How to Motivate Staffs to Work at home during COVID-19 Pandemic

Delivering while Working at Home

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Work at Home

COVID-19 pandemic is becoming the word in everyone’s mouth; hence staffs have no option but to work at home.  

So many people have lost their jobs. Businesses are closing. Moreover, the movement of people is limited.

Government directives have forced companies to release their staff from the offices. It’s not easy to do your work in the comfort of your home.

Most important of all, companies have a significant role to play to enable effective work delivery. Companies have come up with new ways to motivate their staff in different ways.  Let’s see some of the examples.

1.     Communication

For any work done effectively, communication is the key. Companies can motivate their staff by having standard morning calls, video calls, or messages. The move will inspire the team.

Be ready to know about their current situations. Be interested in updating them about the current state of the company.  Also update of the current affairs is also essential.

If any individual is affected, let the others know. Solidarity of the staff is the key, even if they do work at home.

2.     Share your Vision of the Company

A company can show concern to its staff by sharing its vision.  Individually, every staff will be in a better position to implement it comfortably, even if they are away from the office. Additionally, each staff will understand their role better to deliver the vision.

To achieve the business’s purpose, companies will have to motivate their staff and eventually work at home will be more comfortable.

3.     Set weekly Goals

At the same time, setting small, achievable goals will automatically motive them.  Set weekly goals, which will increase work production to rise.  Within the week, production will increase.

To keep up the excellent work done, have some rewards.  Thus, set time and place to do the rewarding.  Staff, being motivated, will help to maintain the company during this pandemic season. Be keen on rewarding as some may have challenges to be considered.

4.     Having Friendly Policies

For all staff to work at home is not easy. Those who have families, especially being surrounded by them, they face a real challenge. For this purpose, time management becomes vital here.

A company can motivate their staff by coming up with friendly policies to favor all. For instance, they can introduce work shifts. Leaders should communicate with each staff and establish the best time for them.

5.     Show Your Trust on Them

If initially there was no trust, this is the right time to create it. A company can gain staff trust during this time. Sharing the company’s information with your staff, however, will increase the rate of faith.

Staff working at home needs to be trusted. Besides, there is no supervision.  After earning the trust of the leaders, they will know the company is depending on their productivity.  Involve your staff to air their contributions towards the betterment of the company. However, learn to listen to their views.

6.     Meeting Employers Needs

Companies are required to meet their staffs’ needs for sound production.  As the staffs work at home, the company should consider their wellbeing. Leaders communicate with the staff at an individual level – an excellent chance for those who have challenges to speak. Any staff undergoing trials, leaders should chip into their help.  Financial support is a must for a joyous production.

7.     Use Modern Technology as you Work at Home

Using modern technology can make your staff comfortable to work for the company. Also, virtual meetings are a solution in such situations. Meeting once or twice a week will be suitable. In all cases, avoid discrimination as other staff stays different lifestyles.

Thus, a suitable modern technology to accommodate all to be used. Staff should be allowed to air their questions and contribute towards the betterment of the company-leaders to focus on the company’s vision.

8.     Saving on Rent and Every Day Expenses

A company will save a lot while their staffs work at home. For example, expenses on rent, traveling allowances, tea, lunch, and other office services will decrease. A company will minimize on moving costs and simple handouts.  A company can partly use the saved to increase the level of motivating the staff.

Parting Shot

Motivating your staff will help a company achieve its vision even in hard times, and some jobs require an office while some can work at home. The company should appreciate what the staff will deliver.

While you work at home, some families while have added advantages. Some staffs become so committed to their jobs, ending up having little time with their families. A decrease in some domestic violence cases which have been in rising will go down.

Some companies might end up adopting the system of staff to work at home. Thus, with the right motivation, it will work out.

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