“I’d love to start a movement to help people to live each day literally as if it was their last” With Nicole Myden

I’ve always realized how short life is, but of course when you lose a parent, the person who brought you into this world, it makes the…

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I’ve always realized how short life is, but of course when you lose a parent, the person who brought you into this world, it makes the concept of working backwards from death a top priority. I want everyone to stop taking everything so personally and so seriously — to have more fun, more joy, more experiences in their life that make their heart sing. I want people to live each day literally as if it was their last. Prioritize the important things, release the nonsense with grace and love on yourself as much as possible. Define what success looks like for your spirit and your soul and don’t let anyone take you off your intended path.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Nicole Myden, Founder of The PR Concierge, LLC. Nicole is an 18-year respected PR industry veteran from Los Angeles who relocated about two years ago to beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona where she launched The PR Concierge in 2018 specifically to bring light to the missions of intentional, integrity-based purpose-driven entrepreneurs and creators, on their journeys to make the world a better place. Prior to launching The PR Concierge, Nicole had the pleasure of navigating the wilds of the Los Angeles public relations scene, where she worked through an array of client campaigns over her career in the categories of TV, film, lifestyle, food, beauty, fitness, health/wellness, entrepreneurship and technology via several of the top industry agencies in the business. In her early 20s, Nicole also launched her first public relations consulting agency, Nicole Myden Public Relations where she became known for providing a service niche, doing PR in Los Angeles for local businesses only at the time in food, health, beauty and more in a pre-Instagram world.

Thank you so much for your time. I know that you are a very busy person. Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?

Thank you so much for talking with me. What an honor, truly! I went to college at the University of Arizona and when I was in school, I had no clue what public relations even was. No one I knew was a publicist, I had never heard of publicity and certainly had no idea what a PR person was responsible for or how they earned a living. It wasn’t an option to study in school at the time and it just wasn’t a career that was talked about at the time in the way it is now. I was in school interning at local broadcast stations and writing for the school paper, so I was on a trajectory to work for a magazine or venture into broadcasting — or so I thought. I always loved story-telling and have always been fascinated by people’s stories and what moment in time provides to be the catalyst for leading them to do what they love on a daily basis.

As always, the Universe has different plans for us — and one of our biggest lessons is always to trust those plans and follow the signs. One day before I was going into class, I was sitting outside doing a crossword puzzle in our school paper and saw an advertisement through KODAK film for film students to apply for an internship to go to the Cannes Film Festival. Having grown up in LA and around the excitement of the entertainment industry, my eyes lit up thinking about how insanely epic that would be to attend the Cannes Film Festival before even graduating from college — and of course, what it could it possibly lead to. Well, I wasn’t a film student and had no film background whatsoever. So, in true Nicole fashion — I took a leap and applied for it anyways. Figured as always, I had nothing to lose and I certainly didn’t. I basically pitched myself on what I do love and who I was as a person and I sent it in and tossed it to G-d. Weeks later I received a letter in the mail that I had been accepted to attend and my job during the trip would be to ‘shadow a film publicist.’ I started jumping for joy in my college apartment and then stopped myself and thought, “Wait, what the heck is a film publicist?” I called my parents and was so excited. I had to go on this trip. I knew this was such a sign from the Universe and very much manifested and I needed to take it — go, have this once in a lifetime experience and be at that festival. It not only turned out to provide me with friends I still talk to 20 years later and the experience of a lifetime, it showed me that a publicist wears many hats: media relations expert, event planner, people connector, writer, story-teller, organizational junkie and so much more. This was the job I was meant to do — so long as the job continued to be FUN — so after returning from the festival, the publicist I interned for while on the ground in Cannes made some introductions for me and I landed my first job at coveted celebrity public relations firm, BWR in Beverly Hills right out of college. The rest as they say, is history (still very much) in the making…

Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you since you began leading your company?

