden world doesn’t seem so scare us anymore. In fact, it is the opposite of what we thought it to be. That’s what makes it so phenomenal! Through the hidden, and unfamiliar, our fears our presented. They are released for us to know what was hidden inside of us all along. When they are finally presented for the visual, we realize they were not as frightening, or insurmountable, as we thought they were. Sometimes, its about entering into that world with a pleasant manner. A person will see just how real and enlightening it may be.

Previously, it was mentioned about our beloved Kalina Jedrusik and how she could reveal another color, within one style. When unveiling the other coloring of the song, “Piosenka dla kogo innego,it is essential that we highlight another song, “Jak ty nic nie rozumiesz.” It is the latter, which showcases another coloring in the former, and vice versa. The difference between the two is the introduction to the song, “Jak ty nic nie rozumiesz.” For example, Kalina Jedrusik begins the song with the eloquence of her speech in the Polish language. Even if a person is unaware of what she is saying, you can’t help but to be attentive to this string of words. It feels that she is telling a story; one that so many of us have experienced within the confines of our youth. Shortly, after her speech, she moves into song. Guiding the audience into a wave of elaborate coloring. The essence and aura of the words gives this aura of love. And the lovely persona in how love is being portrayed, is depicted with a light and feathery touch. It feels good and nourishing Floating and intrinsic! At the end of the song, Kalina Jedrusik provides us with tiny hints of her girlish charm! There is simply something alluring of the ending. And, it is conducted with a great manner of charisma and grace! Of course, this is simply one of many examples.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Of course, we can’t ever leave out the vivacious energy-that animated persona-of her vocal presentation. Listeners gain the opportunity to feel they are going through a world of multiple spirals and diagonal twirls. Its part of that elixir of twirling around, with the purposes of cleansing the Spirit. Washing every part of one’s inner Being. Once that is finalized, then a person is able to partake in the good times-the happy times. The upbeat fun of dancing and feeling alive, comes right after the mental, emotional cleansing. One of the perfect songs, highlighting such a euphoria, is none other than “Wyszlam i nie wrocilam.” Listen to it! Really sit and immerse within its very shaping! Who can’t help, but to feel good? Who can’t help, but to experience the cleansing process, releasing pain, and bridging it together in order to move forward in the celebration of this healing phase? And so, the song plays on! Iconic! Don’t you think? And, of course, its a subtle celebration of that peculiar sound, known as Jazz! Blackened Gardens of US soil, anyone?

Of course being a theater actress has its perks, when transitioning into song! Rewinding to background memories, it was in 1953, when Kalina Jedrusik made her debut at the Wybryzezc Theater in 1953; followed by the Wspolczesny Theater (1957-1963), and a string of other theater stages. Her performances at the Polish Theater (1985-1991) was the final of her debut. Shortly after, the film world was her platter. Let’s also include her famous performance in the Elderly Gentlemen’s Cabaret. All of such prepared her for the ability to move forward into song; bringing that creative and empowering magic, which can only be located on the stage. Through it all, a person comes to view holistic imagery, within such spacing. Songs are never really meant to be sung in the manner of simply being a singer. On the contrary, in the artistry of singing, other entities of the creative arts, can also be highlighted when it comes to truly performing a song! After all, there is great room for the mixtures.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

There is another element of Kalina Jedrusik’s vocality, which is to be celebrated. It pertains to her realm with instrumentation. The way in which she altered her voice to match the texture and timber of certain instruments-thereby, illuminating their beauty and authentic contribution to the song, is very telling to her level of sensitivity. Its a level of sensitivity when it relates to the realm of music. A person of keen hearing can sense that she understands how the music is greater than her very Being. There was life to the instruments, and Kalina Jedrusik understood that. Can you hear “Patrze na ciebie (unikat!)?”

Moving forward into the latter period of 1970, the skill of the light echo is presented within her artistry. “S.O.S.” In fact, it feels that SOS is breathing, in the very way, in which she is singing it. Who would ever know that the repetition of three sounds have the power of echoing in repetitious breaths? S.O.S., S.O.S., S.O.S.! It goes on and on. Moving forward in the way of sound propelling itself into the atmosphere. In fact, the listeners hear how Jedrusik utilizes her vocal performance in pushing forward the sound, from her very Being! Even more, one feels as if pressure is leaving the body, from our daring and animated Polish dame! Moving forward so that the echo is loud and clear for all to hear. Can you feel the healing from that very dynamic? Can you feel the manner into how it feels that one is releasing the toxicity from their Being? And once that release occurs, the sigh of release happens all over again!

When singers delve into that world of musical and technical exploration, it becomes evident that further work is needed. Additional work is necessary in gaining exposure into deeper riches of the musical realm. It appears that humanity has only scratched the surface. Even those managing to have dug a little deeper are still far away from its true riches. That’s very clear! Nevertheless, when you find those artists, who have managed to discover those deeper realms, you treasure them, for they are real gems. In the case of Kalina Jedrusik, multiple fields, within the performing arts, came to make this happen. That says a lot, doesn’t it? The unique categories within performance truly depend on each other, don’t they? Entertainers who happen to intertwine at least two, have the ability to create greater insight into those hidden possibilities. There is a great allure and enjoyment for the realm of it all-the hidden colors, textures, timbers, rhythms, and others. It all works out.

Lastly, she was beautiful! Yet, not in the way that we think of beauty to be used. The purpose of beauty is to invite one’s eye into a deeper action. It means that beauty has an objective, outside of simply “looking good.” The enticement is meant to move a person into a realm, where they are discovering other components, in this journey called, LIFE! Beauty is not meant to be objectifed, or idolized. On the contrary, it is an entrance into healing. And here again, we have that example through the life of Kalina Jedrusik!


So, shout, echo, and color the words of delight! They are after all precious, should we perform the music, RIGHT!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
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