How To Relieve Your Stress

Few Stress Relieving Tips

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The ‘stress’ has a bigger part to play in our lives in the current 21st century that we are living in. While it is always seen as a demerit, it is necessarily not always bad. Our ancestors had survived the dangers at multiple times and ensured their survivability, as it was the stress factor only that alerted those cavemen to stay vigilant of the carnivorous animals.

What is Stress?

Stress is a result of hormonal and chemical reactions which release cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine hormones in response to the external pressure. This process invokes a physical reaction whereby the body can choose to either ‘fight’ or ‘flight.’ The other responses that accompany the stress condition include the diversion of blood to muscles and stalling of the unrequired body functions such as digestion.

In simple words-

Stress, while in fewer doses, motivates you to perform with your best when you are under pressure, in higher doses, renders you inefficient with the blood flowing only to the main muscles, resulting in the minimized brain function.
Consequently, the person’s clear thinking ability is hindered and that affects our lives at various points.

How to Relieve Stress While Travelling?

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De-stress yourself by simplifying your to-do list
The feeling of not being able to do all the planned things results in a rushing and stressing state. The fun factor sits aside, and the stress factors cover you up causing you not to enjoy your vacations thoroughly. Instead of wasting your money, time and effort, what you can do is limit your travel to-do list by putting in only those things that you really want. This way, you would be able to create memories and could even get some spare time to try out some other activities. It’s not bad this way, is it?

How to Deal with the stress caused by the thought of getting sick during your traveling?
To deal with this problem, you should drink plenty of fluids, take sufficient rest and stay clean. During your traveling by buses, trains, airplanes, and shuttles, you are exposed to hundreds of people who carry a diversity of germs and follow their own hygiene habits. The best way to stay on a safer side is by keeping your hands and your immediate surrounding surfaces clean by using the antibacterial wipes.

Don’t force your body to overdo in the enthusiasm as this may cause you to collapse in the next 1 or days due to overexertion. Eat safe, stay healthy and keep your stress at bay.
Deal with the stress caused by canceled/delayed flights or trains.

The best way to handle your stress is by keeping calm as there is nothing that you can get done with your frustration. Expressing your anger to the airline staff should not be your priority. Instead, try to be polite and pleasant as that would keep you calm and relaxed. As a result, you will be appropriately facilitated in your travel by the airline staff.

How to De-stress Your Relationships?

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Don’t lose your morals
Times may come in the relationships when you could feel less respected. There might be numerous causes responsible, but disrespecting your partner from your side, in return, would do much harm to relations in a long-term perspective and would create a stressed situation between you two. So, don’t lose your calm or indulge in bad behavior.

Connect with your partner
Situations often go misunderstood leading to negative assumptions which as a result create a stress in your relationships. Try to involve in your relationship efficiently to develop deeper connections by talking walks together, going on vacations, spending individual time, and going for a game night.

Conserve your energy
We generate a limited amount of energy for our daily activities. Stress, being a major consumer of it, deprives you of a sizable portion of your energy, resulting in the tensed and failed relationships. Therefore, try to save your energy and spend it for yourself and your loved ones for a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

Respond, not React
The prominent difference between responding and reacting is the type of emotion involved. A reaction is driven by negative emotional component, whereas responding creates more room for understanding and compassion. While you respond, you work towards maintaining unity and peace in your relationship, which rules out the possibility of any stress.

Put your egos in a closet
What partners in a relationship do? They put their differences aside and fight it out together with a spirit of cooperation if something goes wrong. That’s an ideal way relationship should work rather than bringing your egos in the discussions and taking a defensive stance to blame it on your partner. You should behave positively that would keep your relationships free from stress elements.

How to Reduce Your Business Stress?

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Get your priorities straight
The executives, most of the time, are overwhelmed by the number of things they have to do, making for their stressful situation. The best way to tackle such situations is by sorting out your to-do list. Write all the things you have to do and encircle the points that are most important out of them. That would much help you in precisely knowing the actual situation whereby you will realize that the heap of work is smaller than you thought.

Organize and tidy your surrounding
If you are feeling demotivated and stressed out, the first thing you should do is organize your environment. This activity would invoke a feeling of control that, according to psychology, is strongly correlated with well-being.

The three-breath release method
This is a great psychological way of de-stressing for entrepreneurs and executives. To perform it, take a deep breath and exhale slowly by imagining that your stress and problems are leaving your body. Repeat it for three times, and you can feel the refreshed state of your body and mind by yourself.

Help others
Several studies have indicated that helping others is closely associated with being happy. When you start helping people around you, you devote more of your time to their happiness rather than your own problems and tensions.

The association of both may seem strange, but the fact is, that in a corporate world, people focus more on their problems, situations, and issues that consequently surround them with the stress and strain.

General Advice

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Use kawaii squishes or therapy balls
Kawaii squishy toys are an upgraded version of the classic stress-buster; stress balls. We tend to clench physically in a stressed out a situation and that is where the kawaii squishes or stress balls play their role. By squeezing them, you release your extra energy that is contaminated by negativities and thereby inducing you to a relaxed state.

You might have seen people throwing things and breaking glasses to express their stress, tension, and anger. These balls and toys absorb that anger of yours to relieve you of your stress. The other variants of kawaii squishes and stress-balls come as squeeze balls, koosh ball, splat balls, foam balls, water & gel balls, puffer balls, porcupine balls and therapy balls.
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