Since starting the business back up last year, with a focus on intention and purpose at the forefront, I got lucky enough by divine timing to call in the incredible introduction of Lori Harder by a mutual friend, Sarah Pendrick, Founder of GirlTalk Network. After aligning with Lori and doing an LA-specific PR project for her around the launch of her book, “A Tribe Called Bliss,” I developed a great friendship with both Lori and her husband Chris. Chris had asked me to come out to Los Angeles to speak at his coveted, For the Love of Money Business Mastermind. I was humbled and honored beyond belief as I’m often the one booking speaking opportunities for my clients. Chris asked me to speak to his attendees about the value of PR to businesses and entrepreneurs, but more specifically, talk through some of the basic fundamentals of media relations people can be doing on their own if they are not ready just yet to call in working with an agency or consultant. I had the most amazing experience that weekend and after some talks with Chris and feedback from the attendees, a lightbulb went off. I work in a 1:1 consultancy capacity with my clients I select to represent. But, I’ve always wanted to find a way to reach more people intentionally and teach them what I’ve been learning for almost 18 years so they can too achieve press for their business on their own. I wanted to remove myself from the often saturated world of ‘coaching’ and online courses — rather, create more experiential and up close and personal experiences that focused on truth, intention, expertise, community, fun, collaboration and RESULTS. Not everyone is ready to hire a PR firm or a consultant and that is more than OK, but so many out there still deserve press in my mind — and I want to help teach people how to get it. Immediately upon returning from LA, I went into intentional, execution mode of creating what is now an extension of my business, #PRposeEvents: Intentional PR Workshops by The PR Concierge. At these workshops, which currently take place in Scottsdale, Arizona, I’m able to connect with men and women business owners on the ground in the Phoenix market who are seeking knowledge around the PR and media landscapes, including understanding more clearly how the two connect and how any business owner is not only deserving of PR — but can achieve it on their own with the proper tools and introductions provided to them by someone who cares enough to see their dreams in this arena of their business come true. I’m about to have my second workshop in November, the first was gratefully received by attendees and speakers and already has provided over five of the 35 attendees secured press placements in the last 6 weeks as a result of media personalities they connected with in person at the event. If you would have told me when I started the business last year, I would be extending it further to produce quarterly events, I would have laughed. It’s been yet another beautiful lesson for me of trusting the signs, listening to the audience and continuing to serve and give back in a way that’s fun and fueling my soul even more.

Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that?

I still laugh when people ask me for my website. I could very well be the ONLY publicist in the industry who does not have a website and I am A-OK with it! There are those who will judge and say this is a “mistake,” after all, “a website is your calling card” for many, right? While I do believe so much in the power of websites done well, I also believe in the principle of providing joyful, results driven work experiences that leave people sharing the experience with others. I believe a person’s reputation withstands the test of time, career changes, re-locating, etc. I believe if you lead a life of integrity and don’t’ lie or cheat through business and life, you maintain great personal and working relationships that can span decades. The right people continue to find you, they just do. I was blessed in my twenties to have my business turn into a referral-based company and the Universe is continuing to show me this same opportunity currently. It does not mean I don’t intentionally create opportunities to allow for the same like-minded people to come into my world — I do, I just don’t force those opportunities and trust the right entrepreneurs and business owners will find me. If you were to ask any past or current client that has worked with me if they cared I had a website, they would probably say NO. They hire me because of the relationships I have with media that provide results they are looking for. They hire because they have a trusted and safe relationship with me. They hire me because they know immediately ‘what they see is what they get’ — no hidden agendas, no nonsense. Intentional, trusted work. They hire me because I believe in under promising and over delivering every time.

What are some of the most interesting or exciting projects you are working on now?

One of my favorite and most enjoyable experiences of my career came earlier this working with Lori Harder on the launch of her book, “A Tribe Called Bliss.” Lori is an incredible human being and has a beautiful story and mission of such unfiltered truth, vulnerability and a beautiful platform on a mission to encourage women to support women in the most honest way. She truly is a leader who is walking the talk which is so incredibly refreshing in an Instagram world filled with so much masking the realities of daily life for so many. My Father passed away several days before I started working with Lori on this project. Again, in my mind, it was divinely timed as it was such a fun and joyful experience to help me heal, keep me focused on work I love and get to introduce deserving Lori to so many incredible new women on the ground in Los Angeles who were so excited to support her and share her platform with their followers and readers.

I’ve also had the pleasure of being reunited with one of my favorite clients, PALETA — Founder by the inspiring Kelly Boyer. Kelly is a warrior of warrior’s, having been diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer in her 20s and was one of the first to introduce farm-to-table meal delivery to celebrities and executives in Los Angeles well over a decade ago before it was a “trend” to do so.

Most recently and ironically, in a twist of fate by producing my first PR Workshop, I’ve aligned to have the opportunity of working with the incredible Shandee Chernow, Founder of CertiStar — who developed a game-changing platform to make eating out at restaurants more enjoyable for men, women and children who suffer from food allergens.

