Creative Tips to Help You Drink Enough Water Throughout the Day

Your hydration levels can have a direct impact on your mood, your energy, and your stress levels. These tips will help you stay hydrated and focused, even on your busiest days.

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Staying hydrated has a direct impact on our mental and physical well-being, and when your our bodies start to get dehydrated, it takes a toll. Research shows that when we don’t drink enough water, our cognitive performance can suffer, and we can end up feeling tired, groggy, and simply not ourselves. With that said, making sure we’re drinking enough can be challenging — especially when the workday gets busy, and our to-do list gets in the way of our daily hydration goals. 

We asked our Thrive community for the most creative ways they remind themselves to drink water throughout the day, and their responses will make you reach for your water bottle, stat. Try some of these tips to stay hydrated and focused all day long.

Keep a bottle on hand

“I try to weave my water-drinking into my daily routine. I have a large bottle that I’ll bring with me when I’m sitting on the sidelines of my kids soccer games, dance classes, and anywhere else. I always make sure to drink water before my morning coffee, after my lunchtime meditation, and before I run my errands. Making it an intuitive staple in my routine is key.”

—Lisa Pezik, content marketer and business strategist, Ancaster, ON, Canada

Add a squeeze of lemon

“To stay hydrated, I start my morning with a glass of water next to my bed, followed by a hot lemon water on my commute. I always keep hot water or tea at my desk, and I try to wait to have my morning coffee until I drink a full glass.”

—Marisa Tashman, law clerk, Los Angeles, CA

Divide your sips in timed intervals

“I break my day out into 45-minute work session sprints. At the beginning and end of every sprint, I make sure to drink out of my two-liter water jug to keep track of how much I drink. This little step holds me accountable, and keeps me hydrated.”

—Armida Markarova, professional development coach and founder, Chicago, IL

Put it on your to-do list

“To stay hydrated and productive, I draw a picture of eight water droplets on my daily calendar. Every time I finish my bottle of water, I fill in three water droplets on the calendar, take a break to stretch, and refill my bottle. It’s been helpful to see hydration as something to cross off of my to-do list.”

—Aneela Idnani, co-founder, Minneapolis, MN

Eat water-filled produce

“I try to eat fruits high in water, like watermelon and cucumber. I do this even in the winter, and I find that not only does my hydration level go up, but my skin looks glowy and radiant as a result too!”

—Elena Duque, beauty, lifestyle, and travel expert, New York, N.Y.

Keep water in your line of sight

“If I make direct eye contact with my water bottle, I must drink!”

—DaVita Jackson, graphic designer, Columbus, OH

Mix it up with a sparkling drink

“I find that drinking healthy alternatives like flavored or sparkling water can be a fun way to stay hydrated. I love coconut water, too. To limit the sugar count, I mix half coconut water with half regular water in a big bottle that I sip on throughout the day.”

—Isabelle Bart, marketing director, Irvine, CA

Set a deadline for yourself

“I set an ongoing goal of finishing my reusable water bottle by noon. So if noon starts to approach and I have yet to finish it, I start chugging! Then, I refill and continue to drink it casually throughout the day. I even have an app that provides reminders to drink water throughout the day. The push notifications are very helpful when the day gets busy.”

—Angela Baldwin, PR manager, San Francisco, CA

Infuse water with fruit to make it tastier

“A few years back, I tried subbing out my soda for water, but I found that it was too bland to encourage me to drink very often. I started cutting up fruit and adding it to pitchers of water that I’d drink throughout the day. I loved the subtle fruit flavor, and so did my kids, and eventually, all my friends, family, and neighbors did too. Today, you’ll rarely see me without a Hint water bottle glued to my hand at meetings, while taking calls, on airplanes, and on hikes.”

—Kara Goldin, founder and CEO, San Francisco, CA

Quench your thirst when watering the plants

“I have a rule where each time I water my plants, I drink water as well!”

—Giang Cao Ho My, founder, Brussels, Belgium

Add tea to your rotation

“I drink tea everyday, as I find it so warm and comforting, and it encourages me to drink more. Especially as the colder months approach, I never leave the house without a thermos filled with my favorite tea to sip on all day. I like to travel with a portable tea kettle and tea bags, but I also find many airport restaurants and coffee shops will provide hot water for no charge.” 

—Karla Kueber, somatic health coach, Chicago, IL 

Work water into your breaks

“As someone who often works from home, I’ve implemented many tasks into my day to help optimize my productivity. I focus on working on tasks for 45-minute chunks. After each of these tasks, I walk downstairs and refill my water cup, drinking whatever I hadn’t yet. My breaks always include drinking water!”

—Rianna M. Hill, digital marketer, Bremerton, WA

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