How to Succeed When They Are Secretly Trying to Stop You – 3 Stealth Processes For Success

We all have in our lives, people who would rather see us fail, than watch us succeed in our life. This can be a huge challenge especially when we must overcome our own personal limitations. Making the decision to succeed at any given goal can be a challenge on its own. Getting pass our own […]

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We all have in our lives, people who would rather see us fail, than watch us succeed in our life. This can be a huge challenge especially when we must overcome our own personal limitations.

Making the decision to succeed at any given goal can be a challenge on its own. Getting pass our own limitations, doubts and fears, is hard enough but what happens when we are around others who are secretly conspiring to see us fail?

This added strain of dealing with that jealous friend, or family member or even that coworker can derail even our best efforts. You know that feeling where you have worked especially hard on a project, only to be met with that coworker who is eager to tear your hard work down or take full credit for work they did not do.

Maybe your challenge is at home with a family member who actively sabotages your efforts by hiding your belongings, throwing things away or going above and beyond to make sure you don’t succeed. Whatever the circumstances, it can be an added strain to overcome.

Its enough to battle with self-doubt, procrastination and even the mental focus necessary to achieve. When you add the deliberate efforts by some to stop you, it all becomes more difficult to achieve anything.

There are too many stories of people who have reached midlife only to realize that their greatest dreams and desires were stopped, not by their lack of effort but by the effort of someone who did not want them to succeed. The key then is how do you win and win big when dealing with such adversity?

Here are 3 Very Effective Methods to protect, apply focus and creative power in order to succeed and win despite their efforts to ruin you.

Work in Silence

With the world of social media, many have gotten into the habit of sharing everything that is going on in their life. We share our hopes, dreams and every single thing we are doing, in a public platform for everyone too see. In our eagerness to prove that we are doing well in our lives we often give away our deepest secrets.

We expose our strength, weaknesses and give away our dreams to unsuspecting enemies without realizing it. It can be very easy to analyze who we are, as well as our vulnerabilities by assessing a few of our recent post.

When you work in silence you keep all your dreams and all your actions to yourself in a protected way. Working in silence gives you the opportunity to produce what you are doing until it becomes fully formed.

In the initial state when something is being created it is still weak, it’s still vulnerable, it can easily be destroyed. By keeping your movements, efforts and goals all to yourself, you are able to give your goal all the positive energy it needs, without the interference of those who are eager to tear it down before it is strong enough.

Do whatever you can to keep your actions a secret. Its ok to throw them off if suspicion arises about your actions or your whereabouts. After all you need to be evasive in order to protect your goal.

If anyone suspects that your actions may be leading up to something big, throw them off before they ask. Point them in the direction of some other goal that is as far away from what you are presently working on. That way they never have a clue and if they really have it in for you, then you have sent them in the wrong direction.

Concentrated Force

Dealing with any sort of adversity whether it be your own or the adversity placed on you by others around you, can take the wind out of you. It can set you back for months or even years. You may even struggle to recover again. Its never a guarantee that you will regain your motivation again once it has been tampered with.

One way to succeed despite the efforts of those who want to stop you is to push through on an elevated level and here is why. Every time you are sidetracked or knocked off from what you are doing, not only can it throw you off but it can take a good amount of effort to gain that motivation back.

The best way to compensate for all that lost time, energy and motivation is to go hard at your goals as if the devil is chasing you. Because in reality you are being chased by the devil in the form of whom ever that is willfully getting in your way.

By going super hard for your goals knowing that you are being attacked, you maintain the high energy of motivation you have created at a surplus level. In that way any setbacks won’t be able to put a dent in your achievements. In that way you are always steps ahead.

So put in that extra hour, try to achieve your goal a little faster. If you have extra time rather than watch a movie, put in that time at achieving your goal. In those small ways you add the needed focus, push and drive before anyone can ever stop you.

Maintaining a Subconscious Link to Your Desires

Maintaining a deep mental link to your desires in a positive, vivid way is crucial to achieving success. There are times in your life where you may find yourself passionately fixed unto a desire and in those times, you could feel those desires in a tangible way, even if you have not gotten it as yet. When you experience this deep confident connection with the knowing that, “yes, I got this!” It is because you have mentally and energetically connected with that desire.

The thing is that those times are rare. They may happen by chance or at least that’s what you tell yourself. While at other times when you really, truly want something now, it seems to be quite hard to get.

The reason it all seems so hard to get, is because you have not made the mental link with your desire. There is a part of you that deeply wants to achieve this particular thing or this particular goal. Unfortunately, you can’t because you are more fixated with the idea that you don’t have that goal. You labor in your mind about all the reasons why you did not achieve that particular thing. This is where most people get trapped.

This is the place where all too many people get stuck. They meet with old age, or they get into starting a family but what they really wanted is not yet achieved. So, they think of all the reasons why they won’t have it and it gets their heads spinning. Just Stop!

What is, already is! What you are presently experiencing is here to take you to what it is you are now wanting. What you are presently experiencing is giving life to your new desires. If it were for what you are now experiencing, you wouldn’t want what you now want.

To supersede the challenges you are presently facing, you must purposefully visualize what it is you want to now experience. You must be able to visualize every part of your desire with great sensation, and animation in order to create the most meaningful connection.

The secret to this method is that it gives you power to over ride the negative intent of those who are trying to get in your way, to stop you. Through the power of visualization, you have the ability to create more meaningful connections with others.  You can create a life of joy and you can even create a life where you are winning; a life where you are successful and achieving in an unstoppable way.

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