Inspired By Desire

The Truth of You

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"INspiration is an INternal affair between your desires and your passion for their manifestation."  Jan Edwards

INspiration cannot flow within you if you are clutching, holding, suppressing, pushing, controlling, or tightening.

Inspiration is only powered to flow freely from a place where you allow yourself…

to feel better,

to let go of fear, concern, anxiety, doubt, guilt or shame,

to desire, want, dream, imagine,

to know your desires intimately,

to focus on them, imagine them, envision them,

to let your desires become clearer and clearer,

to feel the excitement of experiencing them, and your emotional connection to them,

to believe that you can, and will, have what you desire,

to trust that the excitement and passion for your desires is really your inner GPS,

Divine Guidance – Source – Spirit – Universal Power – Life Force Energy

flowing in you,

letting you know that you are on the right path.

Once you begin to allow yourself to do this,

and every time you do this,

INspiration will turn on INside of you,

Lighting you up,

Igniting your imagination,

Energizing you, Motivating you,

Bringing hunches, ideas, words, resources, ways, open doors, and connections to you,

Directing you, not only to the physical manifestation of your desires,

but also to the manifestation of other experiences that feel really good,

and to the birth of more desires.

Do not squelch, put aside, suppress, or delay your desires.

Despite what you have been lead to believe,

Desires are not born out of greed.

Nor are they a symptom of ill-intensioned selfishness.

Having what you desire will not take away from others having what they desire.

Nor will having what you desire require from you anything you are not able to give.

Your emotional connection to your desires is the key to your being INspired,

the birth of all that you see and experience,

the result of all that you have been INspired to create,

the seed of all that you will see, experience, and become.

Desire is the foundation of your human evolution,

the fuel you are born with,

that ignites your ability to create, to love, to know joy, to experience vitality,

to INspire you to dream of what comes next,

to become what you will become.



Be Inspired. 





The never ending cycle.

To fight or deny this truth is to create your own stress, struggle and suffering.

To fan Your Desires is to allow Inspiration.

This is how you create.

This is who you are.

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