All these clients, projects — plus others I am working on as well — fill my cup so much as I know they are each living a life of purpose, providing solutions to their industries and encouraging the world to think a bit differently in their daily lives. Rather than play victim, they turned something that personally impacted their respective journeys in some way and found a way to leverage it into a business that is creating magnificent ripple effects. It’s remarkable to witness and it’s an honor for me to be chosen as someone they trust to help tell their stories to the masses.

Based on your personal experience, what advice would you give to young people considering a career in PR?

Don’t get into this job because you think it’s glamourous. I fully understand how it can seem glamourous at times on the outside and when I started out, I thought the same. Year in year out, I always read business poles that ranked Public Relations as one of the most stressful career choices. In fact, it’s usually ranked, at the top of those lists with pilots and surgeons. What????? Yup, it’s the truth. Even though it doesn’t cause me ‘stress’ anymore because I’ve found a way to have so much fun with it in my 30s and especially now in my late 30s, it can be and is for so many that do it. It’s a very large responsibility to maintain relationships for twenty plus years, to continue delivering your clients press placements consistently on a continuous basis. The emails, phone calls, text messages, deadlines, preparation, writing, patience, delivery, meetings, events, planning, creating opportunities that don’t exist that need to be created and brought to life, going after new business, servicing the clients that already exist, etc all require a level of organization and discipline that is not for everyone. This job requires hustle and alignment of another kind. It’s a dance to be a publicist. You are shuffling so many moving pieces at one time and are here ultimately, to make your client’s businesses flow in a more seamless way, bringing value-driven buzz and awareness to a brand’s mission and platform. You need to roll up your sleeves, stay humble, dive into the details. I had so many great mentors earlier in my career who showed me the ropes and I was like a sponge, taking in as much information, knowledge and wisdom from anyone around me in the business who was willing to answer my questions and share insider tips with me. I still am. We are learning everyday — it does not stop. I love learning from people and receiving wisdom every moment of every day. What a gift if we stop to pay attention and listen.

I would also tell people that the world and no one owes them anything. I hate to use the word ‘self-made,’ but let’s use the word self-made. Yes, I’ve been grateful for people along the way to make introductions for me. But, no one but me is responsible for making the career and path and life I’ve carved for myself. No one took introductions or opportunities and exploded them into what I call magic. I put the work in, I created opportunity after opportunity and took more leaps than many would because I was fearless to the idea of failing. We are all going to fail and need to eventually define what our own “success” looks and feels like in our own hearts, not someone else’s. Don’t be afraid to start over, to pivot, to carve a new path, to move to a new city, to start a new career, to do it all because your soul is telling you to. The gut is always right, someone recently reminded me your gut reaction is your Angels above actually speaking to you. Thanks Dad!!! Love you and miss you every day.

If I look back though on my life and my career, something I’m most proud of are my relationships. I have incredible integrity-based friends, family and work colleagues and supporters around me because I invest in people. And I’ve had to release the guilt of releasing those who don’t align with my values or integrity. I can love them from afar but don’t need to be uncomfortable making anyone else comfortable that doesn’t align with what I stand for. It’s a tough lesson to learn and doesn’t mean you’re entitled or better than the next person — it means you’re showing yourself value and boundaries to how you will and will not allow people to treat you. I am still blessed to get to work with media personalities and journalists I met almost twenty years ago at the start of our career journeys. I always followed up with people, wrote hand written notes, remembered birthdays, anniversaries (well before Facebook reminders) — and just invested in people that I cared about. These relationships are gold for me. They have shown me, time and time again, without expectation — that if you invest and put your energy into the right people who fill their own cups and therefore fill yours equally, they will out of nowhere, often when least expecting, invest right back in you. Marry your relationships — more than your website, your relationships become your calling card.

You are known as a master networker. Can you share some tips on great networking?

I’ve always said I love to connect the dots for people in life and business. It makes me so happy to make an introduction for someone that leads to a beautiful aligned and synergized business venture or personal relationship being formed. I don’t believe there’s truly an art to it — I believe you just be your genuine, authentic YOU and the network shows up. When out in daily life, at an event or in conversation with a total stranger, ask people how they are doing, if they need anything and find out how you can support them on their journey? Watch how it lights people up in ways you can’t imagine. Everyone deserves a bone thrown their way — just do it. Life is too short and there’s plenty of room for everyone to succeed and have their turn shining in the light. Collaboration over competition I believe is what the cool kids phrase it as nowadays…

Is there a particular book that you read, or podcast you listened to that really helped you in your career? Can you explain?

