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Laura Cole on Using Solution-Focused Conversations to Build Your Future!

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I wish to once again thank you for your ongoing enthusiasm and keen interest of my weekly Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald Feature Articles on Thrive Global! It is my immense honour and privilege to continually spread the wealth of the inner beauty and brilliance of my weekly showcased global radio/podcast guests with you here on Arianna’s amazing platform, too!

Each of my guests over the past four years, whom I have had the pleasure to personally interview, all share one core ingredient in common. They are all contributors to humanity within the individual means available to them, in which to consistently pay-it-forward and to be-of-service for the overall well-being of the collective. Giving back is always synonymous with their purpose, business model, and their value system. This would also speak to why they are very successful in their particular industries, and why they are also internationally respected by their peers, colleagues, fans, and followers…humble beginnings is never lost on them. Wholehearted gratitude is the precursor for all of the blessings in their life. 

Laura Cole is no exception to this! Not only was I fortunate enough to land Laura as a Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald global radio/podcast guest, I have actually had the privilege of meeting her in-person, and on two separate occasions. You can listen to the full interview here:

As an Alumni Member, as a previous peer/student mentor, and as a Convocation Speaker of Mohawk College in Ontario, Canada – the same academic institution of where Laura is a Business Professor…we…as fate would have it…inevitably crossed paths with one another. I had once again been graciously approached by the College to be a panelist speaker to the soon-to-be graduating students. I had kindly been encouraged by the Faculty to bring copies of my children’s books. I had arrived early so as to set myself up, and while getting organized and prepared – Laura Cole very enthusiastically introduced herself to me. This was the beginning of a wonderful synergistic connection!

Laura’s handshake was firm and confident. Her smile was spectacularly, huge. As friendly and approachable as many people I know are, not everyone’s eyes sparkle. Laura’s eyes do in fact sparkle. Although petite in stature, she is a POWERHOUSE of a woman with a huge and commanding presence. Laura’s infectious energy, and genuinely lit-up personality, reverberated throughout the sizable room we were all congregated in. Everyone appeared to know her, and if they didn’t, they certainly made a concerted effort to seek her out so as to establish contact and  introduce themselves. 
I have always been an extremely observant person. I am very cognizant where other people are concerned. I pay very close attention to my fellow human beings and am astutely plugged in to those who naturally and organically are the attractor-factor…those who people are drawn to and who are compelled toward making the acquaintance of. Essentially, who it is that truly stands out in a sea of people. Laura Cole is that person!

Laura was immediately engaging with me. Instantly, she reached for all four of my children’s books; attentively leafed through them one by one…offered me some lovely kind words and feedback, and then asked, “How much?” “How much are your books?” This woman purchased multiple copies of my books, while proceeding to rhyme off the individual names for who she wanted me to personally inscribe each of them to. This woman was beyond incredible right from the get-go! 

After I gave my talk, Laura took me back to her office where we continued speaking for quite some time. We exchanged business cards, inputted each others contact information into our phones, and then she very kindly drove me to my vehicle on the other side of the College parking lot, with the promise to remain in touch…and she did. No lip service with this woman!

Laura and I made ongoing attempts to meet up for another face to face until such time it finally aligned and came to fruition.We picked up where we had last left off without missing a beat. It was once again, another amazing conversation! You can really tell who is genuinely impassioned by their work and business, when you ask them to share more about it with you. Laura intuitively took note of my interest; wasting no time in delivering the goods. This woman, Laura Cole, becomes exuberant, magnanimous, and all fired-up when delving deep into the yumminess of her exponentially growing business. She has a very unique perspective and approach to how she has cultivated her successful business model and referral-based, client roster-load. Laura is a remarkably impressive business woman. As I was listening to her speak, I knew my loyal listeners, podcast subscribers, and the network owners would absolutely love, Laura! I always follow my instincts. My instinct was to get Laura Cole on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald…as soon as possible!

My instincts proved right! Laura was a natural on radio. She brought her A-Game, and in spades! The same energies she organically emanates in person were no different than the energies that emitted over the airwaves. I love it and very much appreciate it as a radio show host/podcaster, when the guests I interview, go no-holds-barred on me. No different in day-to-day real life as on global radio, Laura is a top-producer and executor. She knows how to deliver the goods. She is tapped in to her intended audience. She is the consummate radio guest and real life professional. There is no coincidence to why her business is going vertical. Laura truly has that X-Factor!

I personally and professionally wish to thank-you, Laura, for the beacon of light you are to me in my life, and to everyone else whose path has become interwoven with yours. You are undeniably and unequivocally (beyond) making a huge impact on both the micro and the macro scales of humanity. I am beyond impressed! I am beyond grateful to you for your ongoing, tireless, and very much needed contributions. Keep Shining Our Friend, much Love & Gratitude.

Who Is Laura Cole?

Laura Cole is a Solution-Focused Executive Coach and Mediator, with a focus on fostering employee engagement and creating healthy workplace cultures through individual and group coaching, leadership programs, and experiential learning including the unique opportunity using Equestrian Assisted Learning.
Laura is an International Speaker, and Founder of the International Human Speaking Series, which reveals fundamentals of human nature that leaves the audience with practical and inspiring engagement and collaboration strategies.
Laura is the Founder of ‘Your Latitude,’ and a Business Professor at one of the leading Colleges in Ontario, Canada.

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More!

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
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