Johnwick Nathan – Rising Entrepreneur shares the secret to his success

The American Dream is a dying concept. According to a 2020 study, about 3 in 10 Americans  believe that the American Dream is unattainable for them, and this number is much higher in younger generations. Especially with the recent pandemic, it’s getting harder and harder for young people to see success as a possibility for […]

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The American Dream is a dying concept. According to a 2020 study, about 3 in 10 Americans  believe that the American Dream is unattainable for them, and this number is much higher in younger generations. Especially with the recent pandemic, it’s getting harder and harder for young people to see success as a possibility for them.

It would help these people to understand exactly what it is that makes a person successful, but the keys to success are often hotly argued about or shrouded in mystery. Johnwick Nathan, a rising American entrepreneur wants to illuminate the principles that make a person successful, so that other people can see the same prosperity that he has seen. He believes that there are distinct principles that make a person successful, and he also believes that these principles can be learned. In a recent interview, he described his past and present ventures, to help determine what truly makes a person successful.

The Business of Empathy

Nathan is the founder and CEO of Harbor Health Integrated Care (HHIC), a healthcare company that focuses on mental health and counseling for struggling folks in Arizona, but this was hardly his first venture. He worked as a behavioral health technician while he was studying music production at CRAS recording school in Arizona, which set the tone for his businesses in the future.

Nathan loved working one on one with clients. He found the experience to be more fulfilling than anything he had previously experienced, and he decided that from then on he would dedicate himself to helping other people through his businesses. This is one of the twelve principles for success that Nathan outlines in his upcoming book: that you need to keep the needs of others at the forefront of your thinking, that “their wellbeing is at the heart of your soulful success.”

It’s an uncommon trait among CEOs, this empathy for other human beings, but it is this empathy that has carried Nathan through all of his business ventures. After he graduated with his music engineering degree in 2016, Nathan wanted to start his own group home. It wasn’t an easy task, and during this time, he faced evictions, car repossessions and other great adversities. In the end, he pushed through the mud and started his own group home in 2017. This was one of his first great successes, and he has since expanded into six different group homes with his residential recovery program.

He founded HHIC in March of 2020 with the goal of expanding his services to help a greater number of people.  Under HHIC’s large umbrella of services, clients can find behavioral health group homes, an outpatient psychiatric clinic, transportation, a call center, crisis care and more. Nathan is also planning to expand his business again, to offer primary care and dental services to his clients. These clients are commonly received from hospitals, probation offices, and word of mouth. HHIC largely services the Native American population of Arizona, so he also gets many referrals from reservations. Since he started his business with the goal of helping people, Nathan takes pride in his ability to assist underprivileged populations.

Building Communities

Harbor Health isn’t Nathan’s only business. Just this year he launched Guillet Industries, a community development and financial services company. Real estate, loans and mortgages may not seem as directly beneficial to communities as healthcare services, but these services are vital to the same populations that utilize HHIC. Guillet Industries integrates seamlessly with HHIC to give outgoing patients an opportunity to live independently and contribute back to their communities.

Community is another incredibly important aspect to Nathan. Since his mother packed up him and his five siblings and moved to the US from Haiti when he was just three years old, Nathan has been involved in positive communities. His involvement with Operation Unite New York, a volunteer organization, inspired his passion for music. He has played music at churches throughout his life, and these church communities helped him to develop into the person he would one day become.

Even one of his guiding principles from his upcoming book, the so-called Mastermind Principle, illuminates the need for collaboration with other like-minded individuals. The interconnected nature of Nathan’s businesses creates another unique sort of community. Human beings rely on each other, and this the point of the services Nathan provides – to give people who are struggling a space that they can rely on to help them get back on track.

Practicing Love

All of Nathan’s success in his businesses has come from the loving desire to help other people. In fact, the primary principle that guides his decision making is love. “Love, not as an emotion, rather as an intention. A driving principle that establishes value, infuses relationships and promotes healing and ultimately success,” he says in his upcoming book. “Let me ask you a question. Would you hurt someone or something that you love? The answer would be no. With a happy and loving approach you are able to see the good in things. You establish value right from the beginning.”

Many of the same young people who don’t see the American Dream as achievable share these values. They care deeply about those around them and deeply involve themselves with social causes. Because of the uncaring nature of many large businesses they have been led to believe it’s impossible to bring these values into a business, but Johnwick Nathan’s experiences and ventures show us that love and empathy aren’t just possible in a business setting, they can be massively beneficial.

Nathan’s ultimate goal is to affect the world in a positive way. Influencing and mentoring others, and supporting minority communities remains a vital part of his life. He continues to expand his businesses while keeping these principles in mind. His upcoming book, 12 Principles for Soulful Success, will further illuminate the guiding tenets that he has followed throughout his life.

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