I Am Also a We…and it’s not a problem

Learn how to recognise and tame the familiar stranger voices in your head ...

I am also a We … If you are aware of the Sense 8 phenomenon, you must have heard of this mythical line “ I am also a We “ and it is glorious. If you haven’t, let me explain. The show portrays eight strangers from different parts of the world who suddenly become “sensates”; human beings who are mentally and emotionally linked. They are in each other’s head and know at any moment what each of them feels. The 8 of them are called a cluster so they are actually a We.

They are connected by emotions and pain connects them the most strongly and well each of their individual ‘well-being’ affects the cluster as a whole. This show presents the theory of homo Sapiens (us) versus homo Sensorium (the Sensates). Fascinating right?

What if I told you that some of it, is true? What if I told you that it is not as far-fetched as it seems? What If I told you that we are all connected and that you are also part of a cluster? What if I told that that cluster was inside of you and that you already know some members of your cluster…Familiar strangers as I call them.

So my question is this one:

Are you ready to meet your cluster?

If you are, keep reading…

We all have an inner critic: The voice that criticizes us, the voice that replays conversations in our head. Are you familiar with the concept of ego? We all know of this little voice always talking in our head, telling us we are not enough, or to belittle ourselves etc… Some call it the Monkey Mind. Arianna Huffington coined it as the obnoxious roommate living in our head. No voices are as mean as the voices in our own head. Well, they are many more voices than the voice of ego and these inner voices are our cluster. They are us and together form the layers of our personality. Society teaches us to quiet our inner critic, to shut down the bi…  who lives in your head and banish it once and for all.

Here’s the thing: It doesn’t work— As many years of healing and coaching practice have proven it to me. When you try to expel or banish our inner critic, it doesn’t leave. It just gets louder and gets back at us like a kid having a tantrum at the worst possible time, louder than ever.

The solution? Listen to your inner critic. Learn to know it and open a dialogue. Meet this familiar stranger living in your head. By the way, ego is not alone but certainly the loudest.

Watch this video where I talk about a revolutionary mindfulness system I have created called the Car Lite Therapy™ which allows us to discover our inner CLUSTER aka all the voices in our head.

“The Car Lite Therapy™ is called like that because it is a guided meditation happening in a car. It makes it simple and easy to follow up for anyone, even those who have no experience with meditation and visualization. You just have to follow the voice and imagine. Anyone can do it.

This tool will enable you to identify, visualize, truly see and become aware of all the different voices (aspects of your subconscious personality) that you are and are ever-present. Ego/Shadow Self, Self, Higher Self and your inner child. You will meet your Ego and Higher Self and you will be able to see them in their true forms.

Psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung, used the concept of archetype in his theory of the human psyche. He believed that universal, mythic characters—archetypes—reside within the collective unconscious of people all around the world. Archetypes are symbolic images, we unconsciously understand. My many years of healing practice have shown me that he is right and that archetypes evoke deep emotions, often buried within all of us and that’s exactly, what the Car Lite Therapy™ is about. I will add that according to me, all of these archetypes are unruly by design. They are rebellious and are playing a constant game of power inside you. Most people, if not all, have several archetypes at play in their personality construct; however, one archetype tends to dominate the personality in general.

We are all or we have been…heroes, muses, creators, victims, warriors, abusers, innocents, orphans, caregivers, explorers, rebels, jesters, witches, healers, lovers, haters, tricksters, sages, leaders, magicians, priests, fathers, knights, mothers, monsters, crusaders, peacemakers, protectors, cowards, whores and harlots, celibates and widows, idealists, liars, alchemists, bullies, adventurers, criminals, saviors, daughters, sons,…or a mix of them. Each core personality can have a healthy or unhealthy way of expressing itself, into emotions and thoughts that rule our lives.

Thus all these Car Therapy™stories talk to all of us and can heal all of us because each of these archetypes, struggling to emerge from within, belong to the collective unconscious of humanity. That is the cycle and the beauty of life.

Let me share a bit about each of the 4 familiar strangers of your inner cluster.


