How To Overcome Your Wanderlust During Quarantine Due To Pandemic Lockdown

While you are at home in quarantine mode, there are many things you can do to overcome your wanderlust. No we are not only talking about movies and reading books, there is more.

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How to Overcome Wanderlust

In the event of a global pandemic lockdown, people are self-isolating to prevent the spread of coronavirus. No one can travel until the doors will open. With so much free time in hand, there are some productive things we call can do at home during this lockdown? From cleaning your house to trying out new recipes, there’s a lot that can be done in this extra time. Below are 10 ways to help you structure your day and enjoy your lockdown days.

10 Ways to Overcome Your Wanderlust During The Pandemic Lockdown

1. Explore new hobbies

Millions of people are looking for ways to stay entertained at home. If your day is revolving around eating, sleeping, and watching TV, it’s time you start looking for new hobbies. Trying a new hobby can be good for your mental health and it can help you keep sane in this tough time. With most of us spending time at home, it’s important to prioritise your health. From learning a new language to painting, knitting, photography, learning to play a guitar, etc. there are many things you can try to make the most out of your free time.

2. Help cleaning home

Take part in doing house chores. Set a daily task to clean your home. For example, on the first day you can clean your garden, after this, you can clean your windows. The day after tomorrow you can clean your home appliances like oven, stove, refrigerator or your furniture. This will go a long way, you can start cleaning from your own room.

3. Reorganize and rearrange your room and home

Are you tired of seeing the same old sofa in your home? As the pandemic lockdown is going on, this might be a good time to reorganize your home and decorate your room. Change the curtains, move their chairs and tables around the house to make a new setting.

In addition to moving things, you can free up spaces in drawers by organizing everything, you can store all the important things in one place, and throw away all the unnecessary things occupying space. Whether its receipts, bills, medical prescriptions or financial documents, you can use your time to sort out everything.

4. Learn to Cook

Cooking has become a good time pass during this quarantine. If you don’t know how to cook, don’t worry. Cooking is no rocket science; you can get recipe books or watch online videos or you can start with homemade recipes. However, in this lockdown, cooking needs to be done solely – don’t involve your partner or kids or call a bunch of your friends at home. If you need some entertainment, put on some good music and enjoy cooking.

5. Finish reading a book

The lockdown is a perfect time for reading your favorite book. If you have been trying to find time to read a book, now is the time. Take out a thick novel and start reading, this is a good time pass and it can help you enhance your knowledge of history, culture, people, and society. According to research, reading books makes you smart and empathetic.

If reading is not your thing, you can do your homework and get ahead of your class. It is a good opportunity to learn or ask someone to write my essay so help you out. Perhaps, a great way to pass time in this lockdown is to grab your course book and start reading.

If you come out of quarantine without learning a new skill, you lack discipline not time.


6. Watch movies and TV series

With all this extra time, there is no better option than catching up Netflix movies and series. Take this opportunity and make your lockdown days count by watching all your favorite TV shows. Instead of watching the news about the pandemic, it’s best to start watching something new.

Some may call it escape, but watching a movie or show can be good for your sanity at this time. If you’re a fan of thriller movies, you can watch Don’t Breathe. In addition, there’s a list of horror and mysterious series on Netflix that you can binge-watch and enjoy your time.

7. Eat healthy and maintain a good diet

Since fast-food dine-in and delivery are unavailable nowadays, it’s a good opportunity to eat healthy and maintain a good diet. There are many healthy recipes you can try at home. The internet is filled with home cooking inspirations, you can find recipes of most popular chefs on their Instagram feed and short videos of their self-isolation recipes. From simply grilled sandwiches to pasta, you can find countless recipes to try in the time of isolation.

8. Workout at home

If you are worried about your daily routine: Eat, sleep, and repeat. It can result in you gaining weight in no time. A good way to spend your free time is to start working out at home during quarantine. There are many workout videos uploaded online to choose from as a workout exercise at home. Take out time, you have all day to take 30 minutes workout at home.

According to a study, people should engage themselves for at least three weeks or 21 days to develop a habit. Even the WHO recommends to stay physically active during self-quarantine to maintain your health. Many fitness experts agree with the fact that you can start seeing visible differences after this time. If you want to get better, you can start yoga or Pilates or take a functional training class online. Currently, many yoga and fitness instructors are offering online courses. You can look them up on social media platforms and contact them.

9. Enjoy family time

If you are a working member of the family, you can’t spend quality time with your family, other than weekends. In this lockdown period, you have a perfect chance to enjoy family time. Make the most out of this lockdown by sharing old memories, watching old recordings, or watching a movie. Go through old albums and recall old stories. A study reveals that going through old albums makes you happier than watching TV or listening to music. It can work as a great mood enhancer as people can see their favorite photos and remember old memories.

10. Take time to meditate

Meditation is one of the most important factor to have peace in your lives and attract positive energy. Many people meditate regularly to keep themselves sane. If you look at the benefits, meditation can have positive impacts on your mental health as it can help reduce your stress, calm you down, let you focus, and improve your mood. Research suggests that meditation can make your brain function well by helping your brain organize thoughts. With so many benefits, everyone should include meditation in their daily routine. Don’t just meditate, try to maintain this into your routine schedule after the lockdown.

Have fun while you’re at home

Many of us wanted some free time at home, and we have it now. Use this time to shape up and evolve yourself. While there are plenty of things that one can do at staying home, take this opportunity to clean up, organize your home, or catch up with friends on a video call. Have fun even and enjoy your family time as you are gonna miss it too.

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