How to Manifest Something You Want [Your 7-Step Manifestation Blueprint]

Use This Manifesting Blueprint to Manifest Like a Boss

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how to manifest something you want

What do you hope to achieve this year? Do you have goals set for the next year?

Some people want to make more money. Others are looking to buy a house for the first time or find that special someone.

Wanting things like this is part of our nature. Expecting it to arrive on a silver platter without putting in any work for it is a different story.

You’ll find get-rich-quick schemes all over the Internet. Scammers hit you over the phone, by email, and even in person to take what you’ve got.

How can you tell what is real from the fake nonsense out there?

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Manifestation Is a Real Process That Changes Your Mindset

Manifestation is a potent practice that can produce incredible results when you combine it with a willingness to take action.

The first step toward any definition of success involves your mindset. If you’re not willing to change, the status quo is the only thing you’ll experience in life.

With manifestation, you start visualizing the outcomes you want to achieve. Notice that “hope” isn’t in that previous sentence.

You want these things. You visualize how to achieve your goals.

That’s how your brain starts creating the energy needed to obtain them.

Have you ever noticed how negative people come around you more often when you’re in a sour mood? What happens when you have a smile on your face because you’re experiencing joy?

The negativity often disappears because positive people get attracted to that energy.

That’s what the manifestation process follows. It’s a blueprint that helps you align your thoughts with meaningful actions so that you can achieve your lifelong goals.

What Are the 7 Steps to Follow?

If you’re ready to start the journey toward manifestation, these seven steps can help you achieve the mindset needed for a successful result.

1. The Power of Writing

  • Write the goals or dreams you have in a notebook. Find the nicest pen you have at home or work to create this contract with yourself. This moment should feel like a special occasion.
  • Use your best handwriting when documenting the goals or dreams you want to accomplish.
  • As you write each one, visualize what the outcome looks like when you reach the end of your journey.
  • Each item becomes a contract made with yourself that says you are staying accountable to the manifestation process.
  • Document everything that comes to mind during this step to have it download into your long-term memory.

2. The Power of Visualization

  • After you wake up the next morning, visualize what it looks like to accomplish your goals or dreams for the day.
  • Make sincere efforts to create forward progress toward those desired outcomes.
  • When you have moments of downtime at work or home, bring your thoughts back to the items you wrote in your notebook.
  • Take a few minutes, sit with your eyes closed, and think about how you’ll feel after accomplishing your goals.
  • Before going to bed each night, repeat the same visualization exercise. What will it look like tomorrow to reach for your dreams?
  • During your visualization, look for specific items that offer depth to the experience. These elements are hints that your mind provides to help you pick out the correct path to follow each day.

3. The Power of a Role Model

  • Role models can be anyone you admire. It can be someone from your family, a historical figure, or someone famous.
  • Research the individual that you admire. Please keep in mind that a role model is not the same as an idol. You’re not placing these people on pedestals because your goal is to achieve similar results.
  • If videos of this person are available, take some time to watch them.
  • Repeat the same behaviors of your role model. If they get up at 4 AM to go to the gym, you’ll do the same thing. Think about what they eat, how they talk, and what habits they follow daily.
  • Modeling these behaviors within your routine can get you closer to achieving your goals. You’re trying to walk in their shoes until you can stand on your own two feet.

4. The Power of a Mentor

  • None of us achieve success alone. We all get help from friends and family to reach our eventual goals or dreams.
  • Even role models and famous icons had mentors who helped guide them to their personalized definition of success.
  • Ask someone to be your mentor. This individual should be a person you explicitly trust. There cannot be any secrets between you and them.
  • Work with your mentor to outline additional steps you might need to take to achieve your goals.
  • Be accountable for your actions. If you didn’t work on something, tell this person what happened. Mistakes are not failures if you learn from the experience.

5. The Power of Action

  • Work on the tasks your mentor outlines for you daily.
  • Manifestation is not magic. It requires a significant amount of sweat equity to reach a successful conclusion.
  • Be bold and have courage. Some tasks may be challenging to complete. Instead of focusing on the difficult circumstances, think about what the results will be for your long-term vision.
  • Remember to look back at your past successes. It can be easy to forget about where your journey started.
  • You will get results if you keep working toward your goals and dreams.

6. The Power of Joy

  • Look forward to the events you experience each day. Although it may be physically, mentally, or spiritually challenging to pursue some actions, keep your emotions directed toward the eventual result.
  • Focus on the element of each task. Explore how the small things you work on each day contribute to your overall happiness.
  • Savor the successes when they come. Don’t be afraid to reward yourself for the hard work you put into those moments.
  • Tap into your energy centers by directing your attention to the expected results instead of the fatigue you might feel.
  • Be forgiving of yourself. When you love who you are, it is easier to find the right path toward the things you love to do.

7. The Power of Asking

  • Ask people questions whenever you can. Their answers can expand your knowledge base, creating a more efficient path to your goals and dreams.
  • Ask your mentor if you can shadow them. Seeing how they interact with difficult circumstances makes it easier to handle stressful situations.
  • Ask someone to invest in who you are or what you want to accomplish.
  • Be brave enough to take the first step by asking for the help you need. If someone responds, be willing to take them up on their offer.

Are You Ready to Start Manifesting?

You can have the things you want. Manifestation can help you achieve them!

Please remember that manifestation is the alignment of thought and action. Write down your goal and visualize it every day.

Don’t try to do all of this work alone. Reach out to a mentor and have the courage to ask for what you want.

Enjoy every step along the way to your dream. Life is too short to stay focused on the negativity that wants to surround you. Embrace your positivity.

Happy manifesting!

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