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Laura Templeton on Making an Impact in 30 Seconds!

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is your network listening ditch the pitch with laura templeton #LivingFearlssly with Lisa McDonald

In an ever-increasing world where attention spans are shorter, to-do-lists are longer, and people are habitually over-extended – it is especially important for those of us in the world of business to communicate, express, and articulate ourselves succinctly and efficiently. We are pre-wired as human beings to formulate our initial opinions, judgements, and assessments…instantaneously. We are operating within the realm of nano-second decision-making, which prompts each of us to have to adapt just to keep up, never mind ideally aspiring to stay ahead of the curve within our modern day world. 

Laura Templeton understands this truth and present day reality – intuitively, and pragmatically. The pace in which we are operating at, particularly within the business sphere, can be exhausting and overwhelming, and especially true of entrepreneurs. Laura has a pulse on trends and patterns. Laura’s success is synonymous with tapping into the problems and the needs of other entrepreneurs and individuals, by identifying the specific areas of how to pivot smarter and how to pivot faster. Laura and her clients, expedite the process of achieving this by endeavouring to formulate the clearly refined and honed intended messaging of the client, in 30 seconds and THEN taking it to market. 

There is an an old adage for which I wholeheartedly subscribe to which says, “Everything that comes out of your mouth is an advertisement of who you are.” In the business world alone, what we say or do not say, how we say it or how we do not say it, is often the defining factor for what takes a business vertical and conversely, what drives a business into the ground. Inarguably, there are many other core and essential ingredients required that if not implemented or incorporated also determines ones own success and failure – however, before the market can determine whether or not you are transparent or authentic or integral or ethical – the market at least needs to clearly know and definitively understand what your message is…right out of the gate and right off the hop or you will lose them altogether. 

More than ever, consumers can afford to be discerning. The competition is fierce and plentiful. Where once upon a time there were not enough options in which to choose from, the opposite can now be stated as both fact and as truth. Which means, ones own messaging has to accomplish a multiple of bulls-eyes, and in a finite period of time if to achieve successful and immediate buy-in before even reaching the point of conversion. This is where Laura Templeton comes in!

The world of personal growth and personal development is what it has now evolved into becoming as a direct result of the demographic or the market of those who have felt misunderstood, stuck, invalidated, unseen, unheard, silenced, oppressed, marginalized, and immobolized by fear. The world of business has now evolved into becoming what it now is as a direct result of people strategically knowing how to solve other peoples problems. The two go hand in hand – there is no coincidence to this. Laura Templeton knows this, and has successfully built and expanded upon her business as a result of this correlation and also based upon the interconnectedness of the two. BRILLIANT!

Laura innately knows how to successfully navigate and maneuver the needs of her clients, and positions them in such a way that they learn and master how to represent and portray themselves in the public arena of opinion, in ways that are only favourable, understandable, relatable, smart, and ingenious. If Laura had not already successfully accomplished this for herself, and her own business model, first and foremost – she could not and would not have equally succeeded in being the attractor-factor for so many others, who are now reaping the same results and benefits as what Laura has. 

When you can create a win-win business, a win-win solution, a win-win strategy, and a win-win outcome for all involved parties – this is where the magic is birthed! This is where the synergies begin to swirl and gain rapid momentum and traction! This is how the trajectory of ones journey begins to take off like rocket fuel! This becomes the foundational barometer for measuring growth, results, outcomes, and essentially success…yours and those whom you are committed to serving! 

Laura, I wish to thank you both personally and professionally for your profound contributions towards enriching and enhancing the lives of the collective. For the consistent and the unique ways, signature to you and who you are, which is shifting other peoples lives, livelihoods, businesses, mindsets, and purpose-driven results – I say…JUST WOW!

For those of you here who are both reading and listening (podcast link enclosed), not only do I once again extend and express my outward appreciation of you…I also highly encourage those of you here, who value your own and others commitment to perpetual growth and development of self – to do yourself a life-transforming favour, by reaching out to Laura Templeton! Your future self will thank you! Your clients will thank you! Your peers and colleagues will thank you! Your bottom line will thank you! Again, it is a win-win scenario! A win-win recipe! Yummy stuff, Laura! Thank you for serving it up and for always inviting us back for seconds! I appreciate you our friend! Keep Shining!

Who Is Laura Templeton?!

Laura Templeton is the Founder and CEO of 30 Second Success, a company helping entrepreneurs, professionals, and sales teams make better connections and obtain more business in 30 second messages that connect on an emotional level for clients to use for networking and video.

As an entrepreneur, connector, speaker, author, writer, wordsmith, creative soul, network and branding specialist, coach, mentor, friend to many, wife, mother, and a woman of faith Laura believes in the power of building others up. She is passionate about helping everyone find their personal message and giving them a voice in order to be heard.

With over 15 years of sales training, personal development, coaching and networking, Laura understands the countless benefits of building relationships through networking. She developed her niche business based on a deep need she saw within the networking community, the need for people to create a clear, concise, confident message that connects with your ideal clients.

Laura’s ability to connect with her clients and come away with a clear understanding of what they do gives her the ability to create very powerful branded messages that bring more business to her clients. She believes that when you begin to connect on an emotional level and really understand who your client is and what they need, that’s when the true magic happens. 

As a professional speaker for organizations and associations, Laura educates audiences on how to craft an attention-getting  messaging, build better connections, and use networking as a marketing strategy. Smart business owners hire Laura to educate their workforce on how to deliver the company message and turn everyday conversations into more business.

Laura says, “it’s not about pitching. You can “pitch” all day long, get the ball across the plate every time, but if the batter never hits it, there’s no connection. In business you need to connect, not just throw stuff in the air and hope something happens.” So if you’re ready to “Ditch the Pitch, and StartConnecting!” (trademarked), if you need a message your team can stand behind with confidence, connect with Laura today at
“Ditch the Pitch and Start Connecting!”™ – Laura Templeton –

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
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