In times of healthy food, fast food sounds like trash in the eyes of many.

Just because food is prepared quickly and served by the hand does not necessarily mean it's inferior. Fast food is not just junk food.

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Fast food is a revolutionary idea. The basic idea is simple. Let’s take a look at two of the oldest and most common fast food foods: burgers and kebabs . Bread, meat and salad side dishes – that sounds like a balanced diet. Now you are in a hurry and want to eat the whole thing on the way. So the preparation takes only a few minutes and the whole thing is presented in hand and mouth-friendly portions. That does not have to be synonymous with poor quality. No, there is indeed healthy fast food .

Who actually invented fast food?

Fast foods, are commonly foods that are made for fast consumption. The customer has little time, and order, preparation and receipt of food should therefore be done as soon as possible. Fast food is not usually offered in regular food outlets, but in fast food outlets and street vendors. Suppliers are individual self-employed, larger (family) companies and multinational economic groups.

When the defeated Napoleonic army returned to France after a fruitful Russian campaign in 1812 on a long and arduous journey, the soldiers described the restaurants they visited on the way, in which they had to eat fast in order not to lose touch with the troops.

But fast food is as old as humanity. Already in antiquity there were precursors of takeaways. For the ancient Romans, small shops offered warm meals in the larger cities. For many Romans living in simple rental apartments without their own kitchen, this was often the only way to get a hot meal. Unfortunately, there is no record of the quality of Roman fast food, but it was probably healthy fast food.

Fast food as we know it today came to us from the USA. And mainly in the form of the hamburger. McDonalds (fill out Mcdonalds application online) was founded in 1940, and since the 1960s, the restaurants appear in our concentrated form with us. Today, there are burger shops and chains like sand on the sea.

Why does fast food have such a bad reputation?

For one, many things are simply suspect in itself. As the name implies, fast food is quickly consumed, and thus it is completely contrary to the common beliefs that should actually be eaten in peace and slowly to create positive side effects. The danger of not chewing properly and eating too much is very high in fast food, and this has a negative effect on the utilization of the food and thus the digestion.

In addition, many fast food dishes are extremely greasy, salty or sweet to be as flavorful as possible and thus attractive to the customers. There are extremely many deep-fried foods, because they can be warmed up better or kept warm. Of course, most fast food dishes are not necessarily fresh, and more culinary unbalanced than classic dishes. And the unbalanced diet is not necessarily healthy, is not news. So you better do without fast food, or is there something like healthy fast food?

Fancy eating healthy fast food?

Meaty hamburgers and kebabs, greasy fries and sausages, pizzas and sandwiches without enough green stuff enjoy a dubious reputation. Sinning from time to time is certainly not bad. You just cannot overdo it. But it is also completely different. Anyone who, for whatever reason, often craves for a quick meal, does not need to give it up. There are so many ways to get fresh and healthy ingredients to conjure up the desire quick meal on the table. Here are a few tips for healthy fast food variants:

How about a fish sandwich, for example? The good old Bismarck herring in bread with onions and salad is a fresh and delicious alternative. Herring is super healthy, its saturated fatty acids refresh the vitamin D content. Definitely a healthy fast food dish.

If you are more into meat, you should definitely try a chicken meat wrap. In the wrap is already vegetables from the house, the chicken is low in fat and contains valuable protein. Of course you should avoid mayonnaise and the like.

And even a “real” hamburger does not necessarily have to be unhealthy. Homemade is the keyword. Fresh ingredients, maybe even from their own garden, definitely add value to the burger. Good, lean meat from the butcher of trust and the absence of fatty sauces, make the Hamburger a balanced meal.

Fries are not only the best food in the world for many children. Also, it does not have to be waived. Instead of greasy French fries from the fryer as a side dish for burgers or single dish you just take fresh potatoes, cut them into slices and bake them in the oven nice and crispy.

Doner is one of the most popular dishes ever when it comes to fast food. But is he also a healthy fast food? He can definitely be, and pretty easy. Instead of greasy mutton, many kebab grills now offer lean poultry. Vegetables are already available, and if then the hearty cocktail and herb sauces for a light yogurt sauce is replaced, we have a healthy fast food.

Asian food is in itself already light food. A great tip as healthy fast food are spring rolls, because they are very handy. If spring rolls are prepared in the oven instead of in the fatty fryer, this is a great low-fat snack, which convinces with a lot of vegetables.

Finally, the royal dish in the category of healthy fast food: Sushi! The fresh fish, whether salmon or tuna, contains important nutrients, such as polyunsaturated fatty acids, egg whites and iodine. The algae covers are perfect protein donors and the rice is filling. Sushi is low in fat, nutritious and cooked super fast. This puts Japanese food at the top of all healthy fast food dishes.

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