Javier Solis’ Classic Taste In the Modern Style! #DiaDeLosMuertos

The Memory Of JAVIER SOLIS' and What It Means To Honor Legends, IN WELLNESS! #DiaDeLosMuertos

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In any particular musical genre, navigating musicians of a certain terrain, you have those particular artists, who bring a classical element to the mix. They have that ability to mix traditional sound of their culture, while giving it a classical touch, to those from distant lands. Their sound is extremely elegant, powerful, and carries the richness of different timbers. One cannot underestimate just how intriguing such a musical talent is, when they add a classical element to their musicianship. Of course, I don’t meant “classical,” as it relates to a particular culture (i.e. Beethoven, Mozart). Not at all. In this regard, there is a classical vibe within every culture of musical eloquence. In this particular incident, when we converse about the term, “classical,” we can relish in a particular feeling, which makes one feel, as if they are in being moved into another realm. You know what it feels like because it is a musical haven of richness and care. Its a sacred place, where the greatest voices, musicians, and legends (from all over the world), have access to. Once they pass away, they serve as the gatekeepers for ensuring that its classical elegance and authenticity is maintained. It means that not just anyone can lay claim to it, or have access to its domain. Even if one is a “great” singer, they must still have the vocal elements, for what it means to be a “classic,” in their own right.

Venturing back to nation of Mexico, there are the voices, which highlighted that classical element in Mexican culture. Whatever the vibe may have been, it is nevertheless rich, caring, nourishing, and vivacious. That classic sound is memorable. You can’t buy it, nor can you train for it. Either it is born in you, or it isn’t. Which means that having that classic touch within one’s own culture is something that only Heaven can give. In the nation of Mexico, one such voice from a masculine persuasion is none other than the legendary. . .

Javier Solis

https://www.eldiario.net/noticias/2016/2016_04/nt160426/nuevoshorizontes.php?n=96&-javier-solis; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Gabriel Siria Levario came from tough circumstances. After the death of his aunt, he dropped out of school in order to work and care for his family. To the world he was known as JAVIER SOLIS! Working a myriad of jobs, as a baker, assisting with carpetry, washing cars, collecting bottles and glass, and other things. Perhaps, this was the foundation for moving into that classical touch. Again, its often those, who were faced with harsh circumstances, who end up producing the elegance of music’s sound. I guess it means that such charisma can be located at foundational nothingness. Its that place, and space, where a person has lost everything. There is a point of having to return to “the bottom,” in order to locate creative ways to interpret the top. What many people do not understand are the many gifts located at, “the bottom.” They are treasures in which those of a particular privilege are unable to grasp or get a hold of. So you see, such artists understanding this experience know that level of richness. Furthermore, it takes great sacrifice and courage to immerse oneself to this level of musicianship. Connecting oneself to a euphoria of Universal power, simply because it requires that, for elevation out of one’s discomfort and turmoil.

https://www.tunefind.com/artist/javier-solis; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
https://www.shazam.com/gb/artist/40368919/javier-soli%CC%81s; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

What makes Javier Solis‘ classic touch and elegance so phenomenal is his versatility. He was known for singing boleros, rancheras, corridos, danzones, waltzes, and music 🎶 of the tango. Just imagine different movements and styles of those musical genres, and how they bring about a unique level of classical elegance, on their own. One of the sacred elements of moving through the classics, is having had the practice of going into musicality’s unknown. Again, having experienced that domain of bottomless hope gives one the advantage of easily returning to it, as a source of hope, should one find their way.

Its evident that Javier Solis’ classical elegance within Mexican, musical genres resonated with those outside of Mexico. In fact, it was in 1957, where he experienced international recognition, as he began performing in the United States, South America, and Central America. His sound, as with other great legends of his day, is a wonder of vocal vintage. Sometimes, it may be difficult to explain this level of elegance and greatness. The closest images coming to mind are antique chandeliers and fine wine. Traces of silk and velvet come to mind, as they resonate with that smooth (and difficult to produce) texture, which reminds us of having a particular taste. A person can’t explain it. Yet, you know taste when you hear it. And, it has an older marriage with time, than those not performing on the level of a classic realm. You know that taste, and it reminds you of fine wine. 🍷 🍷 🍷

Some of his most remembered musical treasures are “Sombras,” “Payaro,” “Vereda Tropical,” “En Mi Viejo San Juan,” and “Amanci En Tus Brazos.” Yet, there are other songs-lesser in popularity. Simultaneously, that does not diminish their significance, in the showcase of their particular artistry. Not at all. On the contrary, what they do convey are the more hidden jewels of an artist. It goes to say that more time is needed to reflect deeper in those treasures, and how they are designed to reveal those quiet moments of Javier Solis in that deeper place.

https://www.tunefind.com/artist/javier-solis; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

There is a lot we can learn from the styles of Mexican legend, Javier Solis. For one, its the place of always returning where we have come from, in order to reach that richness, heavily associated with the bottom. The bottom is not necessarily an “empty” place or space. Some people would like to see it as such. However, that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, one comes to understand that in losing everything, a person locates unimaginable strength in having located, everything. For the very bottom is the source in having access to the Universal wonders and treasures, that we seek. On another note, we can come to understand how those sacred textures and timbers of singing are just as relevant to the vibrancy of today. However, that style has come to move forward into the elegance of today, means there is a level of bringing it to the musicality of today. This is with a particular focus on Mexico, and the newer caliber of artists coming from Mexico’s current generation.

In our ongoing celebration of Mexico’s Dia De Los Muertos, we can’t help but to continue in our honor of Mexico’s legends, who have brought great wonder and mystery to what it means to live! Listening to legendary artists such as Gabriel Siria Levario is not enough. There is more that is required, should we, the living continue to re-channel life’s nourishment for our delight; the happiness of others, once the great ones have transitioned on. That’s another virtue of Mexico’s Dia De Los Muertos! When great people leave, there are things they have left behind. Where are the holistic foundations, for the treasures they have left behind? Now, that’s the real journey of this celebration. Even more, how do we continue to pull from this source of musically artistic energy once their time has come? Do you see why our sorrow cannot last forever once we lose “the dead?” Its because they have left uncompleted tasks, which must be fulfilled. They are counting on those in living lands to complete these tasks. So, while we honor “los Muertos,” let’s remember to finish the work. The day of their memory should encourage us to finish what needs to be done.

On this continued day for transitioned memories, let’s remember to seek out uncompleted tasks, while celebrating our own life’s connection to their world! #DiaDeLosMuertos

https://www.tunefind.com/artist/javier-solis; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
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