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From the mystical peaks of the Himalayas to the bustling city of Mumbai, Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands merges the lives of two individuals on a pursuit to create their own realities. On a quest to understand life and manifestation, the two parallel narratives of Jasmine and Sanjay reveal how true success is achieved through leading a holistic life. It throws light on the power of meditation, yoga and well-being in empowering people to tap into their inherent potential to create.

Here are some excerpts:

Sanjay en route his journey to meet Ma, his guru:

I looked down but the river was too far below to be seen. The roar of the river was now more constant. It seemed to be completing its even course through the valley, preparing for the descent that was coming up, to take its form and content further down the steep trek that I was about to complete.

My mind drifted back to the question that had been occupying my interest and curiosity, repeatedly of late. Is it possible that we truly carry the power of manifesting the world, within us?

I had recently come across literature that seemed to suggest that most achievers converged on this experience, and many thinkers also held this belief. One is also conversant with the maxim ‘we are the world’ but in actual day-to-day behavior it is difficult to sense this. Sometimes, however, one does find a particular thought or wish taking a real form, as if miraculously.

I had been hooked onto the premise — it seemed too important a window to ignore if one had to cultivate a fulfilling life. I decided to make this trip to get an idea of what someone like Ma would have to say. She was far removed from my world and yet seemed to understand its grain very well; and she seemed to be leading a cherished life that materialized esoteric wisdom.

Jasmine’s conversation on Pranayam with Sarojadevi, her dance master:

‘Yes, Jasmine, what she said may be possible. Yet, the important thing to always keep in your mind is that it is you who has the power to change your destiny. Everything in the world is temporary and fluid. If you exercise the required power, you can change it. It may take time; give it that time. Carry on with your efforts. Who knows, your performance on Sunday could also change your destiny.’

Jasmine looked at her with devotion, ‘Thank you so much, Guruma. I have no words to express my gratitude.’

Sarojadevi smiled, ‘We will find a way to do that, get ready for the dance and give me a sparkling practice session. But first, let’s do some Pranayam to help you get over your mood. Are you familiar with anulom vilom?’ Jasmine nodded her head.

Okay, get into the mudra… squeeze close one nostril, hold the pose and breathe in from one nostril… hold your breath… now breathe out from the other nostril. Stay in the vacuum as much as possible. Now repeat with the other nostril.’

She repeated the cycle thrice, and Jasmine clearly felt a mood uplift. Her mind was clearer and she no longer felt fettered by her emotions. This simple exercise helped her regain her composure.

‘Never forget the power of breathing right, Jasmine. It is greatly undervalued. You can change any mood with the right Pranayam, and be focused on the present. Now, let’s get going . . . put on your ghungroo; Panditji, shuru!

Jasmine’s healing at the ayurvedic retreat

It was the seventh day at the retreat. Jasmine entered the specially designed large massage rooms with en suite dressing and bath areas. The baths were basic and traditional. The cleaning material was a paste of gram flour that a female attendant helped rub on her back and this was washed off in the bath later with the help of an ayurvedic soap.

The treatment was initiated with a prayer to the god of healing. After that, two therapists applied medicated oil generously and started working their way on the body, with specific strokes. They asked her about particular areas of pain or knots, as they worked their way. Strains of soothing music played in the background.

Jasmine was surprised to find that so many parts of her body seemed to have congestion and cramps. The doctor had explained that it was a customary outcome of stress and emotional blocks. ‘The diet, medicines and massages all together will help release these: renewing and rejuvenating you,’ he assured her.

And just like he had said, her muscles relaxed and knots were smoothened out by the strokes; she started to feel less burdened by her emotions and past pains. It was as if her emotional blocks were melting away. Cobwebs in her mind were getting dusted out and she began feeling lighter.

Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands — The Graphic Novel


Adapted from the fiction novel, Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands — The Graphic Novel is perfect for readers both young and old.

With fresh and bold, pen and ink illustrations translating Jasmine’s story, the evocative imagery sets the right tone for readers to assimilate her adventure and the unique meaning that it holds.

Sanjay Desai has written Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands, available now on Amazon. It has also been adapted into a vivid graphic novel. An ex-banker and a serial entrepreneur, he is the now on a quest to empower through manifestation as the Founder of ConsciousLeap.

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