Improving How We Perceive and Manage Grief

Heike Mertins is Giving Hope to Those Who Grieve

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Improving How We Perceive and Manage Grief with Heike Mertins #LivingFearlessly

It is such a treat for me to craft these Feature Articles of my weekly, Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald, global radio/podcast guests! The imparted wisdom, the vulnerable backstories, the witty banter, the on-point humour, and all delivered in co-creative synergistic energies is beyond invigorating for ones soul! As a student of life, I am forever on a steep learning curve, which is richly enhanced due to the individual brilliance and inner radiance of each and every single guest, for which I continue to have the gift and the honour of interviewing! 

 I once again wish to express my wholehearted gratitude to not only my guests, the loyal listeners and the podcast subscribers, but also to Arianna and her team at Thrive Global, who kindly provide me with this additional opportunity and amazing platform, in which to further share and showcase my stellar guests…stellar guests being synonymous with remarkable human beings! Words alone are insufficient to adequately convey the depth to which my appreciation extends. Thank you one and all!

Because of the amazing generosity of one of my mentoring clients, Joy Ross, (also featured on radio and Thrive Global)…I was afforded the privilege of being introduced to Heike Mertins, who was also embraced with open arms to Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald! Thank you, Joy, and thank you, Heike!

Sharing and spreading the word of other people’s uplifting and courageous messages, is in my humble experience, one of the greatest contributions for paying it forward and being of service. I believe this to be one of the most impactful and useful methods for raising the collective consciousness. Providing a platform and a vehicle in order for others to deliver their plight, their mission, and their purpose is vitally imperative to shifting massive change to people’s current ways of thinking and actioning.

Heike Mertins is certainly one of these universal messengers, who is truly transforming the lives of those thwarted into the multi-faceted and multi-layered journey of healing…healing the heart and regenerating the soul from grief and loss. None of us are immune nor are we spared from eventually losing someone we love. There is no step-by-step manual, or quick-fix approach, or one solution fits all strategy for how to navigate and maneuver the journey, as grief and loss is such a uniquely individualized, intricate, and delicate process. 

Rather than choosing or allowing emotional pain and anguish to swallow her whole, Heike came to realize that she was not alone…not the only person to experience the ups and downs or the highs and lows of having to birth a new normal for herself based on life-altering circumstances. Life’s curve ball(s) became the catalyst for Heike’s reinvention process. Heike emotionally ascended and began to travel the path of turning pain into purpose. By choosing to do so, she has not only transformed her own grief and profound loss into something meaningful, she has also been instrumental in elevating others to want to do the same. 

Candid and raw, while standing strong in her own vulnerabilty – a strength – not a weakness…Heike continued to empower herself, amidst the emotional murkiness, and the turbulent roller-coaster ride. Heike has worked tirelessly in her pursuit of demystifying the taboos often times associated with subject matters related to death and dying. Heike continues to implement innovative methods and strategies for raising increased levels of awareness on topics, which can often cause others to feel awkward and uncomfortable. 

Heike’s message has uplifted and transformed people and peoples lives, and in such a profoundly pivotal way, whereby they have felt seen, heard, understood, validated and genuinely supported throughout their darkest of times. It takes an extraordinary person to resonate, connect, and impact those who are at their lowest point, and who feel their most fragile. It takes a courageously brave person to willingly step into the discomfort of witnessing someone else’s pain and heartache. It takes an empath, a light-bearer, someone who has firsthand experience of being in the thick of it themselves, to delicately know how to help navigate another person out of the abyss. This world is a brighter place to be because of Heike Mertins! Heike is not merely surviving…Heike is THRIVING!

As you will come to learn in the listening of my interview with Heike – Thursday’s in general, can still be an emotionally difficult day for Heike. The fact that my Feature Articles of each week are uploaded to Thrive Global on Thursday’s, and especially for this one in particular, is reason I am hoping for a smile to emerge upon Heike’s face. It is my intention that upon reading this, Heike will come to recognize, just how truly invaluable her work is to so many of us, and how immensely appreciated she is within our global community!

Thank you, Heike, for being exactly who you are, and for doing all that you continue to do. Knowing that we could heartily laugh with one another while on the airwaves regardless of the subjects heaviness, was a treat and a gift that was not lost on me. You are a beautiful soul and a breath of fresh air to many – myself included. I appreciate you our friend! Keep Shining!

On behalf of both Heike and myself, we thank all of you for kindly taking the time out of your busy lives and schedules to not only read this Feature Article, or to listen to our interview together via the enclosed podcast link, but for any other additional effort you may wish to extend in further connecting with either or both of us. I would highly encourage people to reach out to Heike. Your future self might very well thank you for doing so!

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More!

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
#Grateful #ThriveThursday #ThriveGlobal #LivingFearlessly  

Who Is Heike Mertins?!

Heike Mertins is an author, blogger and speaker on the specific topics of grief, grieving and recovery.

Heike is the author of “Grief is…Thoughts on Loss, Struggle and New Beginnings” (2017) which chronicles her own journey through the bizarre, frustrating and at times, humorous world of incomprehensible loss. Following the death of her brother and husband, Heike began to document the process of loss, emotion and healing that accompanies a momentous life change.

The Kirkus Review noted her work as compelling due to her adamant refusal to file the rough edges of her emotions in order to make readers more comfortable. In closing, the reviewer wrote that the book, “Will surely provide some comfort to those facing a similar loss.”

Heike likes to think of her writings as pulling back the curtain of one of the few experiences we still prefer to not think about. A taboo that leaves those who grieve, isolated and those wishing to support them at a loss as to how to do so. A taboo, which is Heike’s personal mission to dismantle. Hers is a message of hope for those who grieve.

Heike’s background in facilitation and teaching accompanied by her own experience of profound loss, make her presentations and writings both thought provoking and inspirational. Her insight into the personal world of grieving and the challenges that accompany it, gives participants a deeper understanding of what it means to grieve. Today, Heike is committed to improving how we perceive and manage grief. Doing so has become her heart work!
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