Ideas Are The Currency Of Life

3 Tips You Need To Cultivate Better Ideas

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Shaunda Necole Thrive Community Contributing Writer: Ideas are the currency of life- California dreaming and Thrive Global well being!

It’s spring time and new ideas are in full bloom! I want to share with you this message that a wise man once sent to me. I keep it on rotation to share again and again because I believe that experiences are meant for growth, and ideas are the visible actions from those experiences. Both too valuable to be squandered.

“Ideas are the currency of life. Not money. Money gets depleted until you go broke. But good ideas will buy you good experiences which buy you better ideas and better experiences. Financial wealth is a side affect of using your idea muscle.”

Seeds of Good Ideas

I love this message! I did a little Google research, and I think the original source of this quote is author and entrepreneur, James Altucher. He has a blog of the same name HERE. I suggest checking him out for more-better ideas!

Right now, I’m watering the seeds of my new ideas. Brilliance that I have planted! Cultivating these seeds today because they are the good ideas that will be the nutrition and the muscle that take me to that next level. Someday in the future, I’ll look back and give my ‘today self’ credit  for flexing my idea muscle and harvesting the seeds that bloomed better ideas and better experiences. Just like the butterflies in these pictures. They did the work yesterday as caterpillars, who constructed the cocoons that harvested the butterflies that we see today.

It is true that experience is priceless because it cannot be taken away. Better ideas keep the experiences coming, and you become a treasure chest so worthy that a price cannot be bestowed!

A wise man also echoed this one to me today: “Valedictorians aren’t the world’s highest achievers, since they learn to succeed within a set of boundaries that don’t exist outside of an educational environment.” (P.S. This ‘wise man’ is The Mister!)

Let’s all be butterflies without boundaries! Let’s mature into better ideas and better experiences. Don’t let your currency of life fly away without you!

3 Tips for Cultivating Better Ideas

  1. Dedicate a space for collecting your thoughts. I’m still old school and use a daily planner with writing space to collect my good ideas. I always choose a planner that’s colorful for good cheer, has wide lines for lots of writing and plenty of space for notes and daily planning.
  2. Write it down so that you don’t forget. I was recently at a conference and one of the panelist mentioned how her best ideas come to her in the mornings while she’s in the shower. She suggested using a waterproof note pad to never miss capturing a god idea when you’re not at your desk; because that would be like throwing away money! I often text myself or use my iNotes if I’m not near my planner. I then transfer my ideas into my dedicated planner later.
  3. Execute! Probably the hardest of the three. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! Break it down to one action a week, a day or a month. The point is to take action! Remember, every expert started as a novice, and your future self will thank you years later for all the work that you put in today.

My style with whimsy tip:

I paired a sweatshirt and a classic pair of  sneakers. The X factor in this style is the pleated velvet skirt! Such a fun way to ‘jooj’ up a look that if worn with pants, would have been classic casual.

Like this look? I got you! I share the sources to everything I wear on my blog HERE.

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