Intentionally Manifesting My Reality

How to hold ourselves accountable to life goals.

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I have been publicly forthright and consistently vocal with my expressed message of what my main objective has always been since the inception of my reinvention process six years ago and especially within the timeframe period of being fully and properly branded.

My purposeful goal and message of Living Fearlessly (with Lisa McDonald) is a message I am valiantly taking to the masses via all my various social media platforms, my books, my stage talks, shared with my coaching and mentoring clients, echoed on my TV show, and repeated on my weekly global-reaching radio/podcast broadcasts, reiterated within my blogging pieces, and what is continuously cited and regurgitated when the mic is graciously turned and it is me who is being interviewed by other top-tier leaders and experts within the personal growth/personal development industry and how this transforms into the business world, too.

Through each incremental juncture of my journey, I am relentless in my story-telling for anyone who is willing to listen, who is synergistically aligned with me in the plight to live a life of clarity, of passions and of soulful purpose — all derived out what I believe and embody to be the core essential ingredient necessary to live a yummy life and to live it on purpose –that of which I only believe to be intrinsically and authentically possible and genuine IF…one CHOOSES…to live life fearlessly.

My short and long term goal has always been to impart this message to the masses. To strike a WakeUp call in as many people as possible. To radically and to consciously shift people out of the abyss, out of the ‘lack’ state of mediocrity, the immobilization of fear mentality which only ever serves to be counter-intuitive and self-defeatist in nature.

Essentially, I am em-passioned to help navigate and facilitate those who are willing and receptive to reclaiming their own personal power, their own voices, so as to create the long overdue ripple and domino effect needed to eradicate the suffocating blanket of fear, which continues to de-spirit the souls of too many to count who so desperately wish to be freed from self-imposed fear and who are hungry to begin #LivingFearlessly!

This is my goal. My plight. My mission. My absolute and unwavering, PURPOSE.

Integrity, credibility, legitimacy is paramount and cornerstone to authentic buy-in from ones followers, clients, fan base and for one to effectively and clearly achieve what has already been stipulated, particularly if regarded and perceived as a public figure on the global and international stage.

It goes without saying that ACCOUNTABILITY is ‘the’ pre-requisite for establishing anything reputable in the eyes and in the discerning mindsets of others. Perception is reality. Word coupled with ones commitment to perpetual massive action-taking IS the proof in the pudding for any track-able footprint of earned and garnered success and change-making. It is the factual and un-disputable results of the fruits of ones’ own labor, which stands in judgement and differentiates ones harshest critics from their staunchest of supporters.

So in knowing how crucially vital this truth is to be, particularly as someone who is regularly in the public eye, how do I, Lisa McDonald, hold myself truly accountable?

Well, for starters, I not only privately write down my intended goals, objectives, and targets on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual basis (as this list is forever changing and previously identified goals once accomplished then become replaced with continuous new ones) I also take my goals to social media. I publicly announce and regularly declare on social media, what it is I am currently committed to achieving for myself. I put myself completely out there in the land of being and going viral what in fact, my short and long term goals are. In doing so, I demonstrate my absolute core-belief and my fundamental conviction of self to others, of my consistency and transparency as someone who is choosing to LIVE FEARLESSLY in the pursuit of not only reaching my own identified goals but also to demonstrate to others by choosing to walk my talk – that once prescribed goals do in fact come to fruition, that more importantly, anything is possible and not just for me, Lisa McDonald, but also for those who are equally and fiercely committed to honouring themselves in the journey of purposeful intention/goal setting, manifesting, visualizing, and massive action-taking.

If I say I am going to write a book, I do and I not only write one, I write multiple books and then capture that on social media with uploaded pictures of my hosted book signings at various big chained, independent book stores, direct person-to-person sales and anywhere else I have managed to get my message out. For those who have graciously and generously purchased my books, and with provided consent (9 times out of 10 people are obliging to do so) I take a picture of them and their children, their community-based organization, and so forth, of them holding copies of my books and publicly thank each and every one of them for kindly supporting me in helping me to further spread my message.

I also, upload my monthly podcast subscriber stats sheet to social media to reflect the exponentially growing number of loyal listeners and podcast subscribers to my weekly global reaching radio/podcast broadcast since I initially started hosting my own radio show and podcast only two and a half years ago. Every time I go LIVE on radio and as I am approaching the bottom of my slated hour, I thank my listeners profusely for being one of X amount of Living Fearlessly Podcast Subscribers. That number cited, increases every day, every show, and every month. In 2.5 years, I went from zero to my now approaching 300K podcast subscribers. I am transparent with every level and aspect of my own growth and development, hoping that by choosing to do so – it helps inspire someone else to rise from the ashes in their own lives, and the feedback and testimonials I have gratefully received, indicates to me, that my message is in fact resonating with others. Nothing other than my own children; could make me happier!

As an ‘unknown novice’ only some short time ago, I publicly declared I was going to seek out those on my radio/podcast broadcast those whom were inspiring and influential to me within my own journey. Some of those names consisted of Deepak Chopra, Leeza Gibbons, David Suzuki, Jay Shetty, Kyle Cease, Serena Dyer (the late, Dr. Wayne Dyer’s daughter), Dave Pelzer and so many more stellar and bright-light human beings. I graciously was granted an interview by each and every one of them. Again, demonstrating to the general public, that with fierce commitment and goal-setting, coupled with massive action-taking, anything is then possible and not just for me, solely.

Not everything I aspire to do or to achieve, results in an automatic yes, or a bullseye, a tangible product, or an overnight guarantee – far from it, however, my mindset is non-negotiably equipped and wired to persevere, to never quit, to not throw in the towel, or to allow myself to see myself, treat myself as less than or as non-deserving or unworthy. A true warrior in life with the right attitude, aptitude, hunger, focus, clarity and determination will always choose to stay the course no matter what. THIS IS LIVING FEARLESSLY!
Love and Gratitude ~
Lisa McDonald

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