How to Thrive During the Storms of Life-Rain or Shine

How to tend to your emotional garden.

“Even the richest soil, if left uncultivated, will produce the rankest weeds.” ~Leonardo da Vinci

The definition of thrive is to make progress; prosper, and/or flourish. And, sometimes in order to thrive, we must breakdown, shatter in nakedness, and fall apart while shedding our thin skins. This breakdown is very similar to the process that a seed has to endure to become a plant or flower. During this process our lives can grow in miraculous ways creating a beautiful bouquet of strength. If we trust the process, it can be more constructive than we could have imagined.

I’ve heard it said in many cultures and in many different ways that the sun shines upon everyone and the rain falls upon everyone. And, it is my own personal belief that this is true in many ways. In the garden of my mind, I need the rain to saturate my soil and the sun to feed the petals of my soul.

I must tend to my garden, daily, by pulling any negative mental weeds by the roots so they are no longer growing in the space that is intended for healthy, positive thoughts. I must stand tall against the winds, yet be completely flexible, so that my stems are not broken during the ominous storms of life.

If I tenderly care for my emotional garden by formulating my own organic weed killer, I can protect the integrity of my roots (mind) stem (body) and flowers (soul). If I can impede the growth of the weeds in my mind and align with my natural ability to receive nourishment and abundance, the conditions are more favorable to prosper during times of rapid growth and can provide protection when the conditions may be extremely unpleasant.

This daily practice will enhance my confidence, courage, and clarity so that my true colors may shine brightly from the shadows. This will help my fragrant garden to continually grow, especially if I keep pulling any new weeds that intend to be in my garden whether I like it or not. By loving my own personal growth with genuine tenderness and kindness, I will be able to continually plant new seeds of awareness. Loving the whole process, rain or shine, adds brilliant color to the bouquet of my life.

“All the flowers of tomorrow are the seeds planted today.” ~Unknown

❤ Grow with me Rebecca L. Edwards

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