How to start self-development?

You will receive an answer to the question of where to start self-development by reading this article. Here I will share with you a methodology, which will take you only 40 minutes a day. These classes will be your answer to the question of how to start self-development right now! No lifestyle changes are currently […]

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How to start self-development?

You will receive an answer to the question of where to start self-development by reading this article. Here I will share with you a methodology, which will take you only 40 minutes a day.

These classes will be your answer to the question of how to start self-development right now! No lifestyle changes are currently required from you, just 40 minutes of practice daily! Almost immediately, you will feel relaxed, feel better, and this will not require long preparation. But more on that later, first let me start with a preface.

By printing this article, I feel a huge responsibility. Because I am well aware of what a delicate, careful attitude a person requires when he is looking for a starting point from which self-development begins.

How and when to start self-development? How it should NOT be started.

That is why I will try to give the most intelligible and most appropriate answer to the main question of this article. But far from every answer can turn out to be successful, no matter how accurately it does not reflect the main stages of self-development, there is always a danger that this answer can scare you away, make you give up at the very moment that may turn out to be the most critical, important moment in your life when it is determined that you will follow the path of self-improvement or will continue to live the same life. I will explain it a bit below.

Many information sources, trying to answer the question “how to start self-development?”, Bring down a bunch of tips on the reader. These tips cannot be called harmful or wrong. They are simply untimely. Since they suggest starting to make cardinal changes in the way of life, in habits, in the daily routine, in social relations, etc., in general, radically revise the existing, familiar state of things.

Such advice, calling for abrupt, rapid changes, involves tremendous willpower, as well as energy from the one to whom they are addressed. Indeed, not everyone is able to immediately give up their favorite habits, quit drinking and smoking, sign up for a gym, start organizing free and working hours, stop aimless, unproductive surfing on the Internet and be puzzled by reading books or other sources that contribute to self-development of a person along with general erudition .

People get used to their way of life, for this reason they are not able, by wave of a magic wand, to rebuild it and start to change for the better. Moreover, such a radical transition to new habits, as well as a routine, requires such things as willpower, character, determination, focus on goals, the ability to make decisions, bear responsibility for them. But these things are components of the development of personality, develop as you progress through the stages of self-development.

And if someone asks “where to start self-development,” it is concluded that this “someone” is only at the origins of this path and, therefore, may not possess some of the above qualities.

It turns out that in the service of a good goal was the wrong approach. My task is harmonious self-improvement, which I understand as a balanced development of intellectual, physical, aesthetic, social and spiritual qualities. We are not going to rush anywhere yet. After all, I do not propose any quick solutions, but am aimed at the gradual gradual formation of you as a person.

How to start self-development today

Therefore, I am not going to expect any rapid changes from you, but will propose to start small. With such a “small” one that will not be a challenge to your usual way of life, it will not take you much time and effort (you only need 40 minutes of time per day). But later, with regular practice, will bring a lot of life benefits. And only then, gradually, when the time comes you will begin to make changes in your life, in your character, in your environment.

You will have time to decide what you really want, what qualities to develop, what to focus on and where to move, but this still requires some help, a bridgehead. You can start with the formation of this “bridgehead” right now, without putting it off for the future, because it does not require special training or special skills.

Therefore, I made a plan for self-development of the individual. With it, I suggest you start. At the very first step of this self-improvement program, I suggest, as a practice, to do meditation, let it not bother you.


Do not rush to leave the page in the belief that this will not suit you. In this article I want to eliminate some misconception that you might have about meditation. Indeed, from this concept blows something ancient, oriental, something connected with religion, spiritual quest. It may seem unattainable therefore accessible only to the elect and the initiates.

If you type “meditation” in search engines, you will find a bunch of articles that describe all sorts of astral things, chakras, energies, etc. Such texts will only strengthen you in the misconception of meditation as something sacred, unattainable.

Although, in fact, meditation is an excellent, accessible practice for every person, successfully used by many people in everyday life. Meditation promotes qualitative relaxation, enhancement of the ability to concentrate attention, will, control of emotions, fear, getting rid of bad habits.

Many of these subjects developed these qualities in the framework of scientific experiments, when people were asked to engage in regular meditation and keep a “diary”. The examination of brain activity during and after meditation revealed the predominance of alpha rhythms (a rhythm in which consciousness is in a state of optimal activity without going into a beta state, which is characterized by excessive activity inherent in stress).

Once again, I emphasize that the application of this Eastern practice has successfully been reflected in Western culture, proving its effectiveness in the exercise of relaxation, control of consciousness and neutralization of states of mental discomfort, maintaining discipline, moving from the field of esoteric knowledge to the field of scientific knowledge. Meditation is an effective tool in self-development!

But there must be a clear understanding that this practice is not an end in itself, just as for the runner it is not the ultimate goal of developing leg muscles, it is simply a tool for achieving the desired result: for the runner it is a victory in the competition on the run, and for you – a harmonious and balanced self-development. You do not meditate in order to ideally master the technique of meditation (though it would be quite good, even necessary to master it), but to make it easier to grow and develop as a person.

It is possible that personal growth is possible without meditation, but since I draw on my own experience, I am talking about what has helped me. I do not know other ways. For me, meditation was the impetus for moving forward and the beginning of self-development. At last, after a long prelude, there was a specific and clear answer to the question of how to start self-development: “start meditating!”

First, as I wrote before, it will not take more than 40 minutes a day, it does not require any special conditions (it is not necessary to throw everything to collect the sneakers and go to Tibet :-)). You can even engage her in public transportation on the way to work / study. Although it is desirable to do it in a quiet environment. But if there is no possibility, then even the subway is suitable).

Is meditation difficult?

It is not necessary to have a high level of training in order to begin meditation! The technique you master as you practice, will come with time. Also, you do not have to change your habits immediately, just add meditation in the morning and evening to your routine. The main condition to do this regularly, not to forget and not to score, only then you will feel the beneficial effect.

The effect is different for everyone. I have six months. Don’t be intimidated by such a deadline: there will be no instant result !. You have to figure it out for yourself, to put up with this thought. In my opinion the instant result is a myth, a phantom. All important, fundamental changes in personality are long-lasting and gradual) So where to start?

Meditation is your practice, which will provide you with the necessary skills for self-development, this is a fundamental exercise that you need to start first. It is also necessary as a beginner gymnast to begin stretching before moving on to everything else.

First, get acquainted with the theory in the first step of self-development, and then you can begin the practice. Remember, no one hurries you, you do not need to have time to read it all in the shortest possible time. If you are very sorry to study all these theoretical materials, then start practicing immediately, but read at least the conclusions outlined in the first step.

In conclusion, I would like to point out that though the main long-term effect of meditation is not manifested immediately, but you will feel some positive changes almost immediately after the beginning of practice. This is because you will just be relaxing regularly and putting things in order (this applies to instant effects), which is good. In addition, you put in your routine a compulsory exercise that you will do daily, strictly twice a day for 20 minutes per session, it already brings some minimal additional order into your life (no matter what you do everyday it is not important meditation this, charging or daily jogging). This teaches you to keep your promises, to maintain discipline, which is perhaps one of the most significant stages of self-development.

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