How to Manifest Anything You Want with the Law of Attraction

So, you want to manifest everything you desire?

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So, you want to manifest everything you desire? You’re ready to put the Law of Attraction (LOA) to work for you.

You’ve read/watched The Secret. You know all about the Law of Attraction and how “thoughts become things”. You get the basic concept that like attracts like. You’ve done gratitude lists, and you’ve journaled about what you want. You’ve asked the Universe for what you want with the greater good of yourself of others in mind. You trust the process, and you’re even taking the steps to help get there yourself.

But… it’s not happening.

The things you desire seem out of reach, or maybe it feels like the exact opposite is happening.

So why isn’t it working for you?

There’s something important to know about the law of attraction: You could be sabotaging your own efforts without even knowing it. In fact, just the act of wanting something creates a sense of lack, and you cannot manifest from a place of lack. This is the danger of the LOA that a lot of people don’t talk about. When you want something, you bring that energy of lack to your life. Think about it for a minute: if you want something, it’s because you don’t have it. When you focus on how you don’t have it, or how you don’t have enough of it (such as when wanting more money), you’re coming at it from a place of lack. This can severely hurt your manifestation efforts, but we’ll get to that more later.

Another potential problem is that you don’t fully believe. It’s one thing to HOPE the Law of Attraction works to bring you the things you want, but it’s another thing to KNOW that the Universe will meet your needs, no matter what. To truly believe is to feel it in your bones, without any doubt, and to know that the things you desire are on their way to you. When you have doubts, you’re actually asking the LOA to prove to you it doesn’t work. You’re expecting (even if it’s just a small part of you) that it will fail, and the Universe comes through and gives you your expectations.

So, if you want to make the LOA work, here are some tips.

Here are some steps to manifesting anything you want (including CASH):

  1. Get clear on what you want. Ask and ye shall receive, right? So the very first step is to get clear on what it is you want. Take some time to journal about it. Meditate on it. Get real with yourself about what is really important and what you really need and want. Once you know what it is, it’s time to ask for it.
  2. Ask the Universe for it. Then, you ask for it. It’s one thing to have a list of the things you want, but the next step is to amplify that message to the Universe. When the Universe is very clear on what you want (see Step 3 next as well), then it will help things fall into place for you to get just what you’re trying to manifest. Don’t leave it up to chance – say what you want. Say it often, and b specific about it.
  3. Be specific. It’s not enough to just ask for what you want. You may end up getting it and it’s not what you really expected or wanted. It’s imperative that you are very specific. Don’t just say you want to make more money. You might get a $0.50 raise or find a few coins on the street. If what you’re really looking for is $2K more a month, or $25K more annually, then ask for that specifically. It’s a very important step in the process.
  4. Take steps to reach your goals yourself. Now, you need to meet the Universe part-way. Get out there and start taking action. Begin doing the things that will help you reach your goals. You can’t just sit back and wish for it. You need to show the Universe that you are willing to do your part. Take action and don’t stop taking action until you reach your goals and start on the next one.
  5. Trust that it will happen. It’s also important that you truly trust in the process. If you have doubts, it will create blocks (more on this later). When you don’t fully believe it’s going to happen, it gets in the way of your ability to manifest and receive.
  6. Receive and acknowledge with gratitude. You may not know it, but the Universe is always giving you help. There are little signs around us every day, but sometimes we miss them. You need to open your eyes and open your heart. Be grateful when you see signs from the Universe and it will continue to give you more of what you want. A great way to get started with this idea is to create a gratitude journal. Try to write down at least 10 things each day that you are thankful for. You should also include anything that happened that day to bring you closer to your goals and the things you are trying to manifest.
  7. Raise your vibrations. It’s also very important that you keep your vibrations high. You need to feel joy each and every day. This might sound hard if you’re not really where you want to be in life, but with practice, you can learn to do it. You are in control of your own happiness. You get to choose to feel joy, or not. Spend time thinking positive, being thankful, meditating, or doing something that makes you happy and keeps your vibrations high. Staying in a positive mood is the best way to be sure you continue to attract more positive into your life.
  8. Clear out blocks and resistances. Now, we need to talk about blocks and resistances. If you’re not manifesting what you want in life, there’s a good chance something you’re doing is standing in the way. Resistances include doubts, fear, regrets, anxiety, frustrations, procrastination, pain, and resentment. All of these will get in the way of your ability to manifest.

Here’s what might be wrong if you’re doing these steps but it’s not working: 

  1. You doubt the process.
  2. You have not cleared your blocks.
  3. You have lack mentality.

As mentioned above, if you doubt the process, you’re sabotaging your own ability to manifest. You simply cannot manifest when you don’t trust the process. Doubts are natural, but you need to take time to address them and then to clear them away. Doubt comes from fear and fear is the enemy of manifestation. You also need to clear your money blocks. Go over your past stories with money. What does your history tell you about rich people, or about how you handle money? What do your past experiences tell you that you deserve? Are you holding onto any BS stories that say you don’t deserve abundance or happiness? It’s time to get rid of those now. Finally, if you’re coming at it from a lack mentality, you need to work on that so you don’t sabotage your own progress.

How LACK messes with your ability to manifest: 

Now, if you’re trying to attract love, or more money, or something else that you greatly desire into your life, you run the risk of feeling lack. Think about it – if you already had this thing, you wouldn’t want for it, right?

The problem is, when you’re coming from a place of lack, you’re missing something. You’re focusing on what you DON’T have, and then you inadvertently attract more of the same. If deep inside, you’re feeling lack about what you are trying to manifest, the law of Attraction will respond more strongly to that feeling of lack, and give you more of that instead of what you really want. So, what do you do about it?

The best way to combat a lack mentality is to practice daily gratitude. You need to do more than just say “thanks”. You need to truly feel it and experience it with your whole body and mind. You need to feel it more strongly than you feel the lack, so the LOA picks up on that and gives you more of the things you truly appreciate. This can be tough if you’re going through a hard time, but there are always things to feel grateful for. Once you practice it daily, you’ll find it gets easier.

Now that you are armed with this information, you’re ready to start manifesting. Why not start right now with a small, 24-hour goal that you can easily measure? When you see the results, you’ll be even more motivated to keep at it. Soon, you’ll be a master at manifesting anything you want!

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