How to Reverse Modern-Day Burn-Out

Modern day burn out is a global phenomenon, here are some practical tools in how to decipher the answers to reversing the stress we experience by learning to decode our 200,000 year old DNA.

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Burn out occurs when one is in a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion, due to prolonged periods of stress. It occurs when you are feeling overwhelmed, emotionally drained and physically exhausted. Hmmm, sound familiar? How about this, the most recent Deliotte study of work place burn out states that 77% of professionalshave experienced burnout at their current job.

Did you know that 95% of HR resource leadersare saying that burn out is the leading cause workplace retention related issues and that in a recent report Harvard and the Massachusetts medical organizations released a statement stating that physician burnout is one of the leading causes for medical errors?  This May, the World Health Organization stated that Burn Outis not only a diagnosis, but a global health crisis.   

Burn Out is officially a global health crisis and its effecting everyone from our childrento our Doctors. Yet, it’s 2019 and we seemingly know all the ways to combat this, right? We know we are stressed, we know what we are ‘supposed to eat’,  we know that 5-7 hours of rigorous exercise a week is optimal and we need 8-9 hours of sleep a nightin complete darkness to maintain long-term neural health. We’ve all heard our 100 hours of health TED talks plus consume ungodly amounts of resources to ‘know’ how to live the best life, yet we aren’t able to get there.

Let’s start with these bodies we live in. These lovely bodies of ours have been through a lot over the last 200,000 years.  Humans have evolved from 4 species into 1, we have lived through generations of mass disease, famine, mass migration patterns that have covered the globe all the while being one of the lowest members in the animal kingdom on the predatory totem pole. We have developed skillsas master communicators and super collaborators while creating ways to offset scarcity of resources and create protection.  Ninety percent of our genes and the behaviors attached to them are directly linked to our needs 15,000-60,000 years ago. 

We are living in an ancient body that has not evolved to handle the kinds of stress we deal with in our very modern world. These bodies don’t know how to process our overly processed food, they don’t know how to adjust to a state of health when we live mostly sedentary 

 lives and our brains are certainly on overload with the abundance of mate choice in our swipe right culture. Never in the history of humankind has work looked the way it does, let alone this mythical life we pursue of work/life balance. We exist in complex ever changing social structures, political structures and augmented eco-systems that just aren’t designed to be in alignment with the basic and simple needs of our body.

What do we do when we are running towards a global catastrophe of mass Burn Out? Let’s circle back to the some of the wisdom that has become common place knowledge and weave that into the fabric of everyday life. Consider the fact that 90% of our genes and behaviors are hardwired into the body. This is both a constant and variable. These genes sequences have very basic primary needs, and when those needs are not met, systemic breakdown occurs. Many of these solutions have become rebranded as a lifestyle choices orwellness trends, these are the answers flooding our news feeds, podcasts and bookshelves. 

These needs would fall into the nutrition, exercise, sleep and safe and healthy home buckets. When these primary needs are not met, your genes are getting a signal that you are living in a resource-deprived state of insecurity. This can trigger a whole host physiological and psychological breakdown; hence the raise of the wellness world to come in and reteach us how to fulfill those needs. We might struggle to prioritize these things, but you must consider that these things are a requirement for humans. The world of wellness isn’t a trend, even though it might be hard to see that at times past the yoga pants clad, mala bead wearing, green smoothie drinking, ‘daily drops of inspiration’ cluttering your feed. 

Here’s the thing, if you want 90% of your genes to serve as the workhorse for your existence, like they were designed to, then you are going to have to remember that you’re a human. This doesn’t mean you need to drop out of your life and Eat, Love, Prayyourself back to balance, but it does mean you can’t put off these requirements. As we know, the world is complicated and unfortunately there are very real economic, political and environmental causes for why these pillars of basic human wellbeing cannot be met for some but let me clear; there are no hacks to get around food, sleep, exercise and safe shelter. 

So, let’s review, Step 1) Remember you’re a human. That comes with a guide to living rule book encoded into our DNA, so I suggest following it at least 90% of the time. Step 2) is what I have been finding most interesting recently and where my focus has been for the last few years. This is that other 10%. This is the part of us that can dream, that can imagine a new future and then build it. This is the part that can explore, collaborate, invent and imagine. Every city ever built came from this part of us, our language center lives here, this is where we dance, where we fall in love, where we experience faith, belief and that intangible desire to exist knowing that we live in a state of ever-impermanence. 

This place in ourselves lives in a space of our brain called the cerebrum. When we don’t live a life that cares for the 90%, the cerebrum does NOT function properly and that will lead to Burn Out. 

I have been playing with the next step of evolution and advancement. Even when we live like a human, modern life can still be heavy, the requirements of thriving are exponentially more challenging than what our brains and bodies have ever dealt with. We exist through and with technology. Both ease and complication have integrated into our every day and we are now achieving human productivity that rates that the world has never seen before. We are being quantified, qualifiedand analyzed at every turn in our ever-connected society. Even when we ‘live like a human’ most of us are still struggling to keep up. Let me be clear, I am pro-technology, I live through the lens of futurism and believe we can create healthy, sustainable, global industry decisions in the world of tech that can improve overall wellbeing for all. In fact, I created a tool to do just that. I wanted to upgrade our Human OS and allow us to acclimate to this new existence we are living in today. I wanted us to get to spend more time in the dream and collaborate state of mind. I wanted to allow our nervous systemto be reprogramed to easily exist on the recovery state rather than the state of stress many of us are wired. I wanted to reprogram our brains so that we don’t experience stress every time our phone buzzes, or we are caught in traffic, or we see a Trump tweet. 

At tune, we created an instrument to upgrade the Human OS. We have created a technology that works with cerebrum and the nervous system. We built this technology to use infrasonic vibrations, that speak directly with our 200,000-year-old bodies. Our bodies are designed as advanced electrical systems, working with clusters of vibrations that send signals to every, organ, tissue and cell in our body. What tune done, is allow for the blockages in those communication channels to dissipate, as well as re-programing the nervous system to exist in the state of recovery rather than stress. 

Though the concept on human upgrade might be complicated, the process of tuning is simple. We consider all modalities that work the way tune does with your brain and body to be Biotuning. There are now yoga studios, at home equipment, versions of meditation, sound therapy and more. Biotuningis actually an ancient version of self-calibration that we have evidence of existing up to 15.000 years ago. 

Mass burn out is a modern-day phenomenon but living like a human and leaning into Biotuning regularly is your secret weapon. Stay Tuned. 

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