How to Take Care of Stress During Pregnancy

No wonder that your heart is racing. Not to worry you out more but”reducing anxiety may help you have a healthy pregnancy,” says Lindsey Longerot, MD, ob-gyn in The Women’s Specialists of Houston in Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women. In actuality, some studies have shown that stress reduction techniques can decrease the risk of premature […]

No wonder that your heart is racing. Not to worry you out more but”reducing anxiety may help you have a healthy pregnancy,” says Lindsey Longerot, MD, ob-gyn in The Women’s Specialists of Houston in Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women. In actuality, some studies have shown that stress reduction techniques can decrease the risk of premature birth or low birth weight in babies.

Get more sleep

You understand intuitively that more sleep equals less stress, but here is some scientific backup that will assist you justify the need for sleep. Additionally, he says trying to stay awake when you are tired — and fighting the urge to nod off — is a drain to the parasympathetic nervous system, which normally helps the body cope with stresses. We know sleep is much easier said than done, especially in the third trimester when you are really uncomfortable. But here are some hints: Keep your thermostat into the low 60s, do not eat anything for 2 hours prior to bedtime and try a body pillow, which could easily adjust to assist you find a comfortable position.

Take a soak

We do not need a study to back up this one: Baths are the best when it comes to relaxing. Additionally, a boil can soothe muscle aches. Baths can help decrease stress when you go into labour too. During early labor, they have been proven to enhance the development of the labor and decrease pain, Longerot states.

A couple of rules: Keep the water warm, not hot–especially during the first trimester when infant is still growing. And skip essential oils which have not been cleared by your physician.

Accept Assist

Okay, this isn’t so much a stress management technique but a stress prevention technique. Request Assistance! It’s easy–let us practice. See–so straightforward. Seriously, you might not even consider you could ask someone to assist you with some of those things, but friends and family want to pitch in and it is not a big deal.


“Exercise helps release endorphins and gets the blood flowing, and plenty of times it might take your mind off what is bothering you,” Longerot states. Clearly, you need to make certain exercising is secure first (unless you’ve got a complication, it is) and then you need to select an exercise that you truly enjoy doing.

“The best exercise is the kind you will stick with and would like to keep on coming back to,” says certified fitness instructor and coach Jessica Smith, founder of JessicaSmithTV. She suggests you try as many choices as possible –prenatal yoga, prenatal Pilates, a walking regime–and try to balance out your regular with strength training with a specific focus on the backside. You will also rely on those exact muscles once baby is born, from taking infant to feedings.

Get acupuncture

Not only can acupuncture be safe during pregnancy, it may be relaxing. Okay, stay with us . This might appear out-there and new-agey for you, but researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine discovered the practice reduces symptoms of depression in elderly women compared with women who received”fake” acupuncture (they did not target the right acupuncture points in the body) or even massage. “Acupuncture has been used during pregnancy for different signs and there are no known effects on the developing infant,” Eddleman adds. In other words: It is probably worthwhile to give it a go. But look for somebody who’s certified through The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and be sure they have expertise in working with elderly women.

Have a massage

Again, find a certified massage therapist who’s experienced and comfortable with having pregnant clients. “Positioning is quite important during pregnancy. With a customary massage, you would be flat on your back or on your stomach, and clearly neither one of these would be great position for pregnancy,” Longerot states. Your therapist will have you lie on your side for the massage or will have a special table using a spoonful for your belly letting you easily lie on your tummy. Naturally, get the green light from your physician first, and yes, a shoulder rub from your spouse works also.

Read something fun

The Bump is an wonderful read (and so are our books!) But if you are experiencing pain and you read over and above that back pain is credited to preterm labour, then you are not likely to be as Zen as you may be. Have a rest and flip through a hot novel for a little while. “Being educated about pregnancy is fantastic, and educating yourself is extremely important, but information overload may cause more anxiety,” Longerot states.

Go swimming

Throw on that maternity tankini since swimming may be a significant relief, because your body will feel so much lighter in the water. In addition to that, swimming is a complete body workout. You might also try running, power walking or doing resistance training at the pool to remain fit.

We all know you want to be the star worker while you’re pregnant, but it doesn’t mean you can not have an honest talk with your boss about what is happening with you and your pregnancy. If commuting is stressful, you might ask if it is possible for you to work from home a day or two a week. Your physician should also be conscious of any job requirements which are stressing you out, for instance, if you are on your feet all day or you are working extremely long hours.

Get things done

Nesting for infant can send even the most coordinated mom-to-be into a whole meltdown. Feel good about every task you complete. But have the mindset that if everything does not get done, everything will be fine. “You will need to find out which sort of person you’re,” Longerot states. She adds that the nesting instinct can have different impacts on women. “Some find it stressful and feel that they must clean the entire house, then feel daunted attempting to accomplish such a task. That is one of those times when I would encourage you to reach out to one of your friends or relatives for assistance.”

Go Shopping

Alot of mothers out there forget the amazing fun of shopping for baby clothes online. Take some time and if you even want , window shop just to get your mind occupied by cute baby headwear and other baby related items online.


Some moms-to-be say meditation helps them connect with infant and even observe an active (read: kicking) infant calming down through this relaxing moment.

Following is a very simple meditation from Smith: Sit comfortably (in a seat or on a pillow on the ground ) with a single hand over your heart and one in your belly. Imagine all of the love you’ve got for baby pouring from your palms and into infant. Set a timer for 2 minutes at first and see whether you are able to continue for the complete period of time, working up to longer periods of time when you feel ready.

Try a meditation program. The pregnancy-specific mediation program Expectful offers 10- and 20-minute guided meditations tailored to your own noun. They’re not only meant to decrease stress, but to help you sleep better and connect to infant ahead of delivery.

You should talk with your healthcare provider about your particular health needs. You should always talk with your physician before you begin, stop, or change any prescribed part of your maintenance plan, exercise program or therapy.

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