Ego is The part of you that defines itself as a personality, separates itself from the outside world, and considers itself (read: you) a separate entity from the rest of nature. Perhaps necessary for survival in some evolutionary bygone, in modern times it leads only to (albeit often disguised) misanthropic beliefs, delusion, and fear. Ego is the ever talking voice telling us that it is too risky, that we are better or less than, that we do not deserve or that we are not good enough…The ego will always grab back at what which is known because the reference of ego is lying in the past. Ego is trapped in duality, in past and future, whereas the present moment, literally is not existing to the ego. Ego is constantly drifting between A and B, past and future, the pain of the past and the fear of the future. Fear of encountering that pain from the past and hence projected into the future. This is very important to understand. Ego is not interested in the truth. Ego is interested in what he or she believes to be the truth. The ego has some patterns such as procrastination, forgetfulness, distraction, drama or excessive self-doubt or excessive assurance…They are just all ways to protect itself from venturing outside past and future and the old fear-based operating system of ego.

Find below a non-exhaustive list of different archetypes of egos :

– the scared and scary ego

– the too perfect to be true ego

– the I know everything ego

– the self-sabotaging ego

– the tyrannic ego

– the silent ego

– the “talk to my hand’ ego

– the father or mother figure ego

– the childlike ego

– the “ I am in denial” ego

– the “I know nothing” ego

– the “scary Monster” ego

The type of ego most people dread, is the domineering/manipulative ego, judging and putting people down in your thoughts, and the wounded ego which makes you feel small about any of your achievements.


You will also meet your HIGHER SELF. We are souls incarnated in a physical vessel and as such Higher-self is our connection to our true soul essence, to our truth and to the divine. Higher-self is here is to help you remember who you are and that you have infinite resources to call upon. That you have abilities that can help you and that you are always being guided. The higher self’s mission is to guide, to show the way, the best way, to co-create the life you are supposed to live and help you fulfill your life purpose.

Awakening to me is mostly learning to listen to this other internal voice/guide who is often not as loud as Ego. It is the voice of truth and the voice always preaching for us to align with our highest good.

Find below a non-exhaustive list of different archetypes of higher-self :

– the Goddess

– the Light being

– the Fairy Queen

– the Baby ego

– the Daddy or Mummy

– the Old and wise


There is also SELF. Self is supposed to be a balanced aspect of your personality who navigates wisely between higher guidance and fear dictated by ego. Self usually looks like you, a slightly better version of you, often slimmer, younger, more fit but well it is always a surprise…


Lastly, you will meet your INNER CHILD. In each of us, there is a young, often wounded child, crying for attention but we ignore our inner child and yell at that little voice inside of us because we don’t want to feel guilty for what we did or think we did and we don’t want to feel shame for who we are. The inner child has more of an influence on our lives than we were previously aware. This part, although living in our subconscious mind, is a living conscious part. It is the child we once were and it holds all our hurts, disappointments, hurts, traumas, anger, negative feelings and sadness. Inner Child can help us to overcome these feelings because they know better than anyone what it is that we need to heal. They are all-knowing, wise, perfect and when you tap into their immense light, wisdom, and power, the possibilities of healing, growth, and expansion become infinite for the adult we are, if we are ready to. 

You will find below stories which describe what people experience during their inner journey with Car Lite Therapy™. Please note that each experience is different and unique.

You will find below stories which describe what people experience during their inner journey with Car Lite Therapy™. Please note that each experience is different and unique.

”I just felt that the struggle was over and that happiness was possible for me”

“My car was a Porsche electric blue night, beautiful leather inside, nice music and we were driving home to the stars. I could not see a road, just stars around the car … It was beautiful. At first, I was kind of scared to look at ego because my ego appeared as a wounded mummy … And told me that all the bandages came from all the hurdles and the battles. I really felt that it also meant that she was dead … A mummy is not alive and is supposed to rest. Later during the meditation, I realized that I also killed her somehow or she died because I did not like her … I rejected all the shadow part she represented. It was very beautiful and emotional. I asked her what is your mission. She said to survive. I am here to help you survive. I could sense all the many past lives where ego had helped me to survive and I felt gratitude and sadness for all the time wasted believing that life on earth had to be a struggle and that it was somehow good to be a survivor. I told ego, well you did the hell of a good job, I am here still standing but now it is time to rest and regenerate. I asked ego to go back to rest and to receive healing and regenerate. I told ego that we were a team and that originally her mission was just to make sure I was safe in this physical body and then ego forgot and myself that we were souls experiencing life in a human body and not the opposite. We started living in the fear of the past and worrying about the future. I explained again that there is no journey without ego, that it was never a case of getting rid of her but of functioning in harmony as she was part of the team and as important as any of us in the car. Then, I called higher self who looked like a goddess of light, sitting on a lotus and filled with so much golden light. I could not see her face though but her presence was so comforting. We both sent healing to ego and ego left the driver’s seat and went back to the back seat. (…). In the end, I just felt that the struggle was over and that happiness was possible for me. That was a huge take away for me…Quite an unusual feeling for me but I guess I can get used to it…”

“It felt like a heavy weight had lifted off me..”

