“I lost the SPARK I had as a little girl due to Motherhood”, now what?

No matter what age a woman becomes a mother, she often gives up pieces of herself without even realizing it & this needs to change..

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How true does this statement sound to you?

Over the past several years of talking with moms of all ages, I cannot even count how many of them I have come in contact with that have expressed to me that they truly desire to re-discover that “internal SPARK”, their inner feminine essence and joy they once had as little girls but somehow lost within motherhood.

I know this feeling all too well because I was also that mom, and not too long ago.

I got married & had both my kids before the age of 25 and I was literally just coming into my own journey of being an adult woman when I fell in love and decided to start a family.

When I really think about it, I didn’t get the chance to fully explore who I was as a woman… the needs, desires, dreams and goals I would have, before I took on the roles of wife and mom. I completely had to switch my focus into being a nurturer of others first & foremost. This lead to neglecting myself in the process. For so many moms around the world, they too are struggling with this same issue, regardless of age.

But the thing is… no matter what age a woman becomes a mother, she often gives up pieces of herself without even realizing it.

She tends to give up

  • Her self-expression
  • Her deepest desires and ambitious goals
  • Her feminine essence and sensuality as a woman
  • Her powerful sexuality and magnetic attraction (aka FLIRTATION)

You see, she BELIEVES that she has to “retire” those things. That there is “NO ROOM” for them within her life any more. She also believes that she has to bury her desires and wants deep within her, and replace them with the needs of her family… you know, to be that “SUPER MOM”.

Yet.. when a woman does this…. She loses the most important part of herself.


And guess who becomes affected by this loss, besides herself? You guessed it…her family.

They end up getting the left-over “pieces of her”. They get only HALF of the woman she really is and desires to be. She is less expressive of her thoughts, needs and desires. She becomes scared of indulging in the things she dreamed of as a little girl, because of the fear that she will feel regret not following through with those dreams earlier on and feel resentment that she “can’t” do them now.

However, I am here to prove this way of thinking and living as a woman & mom is wrong.

I desire to RE-INTRODUCE modern moms around the world to the powerful, Radiant, & MAGNETIC woman she truly is within herself and always have been. Here are a few quick tips to start this process of RE-DISCOVERY:

– Find time to explore your body again… inside and out

-Meditate first thing in the mornings, it always helps to clear space for your own thoughts to flow through

– Once a DAY (not week, but DAILY), do something that brings you PLEASURE. Reading a fiction book, going for a walk, soaking in the bath after the kids go to sleep, SOMETHING FOR YOU

– Allow yourself to dream… buy a new journal and write in it all your secret dreams & desires… then, re-read them often

Your spark hasn’t been lost forever because of Motherhood. It simply just needs to be re-discovered, STRENGTHENED & allowed the space to show up again… and we can do that through allowing more PLEASURE, DESIRE-SEEKING & FEMININE RADIANCE as women & moms into our lives.

To learn more, visit www.queensuccessbyrochelle.com and apply for a FREE 75-min Coaching experience with her HERE.

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