How To Transition With Self-Care Tips

(Practical & Actionable Tools To Start Or Update Your *Plan*)

With the national emergency and worldwide news as to whether we stay in, keep our physical distance or can hug anyone, our reality has recently shifted without our approval or input. 

There are many reactions when people feel out of control.

Typically, when someone feels that they don’t know something or what is in the future, they can become afraid.  This fear can show up as becoming combative, in fight or flight, or having a meltdown.

Are we operating out of survival consciousness or do we increase our awareness in these moments to take action? 

How can we stay within our personal authority and leadership when anxiety or panic seem to set the global stage?  

And, what if we are being triggered by other’s mindsets around us and not even our own beliefs or perceptions? 

We all know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. 

Yet, when an individual finds themselves in a scenario they don’t know, they may fall back to a default that is based in primitive motivators and needs.  This emotional space is limited on many levels.  And even if survival patterns can drain us of hope and shrink us down, we can find ourselves returning to it like we are frozen from choice.

Instead of another day in a cycle of insecurity or emptiness, what if we considered our alternative with what we can control?  What if we now have the time to write our personalized self-care roadmap where our pencil (or pen) serves as the gas pedal to drive us out of feeling helpless? 

Enclosed are some ideas to invite and inspire you in a call to action to create what works for how you honor yourself, because you can design and implement a new ritual outside of panic.   

Diligent Internal Due Diligence (P-L-A-N):

  1. Plan to meditate.  Sit in your own stillness and allow your mind to dream about what is possible in creating with imagination.  Focus on how the Creator did not make a mistake with you … more than the imprinting of any critic – allow faith to change you more than naysayers who feel threatened in their ego.
  2. Leverage a compliment journal. A literary scrapbook by date, we can record other’s positive words towards us so we can recall and reflect on human connections, our positive impact with our purpose and the feedback to our contributions.  This isn’t about ego but rather seeing the repetition of constructive evidence in stacking our memories towards what is constructive.  This practice can serve as one strategy to not feed negative stories or continue learned helplessness.  While people tend to be much more lead by pain than pleasure, what if we consciously and proactively reversed this driver in our lives by what we write down?  Come year-end, each December 31st, this journal makes a beautiful year-end annual report.
  3. Analyze it with curiosity. Ask yourself “what makes me afraid in both pro’s and con’s? What part, in particular, makes me afraid?”  If a dark cloud lingers, ask “does it even have any water in it or is it just a puffy dark cloud blocking the ability for me to shine? How much water does it have to rain down on my parade?  Is it real or a figment of my fears getting bigger?”  One has substance, one doesn’t but there are messages to learn from. We could call this a chain of title to untangle.  Is it your cloud or someone else’s?
  4. Narrow down your priorities. What we do with our time matters. When we write it down, there is intention.  The fruit of your life, as in your legacy, is on you … what can you do to take charge?

Exterior Choices (in ABC order):

  1. Buy fresh flowers. Weekly fresh flowers can brighten up your desk in an office, a breakfast nook, a bathroom vanity or any favorite spot.  Living flowers can raise the vibration in any space!
  2. Decrease sugar, wheat, and alcohol.  When other people are dismissive, it may be because they cannot handle the underlying or complex emotions facing them.  Even something as ordinary as eliminating bread or sweets can be a process because feelings come up while withdrawing from a comfort food. We do what we can when we are ready.  And while organic red wine is said to be better than non-organic regarding pesticide use, what are the most alkaline foods?  When we feed our bodies better nutrition, we strengthen our immune system.  Over time, we will function better.
  3. Exercise or practice yoga.  Twenty, thirty or forty minutes of exercise a day has all sorts of benefits and the first five minutes may always be the most difficult.  On incredibly busy days, I find that some of my favorite walks occur in the evening under starry skies. 
  4. Feng shui your home. By knowing your energy number and thus, placing certain objects and selecting specific colors in rooms, more flow can be created.  I would rather have the principles of the universe work in my favor than ignore them.  There are many consultants that offer introductions to this subject on video, podcasts, and websites.  When we honor our space, it creates more flow with productivity.  
  5. Invest in a water filter. Since it is recommended to drink eight glasses a day and avoid plastic water bottles for our oceans, why not budget for this fixture?  The smallest investments in our lifestyle can be moments of conscious effort where the smallest decisions can add up to better living. 
  6. Invite or reconnect with individuals socially.  When I come across someone who inspires me, I extend an invitation to talk, connect or meet up.  Even if I get rejected 10% or more of the time, the risk is in the offer and the reward is in the new relationship.  The 90% of new individuals who say “yes” change my destiny.  When there is the start of any new alliance, there is also the start of a new perception, story or belief created around what is now possible.   
  7. Make a vision board/collage. Just as we can update our written goals, we can compile images onto a board for our subconscious mind to see.  Let’s not airbrush out our dreams, values or identity!  
  8. Research coffees and teas.  There are various teas that can assist with the thyroid, the adrenals, and hormones.  With some knowledge, there are many options outside of just green, white and black teas: there is burdock root, moringa and Chaga mushroom teas for instance.  In recognizing the association between the body, gut, and mind, the more we can refresh and find calm from the inside out.  The more alkaline our vessel even from environmental toxins, the clearer our thinking! 
  9. Use fruit oils or aloe vera. I switched out my face and body lotions to incorporate cranberry seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, raspberry seed oil, rosehip fruit oil and/or apricot kernel oil for skincare.  What we absorb in ingredients on the outside of our body, the largest organ, affects all of our other systems!   
  10. Walk barefoot.  No matter how great our boundaries are, whom we surround ourselves with has an impact. We can absorb other people’s energy just as we can absorb their mindset or emotions; it’s like walking into a room where everybody is laugh and you feel like laughing too. Walking barefoot on the grass or the dirt grounds our auric field.  Long and even breaths can relax the nervous system in moments of stress and reset our emotional set point.

Writing and following through on our self-care plan can shift us to possibility and abundance, expand our consciousness to think through the effects of our decisions years to decades into the future, and allows us to get to know ourselves better in core values to pivot from fear to fulfillment.  It is smart self-responsibility to care.

We can wait for someone else to notice what is best for us or we can own the relationship we have with our time, health and soul.  Perhaps ask loved ones and friends what they might add to your list of ideas.  

While consumerism can influence us with messages such as ‘we are as valuable as what we can buy’ or ‘we are as loved as who likes us or how many like us’, we can still step back to value the life-altering skill set of how we agree to take care of our vessel.  Your first draft can start on a notecard or the back of a napkin. 

In fact, on that napkin or notecard, draw a triangle where the bottom (or first) level is named as self-care, the second smaller block on top represents clarity and the capstone of the pyramid represents execution.

Resilience and growth are a part of life just as any level of stress, trauma or invisible losses can be.  If extreme fear can create narcissistic behavior, let’s heal compared to self-hate or hurt others.

Committing to a new self-care ritual can shift us from scars, pity or regression to one of creativity and self-expression.  When we preserve and protect the best of ourselves in how we show up each day, we expand what we are capable of in giving, noticing and creating. 

This self-executing or unilateral contract can be a beautiful mosaic and the first chapter to our life’s legacy. The higher the stress in our life or cluster of fears, the more we need to design our self-care remedy. 

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