A book that I love so much that has changed my second go round as a business owner is the incredible book by Jen Sincero, “You’re a Badass at Making Money!” This book is crucial for ANY business owner to add to their personal library. It’s a book that will get you so comfortable in aligning in your financial value which is huge for any business owner to come to terms with. We all love to help people, connect people and serve. But at the end of the day, just like we go to the grocery store and pay for groceries to feed our bodies or pay the trainer at the gym to help us achieve better results for our bodies — or go to the dentist to get our teeth cleaned, a PR person — or any service provider also deserves to get paid for the service they provide and work they do, period. The trick is learning how to ask for what you’re worth and not feel guilty about it. This one took me a while, but once you master it — the mutual respect that shows up in your relationships changes the game in your daily life, how you view your work, your business and yourself. It’s less about the money itself, but more about the boundary you have now set forth into the Universe and in your soul about how much you value yourself. I repeat, it’s less about the money itself, but more about the boundary you have now set forth into the Universe and in your soul about how much you value yourself.

Because of the role you play, you are a person of great influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. 🙂

I’ve always realized how short life is, but of course when you lose a parent, the person who brought you into this world, it makes the concept of working backwards from death a top priority. I want everyone to stop taking everything so personally and so seriously — to have more fun, more joy, more experiences in their life that make their heart sing. I want people to live each day literally as if it was their last. Prioritize the important things, release the nonsense with grace and love on yourself as much as possible. Define what success looks like for your spirit and your soul and don’t let anyone take you off your intended path.

What are your “5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started” and why. (Please share a story or example for each.)

1) Get an amazing accountant. At 25 years old, I took a huge leap to start a PR consulting business. And even though it was such an exciting time for me and I knew how to do the PR part of the work I was provided, I plain and simply did not know how to run a business. This is not something they teach you in school — it’s something I feel you need to go through as an entrepreneur to experience. I did not align with an accountant who had my back and gave me and my business the time and attention it deserved so I ended paying the price knowing what I didn’t know….that I would end up owing more in taxes than I had saved for. Having the right team of people around you via accountant, lawyers, etc is a crucial piece to starting any business. Lesson learned — this time around, I interviewed 4 different accountants, asked for testimonials and really found someone who works well with small business owners.

2) Figure out your “why” and don’t focus on making money as your top priority. If you find a way to serve, to give back and do something — anything at all that brings you joy, the money will eventually show up, if it’s not already.

3) Stay in your own lane. Do you know how many people thought I was crazy picking up and leaving my network and home base of LA at 37 years old to start fresh in Scottsdale because I believed in my heart the Universe had a healthier life in store for me? If I paid attention to what everyone else was, is doing or was everyone else said, or says I should be doing, I certainly would not be where I’m at today. Stay in your own lane.

4) Stay grateful and humble. I have had the opportunity to fetch coffee for celebrities, run errands for executives, make therapy appointments for my bosses, all things that were not on any public relations job description. But, I did it. I took it and made the best of it because I knew it was temporary and I knew there were ample lessons to learn in each of these moments. I’ve also had the opportunity to be on red carpets with clients, attend major award shows, fly on private planes and sit in the presence of some incredibly inspiring people I always dreamt of meeting. I never took any of these moments for granted and still don’t. Every moment is an opportunity to grow, to learn, to expand. Treat every experience with respect as it’s part of your journey and story and trust it’s always leading you to where you’re exactly meant to be.

5) Fact, not a judgement — people will lie and people will cheat their way to seeking approval from others and it has nothing to do with you! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people who I thought were friends or colleagues, lie to my face over and over again and cheat their way to seeking approval from others. Everyone is going through something as we know and if someone is lying to heal from their pain, it’s because they admire you and want you to think highly of them. They want and seek approval so badly. Have empathy and compassion for why they are lying, but don’t feel the need to stay close and support it. The best thing you can do in these situations is tell that person you love them even if they are lying and cheating, but you respect yourself enough not to have them involved in your day to day life. Serena Williams recently put it best, 
 “I don’t cheat to win, I’d rather lose!”

This was really meaningful! Thank you so much for your time.

SO grateful for you and your time and for giving me the opportunity to share this message. Thank you for all the wonderful service you continue to provide to business owners and to the publicists. This is such wonderful work that is truthful in media and I celebrate you. I’m about to launch a PRpose podcast where I get to finally give back to the media and journalists who have supported me along the way. I’d absolutely love to have you as a guest on the show when it launches. Stay tuned….with so much appreciation!

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