”My car is a Light green Kaefer – convertible – pulled by seahorses with hoofs. I love my car. It felt comfortable and familiar. As we seemed to be traveling under water, it felt as if we were floating and riding a comfortable wave at the same time. We were underwater – the sun was shining through. It was a beautiful day. Self looked like me. She had long silver hair that floated around. The ornaments in her hair were seashells and fractals. Her skin was silvery and she has a metallic blue garment and blue/indigo and purple jewelry. Self is at peace and comfortable. she looked like he had been through a lot but had dealt with it and felt content. I was intimidated and happy. Such a presence! She knows. All makes sense to her. My Inner Child is a little girl but with very long straight hair – it had strains of white, silver, yellow, golden, onyx and brown. Her skin was light brown and her eyes were a deep black. She has been all alone for so long. Locked up in there with all these things. She has tried to collect the objects to keep them close so that she would not feel as lonely. Some of these objects she knows she is not allowed to have. Someone took them from their rightful owners and tossed them into this place where she now resides and she does not know what she is supposed to do with them. So she tried to collect them but has nothing to hold them/carry them/put them in. Once she found something that could have contained the rest, but it overloaded and everything spread again. She is so lonely. There is nothing but empty space, herself and floating objects (…). After the healing, it felt like a heavy weight had lifted off me. My biggest take away is that everything is just there, I just have to be willing to look.”

“I have to learn how to say no and how to set healthy boundaries”

“My car was a red Italian car. The car was very nice and I felt relaxed in it. The weather was Mediterranean, springtime, sunny, but not hot. My Self looked exactly like me but somehow younger, more handsome and very relaxed. I liked self because he was relaxed and at peace, which is not at all my current state. My ego looked like my child, my son but was morphing into an adult and then turning back to a child. I was quite scared and surprised by that vision. I really did not like my ego and was not comfortable with him. Ego looked scary, mean and controlling… (…) It was very insightful as I came to the realization that my son ”controls my life” as I never ever say NO to him…It seems just impossible for me. I understand now and many people in my entourage had already warned me about my behavior, that it would be good to behave more like a dad and that it was the role of a parent to sometimes say no and set healthy boundaries. Not quite sure how I can start to implement this. I might want to follow up with the rest of the meditation series and maybe with private sessions with NDeye to dig deeper.”

Psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung used to say this :

“I must also have a dark side if I am to be whole”


“When an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate.” 

So maybe it is time, to embrace and acknowledge this dark side (I call this the path of the holy shadow) and to understand this inner situation and your inner cluster. You just have to trust that your subconscious mind is able to create powerful metaphors and stories to help you to heal, forgive, empower and grow. In every moment, your energy is contributing to the vibration of the entire planet because we are all connected. We are all One. It’s not a matter of letting go but probably of letting be…and of loving acceptance.

Click here to start the Inner Journey and give it a try. The first guided meditation ” Meet your cluster” is free. You can review this meditation in the Self Reflection Journal. Tell me how your ego looks like? What kind of stories he/she tells you… Any new archetype to share with the group…I really would like to gather as much info as possible about these inner clusters. It is so important to know who you are to be who you can be. Please do let me know your thoughts on this post and how you feel about the possibility of meeting the voices residing in your head?

Author Bio

N’deye Fana Gueye is a story-teller and a blogger and the Author and Illustrator of forthcoming children’s book ”It’s cool to have a smart heart” which provides parents with tools to empower their precious kids and increase their emotional and social literacy. She is also a mentor and holistic therapist known as the Inner Child Doula and helps people reconnecting with their inner child through Inner Child Rebirthing Sessions. She is a Reiki-master and teaches mindfulness. She is a Change Catalyst and the Car Lite Therapy™ is a tool she has created to help people fire their inner critic and to finally take the driver’s seat. For her, people don’t need to be saved or rescued. People need to acknowledge their own power and to access it. Click here to find more.

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