How to Minimise Stress and Burnout as a Publicist in this Digital Age and in this Season of Covid19

It’s easy to overwork when you are trying to get massive results for your PR clients. However you’ve got to remember that you matter, your health matters and your wellness matters.

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Working as a Publicist can be highly impactful, after all you are helping leaders, authors, speakers and public figures to be seen in the media which gives them opportunity to sell more of their products and services, raise their credibility, increase their visibility and make a bigger impact online and in the world at large.

However as with most careers and roles being a Publicist can have its ups and downs, just like a roller coaster. Perhaps you have tasted how demanding this role can be at times and maybe you’ve found yourself wondering if this work is just too much for you. It’s easy to overwork when you are trying to get massive results for your clients. However you’ve got to remember that you matter, your health matters and your wellness matters. 

If you’d like to reduce stress and overwhelm then totally check out some of the tips and ideas that I have listed below to help you manage your workload and your PR client work so that you don’t burn out and lose heart.

Manage your Client Expectations in Relation to your Office Hours:

Let your clients know exactly what your office hours are and when you aren’t available so that they know what to expect from the get go. I usually don’t do any PR and Media Coaching/Publicist work on Saturdays, however I usually don’t mind doing a couple hours of Publicist work on a Sunday evening after Church (and after a few family activities). I also love to switch off from client work from around 6pm (Monday to Friday). I might have a couple of days here and there where I work until 10pm/11pm (to meet those important deadlines) but I don’t make this a habit (neither should you). For you to be a great Publicist you need to eat healthy, sleep well and exercise so that you can truly work effectively. So truly look at your schedule and look for ways to minimise your working hours so that you can be more productive and more efficient in the long run. Do what makes sense for you and your schedule and update your team and your clients. 

Consider Raising your Rates:

When was the last time that you gave yourself a pay rise? Chances are you are still charging the same rate that you charged 3 years ago. Sometimes to reduce stress and burn out you need to look at your income and see if it’s truly sustainable. Do your fees light you up and make you feel invigorated? Or does it make you feel as dim as a dull coloured light bulb? If you are doing an exceptional job but you are constantly under-earning it’s going be difficult for you to feel your best and to up your game. So consider raising your rates today. If you are adding tons of value to your clients it’s time you get the pay rise that you deserve.

Schedule in at Least Two Holidays a Year: 

I must admit that I’ve been guilty of not really scheduling in holidays (those holidays where you completely switch off from work) so I’ve sometimes found myself working a bit too much (in the lead up to Christmas day) and even during my trips abroad. Sometimes we think that this has no effect on our happiness, wellness or our business but the truth is we sometimes ruin our holidays and ruin our joy by overworking and all it does is cause resentment and a lack of productivity. Set aside some quality time where you switch off and enjoy your holidays and trips to the full so that you go back to work feeling energised and ready to conquer any task that comes your way.

Hire More Help:

Booking your clients out with media opportunities is something that can truly be rewarding and exciting, however it’s so if you are doing it all alone, working ridiculous hours. In order to reduce stress and burn out you have to realise that you can’t do all of your PR work on your own, trying to do it all will hurt you and your business in the long run, one of the ways to handle your workload is to hire help. Hire more team members who can support you with your workload and your activities. This could be a couple of virtual assistants, an online business manager, a social media manager or even consider hiring a Coach or a Consultant to help you move your business to the next level. Also attend events such as PR Conferences, Seminars and Virtual Training days so that you can learn new information, make new connections, network and upgrade your skills.

Track your Publicist Work for Each Client in a Spreadsheet:

One of the ways that I effectively manage all of the pitches and follow ups that I do for my PR clients is to track everything in a spreadsheet. I give each client weekly updates and give them access to the spreadsheet so that they can see all updates and latest booked interviews. This has been a great way for me to stay organised, reduce overwhelm and it’s also a great way for my clients to stay motivated and inspired knowing that media interviews and media bookings are happening (or that they are just about to happen). Spreadsheets are a game changer, stay using them from today.

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