The significance of spirituality in the success of entrepreneurs has been a thing of concern since the death of Steve Jobs, and today, the importance of spiritual activities like Zen Buddhist meditation to the mental development of entrepreneurs cannot be overemphasized. In the era of Steve Jobs, there was not a fact hidden that he […]

The significance of spirituality in the success of entrepreneurs has been a thing of concern since the death of Steve Jobs, and today, the importance of spiritual activities like Zen Buddhist meditation to the mental development of entrepreneurs cannot be overemphasized. In the era of Steve Jobs, there was not a fact hidden that he traveled to India to perfect his spiritual practice of Zen Buddhist meditation which was believed to have significantly enhanced the functioning of his mind. He also advised Mark Zuckerberg to live in India to take part in this practice but as we all know from facts, Steve was quite a fetish person relatively, but his spiritual inclination earned a great deal of respect and ground-shaking achievements. 

As much as the success of your business as an entrepreneur depends on your level of intelligence, it depends greatly –also –on your level of spiritual strength. Thus, you have to be spiritually inclined and mindful of your business to excel above the expectation of people and yourself. Spirituality helps entrepreneurs in so many ways although many of them tend to stay away from it because of their belief that spirituality and entrepreneurship are two mutually exclusive pair.  An endless list of the benefits of spirituality ensues and below is few:

Good Leadership

Being spiritual, as an entrepreneur helps to promote great leadership; every entrepreneur is a leader and how you lead determines the level of progress of your business. One of the pillars of spirituality is self-awareness and been a good leader demands you to be fully aware of yourself. In this means, creating a solemn connection with your spiritual self will help promote your level of self-awareness and in turn build excellent leadership spirit. Spirituality has a lot to do with humility also; as such when we clear our minds of all the boundaries and take full cognizance of the fact that we are mere as knowledgeable as we think. With this, we are open to endless learning opportunities.

Allows You to Take Charge of Your Life

Spirituality helps you take charge of your life by giving you the chance to control your life, your emotions, and your mind. Great men have believed that: “to be successful in the business endeavors you have to learn to control your emotions.” As entrepreneurs, we should always be aware of the things that are happening around us, and we should observe them from a neutral level without expressing any form of bias; this can only be done if we are in complete control of our emotions. There is no better way to take full control of your mind and emotions than dwelling in the same realm as them.

Builds Love

The second pillar of spirituality is love, and this is what makes us humans. Being spiritual makes us realize that it is not about being successful but adding value to the lives of the people around us; this is the foundation of every thriving business today. Great businesses strive to add value to live, and it is a common rule of thumb that the higher values you create, the better your business will be. To correctly understand the values of the human species there is a need to connect with the part of humans that is not obvious to the eyes –spirituality. Our need to express our love for humanity drives us to create things that will make our world a better place for everyone living in it. Giving an instance, the love of dogs will certainly drive an entrepreneur to find a way to make the lives of dogs and other pets better bringing about the birth of a new business. We all need love as entrepreneurs to do what we do best in the best way possible. 


The third pillar of spirituality is unity; the relevance of this pillar obviously cannot be overemphasized. Connecting with your inner self helps you unite different parts of you to work together as one big entity to achieve great results. Entrepreneurs, as leaders, ought to have every need to understand and acknowledge the importance of oneness in his business. It takes a proper understanding of oneness for a leader to carry his team in one piece and failure to understand this will birth a team with each member working as a separate entity; this is the cause of poor performance and the likely cause of many startups closing down today.


Learning is a continuous process, and spirituality opens us to this never-ending process of self-improvement by helping us keep a clear mind to achieve things without being labeled by our achievements or been so attached to our accomplishments. It enhances our level of selflessness in such a way that we do things willingly without expecting rewards from people, but gloriously, there are rewards for every deed –good or bad. Of course, every commodity has a price tag; as entrepreneurs, our greatest rewards come from acting selflessly with good motives and a continuous quest to make life better for the people around us.

Harness More Brain Power

Being an entrepreneur requires you to harness a lot of your brain power; in fact, more than you possibly can. It is known that Steve Jobs was an icon in the tech world known for his great innovative mindset; today many entrepreneurs worship his achievements, and for him to have done all these, it required a whole lot of his brainpower –much more than the average entrepreneur could ever harness. Steve was a pioneer of an esoteric mind technology that needed the use of Zen Buddhist meditation as earlier stated to enhance the performance of his brain by reducing stress, gain more clarity and improve his creativity. This is a step that every entrepreneur should take to keep them innovative and mindful of their businesses.

Saying that spirituality and entrepreneurship never meet is like saying the mouth, and the nostril has no relationship. Spirituality is, and entrepreneurs are advised to embrace spiritual practices to make their lives and businesses better.

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