Insights in INFJ Personality Type and Relationships

How Do INFJs Look at Dating and Falling In Love?

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According to the classification created by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers, INFJ is one of the sixteen personality types. The acronym INFJ stands for Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling, and Judging, which are the keywords describing the INFJ personality type.

INFJs restore their energy by spending time alone (Introverted), focus on abstract ideas and concepts (iNtuitive), take actions based on feelings and values (Feeling), and prefer to be well organized rather than spontaneous (Judging).

INFJs are quite idealistic and guided mostly by a set of personal values. Although they can get easily discouraged by the harsh realities, they are usually persistent in taking positive actions nonetheless.

INFJs seek a meaningful life and feel an intrinsic drive to make the world a better place. People of this type appreciate emotional intimacy and need deep connections with others. Sometimes, their rich inner life can make them seem mysterious and reserved for others.

The best careers for this personality type involve the following: a counselor, psychologist, teacher, scientist, musician, photographer, writer, and human resources specialist.

One of the most common INFJ personality disorders is depression because reality often turns out to be frustrating for them.

Some of the famous INFJ stars are Nicole Kidman, Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey, Mel Gibson, and Mischa Barton.

How Do INFJs Look at Dating and Falling In Love?

All people experience falling in love in their own unique ways. When it comes to INFJs, they have high standards for relationships, so it may be difficult for them to find their love. Individuals with this personality type fall in love hard, but not fast.

They need to take time before opening up to someone. Falling in love is a slow process for INFJs because they want to be confident that this is for real. As it’s not easy for them to jump into things, they don’t usually fall in love at first sight.

Even though the part of their personality might feel something towards someone quite quickly because of their developed intuition, INFJs don’t allow themselves to dive into their feelings. Therefore, they hope for a partner who is patient with such a long process.

When INFJs can trust someone enough to let them into their hearts, it means very much to them. They feel things so deeply that falling in love becomes a very serious and intense experience.

INFJs try to put everything they have into the person they fall for and invest really a lot into someone they love. INFJs immerse themselves into romantic feelings and do their best to make their partner happy.

As people with this personality type are often idealists, it may be hard for them to deal with their love expectations. Typically, INFJs put people they love up on pedestals and view them as perfect, which naturally may lead to disappointments later on.

INFJs Best Match For a Romantic Relationship 

As INFJs seek deep emotional bonding with their romantic partner, they are more likely to match with another intuitive type rather than a sensor. People with INFJ personality type are best paired with those who are P-types and N-types.

Also, E-types may be a good fit for the introverted INFJ if both of them are able to compromise. T-types may be welcome as well if partners have good communication. 

David Keirsey assumed that ENFPs are the most ideal match for INFJs. INFJs and ENFPs are both intuitive-dominant types that may experience real chemistry in their relationship.

ENFPs generate a lot of ideas and bring options that can make relationships exciting, while INFJs narrow those ideas down and bring deep insights to them. Such collaboration will help them to choose the best alternatives to focus on.

They help each other to grow in powerful ways because ENFPs can broaden the INFJs outlook, while INFJs can help ENFPs to dig deeper in concepts. 

As INFJs and ENTPs have the same decision-making functions, such as Introverted Thinking and Extraverted Feeling, they both value logic and transparent communication.

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