How to make yourself learn?

Everyone knows that learning is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. Every day, the student has to pack up for school, sit in class, memorize a ton of new information, write it down, answer to the whole class and write tests. But this is not the most difficult one, since besides this they […]

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Everyone knows that learning is not so simple as it might seem at first glance. Every day, the student has to pack up for school, sit in class, memorize a ton of new information, write it down, answer to the whole class and write tests. But this is not the most difficult one, since besides this they have to return home, where again they continue their studies – read the paragraphs, do the exercises received at home, learn poems and solve complex problems. Therefore, do not say, but learning is a titanic work, especially for a child. There is nothing surprising in the fact that with such a tough regime, not all children stand, some of them begin to skip classes, do not do homework, etc. However, forcing a child to learn is not the surest way out of the situation. You need to approach the educational process carefully

In general, the question “How to force yourself to learn” is most often asked by students, since there is more control over the school desk: both teachers monitor your performance, and parents “push” you for poor grades, and other students do not respect you if you are constantly in the “losers” of academic performance. In lyceums, institutes and universities, control leaves the student. Since you are already considered an adult, who himself has the right to decide how to study him: good or bad. However, such freedom somewhat intoxicates a young man or girl and not everyone knows how to come to their senses in time and think about the fact that with such a wild life they can slide down the stairs of life. And then the student asks himself a difficult, but rather interesting question: “But how to force yourself to study ??”. Today you will find out the answer!

12 ways to get yourself to learn

Set the task correctly! First of all, you (the student) must correctly set yourself a task or goal. Think not about how to force yourself to study, but about how to start a good study , because you still, in fact, study and will continue to study. The statement of the problem is very important, the person is a rather strange creature, and if you force yourself to something, your subconscious mind will oppose this and will interfere with the planned tasks (to teach lessons, listen to the teacher, etc.). Moreover, from such disobedience you will receive much more pleasure than from following your goal.

If you formulate your question in a different way, for example: “How to finish this year perfectly?” Or “How to start studying well this semester?”, You won’t notice how you start looking for ways to get a good mark in school, that is, your consciousness will begin to work in the promotion of the subconscious, focusing on a positive result. 

The psychological aspect is very important in the learning process, so try not to force yourself to study, but to look for a good reason that can change your attitude towards studying in a favorable direction. But more about that in the next paragraph. 

Find the motivation (reason) to study well.As we said, the reason for learning is the best method in learning. Your task is to find an incentive that would work in your case. Motivations are of a different nature, for example, some have the following phrase: If you do not start studying, then you will be expelled from the educational institution the next semester! Although this appeal will not work for another person. 

For most, the prospect is a good motivation, but for some, the long-term perspective works: If I finish this university perfectly, I can get a job with a high salary and the ability to move up the career ladder. For others, the prospect should be closer and more real:If I finish the last semester well, then my father will buy a ticket to the camp, where I will go with friends for the whole summer! 

We do not know what can make you study, but we know for sure that there is such a motivation. Find her! In general, we would say that the incentive to study occupies one of the dominant roles in learning, if it is found and used by a student, then he is able to achieve incredible success. 

If you are a parent and are reading this article in the hope that you can understand how to make the child learn, we would advise you to learn about his relationship in the classroom. Sometimes the motivation to learn disappears precisely because of conflicts with other children. This happens especially often with adolescents, who rarely want to study at a school or other educational institution. 

Arrange your workplace.It would seem that such a petty question as arranging a student’s workplace can affect learning, but believe me, it can radically change the speed of homework and its quality. We agree that lying on the bed with a tablet or laptop is quite nice to do “homework”, but completely ineffective. Since in a lying state a person remembers and understands it much worse, and most importantly – more slowly. This is due to the physiological characteristics of the structure of human organs. Try to allocate a small place in your house where you will deal exclusively with matters related to training. A special feature of this place should be that it will not have a computer, nor a laptop, nor a tablet, nor a mobile phone. Only necessary notebooks, books and stationery (pen,

A computer or other technique can be very distracting from the learning process. After all, you have a lot of temptations: icq, skype, VKontakte, interesting sites, movies, music, games, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to it only in those cases when it is specifically required to perform a particular task. 

Those who are used to the fact that there should always be a computer on the desktop without it, the table seems boring and dull, we advise you to arrange everything on the table in such a way that it looks beautiful and interesting: buy new bright stationery, replace a boring desk lamp with new and original. In addition, it is better to place the table near the window so that not only daylight illuminates the workplace, but also the view from the window allows you to distract or vice versa to concentrate.

If the computer takes away a lot of free time from you, but you cannot resist it, we advise you to think about the fact that computer radiation is harmful to human health: it impairs vision, there are ailments associated with the gastrointestinal tract, and there are problems with the nervous system. 

Change your clothing style.Of course, clothes can not make you start to learn, but their style can serve as a wave of the starting flag for the athlete. Let us explain in more detail: each of us knows how to distinguish a good student from a bad one. A good student is always dressed neatly and strictly (especially for boys), which can not be said about a bad student, his style is always radically different from that which should be worn in an educational institution. So, when this very “not very good” student comes to class in a strict suit, his attitude to him changes dramatically, both among students and among the teaching staff. And the first thought that arises among those around “Is it possible that Ivanov (for example) has finally taken up his mind and began to study ?!” Yes, yes, with the help of the usual change of image, you can achieve such changes in relation to yourself. Naturally after

Create a fun activity from learning (associative card method). You probably noticed that many girls in your group, at lectures, do not record in solid text, but using various markers and quotes. Their recorded lectures are often not just a few pages of teacher’s handwritten phrases, but a masterpiece of art: important phrases are written in a different color, the rules are highlighted in various rectangular tables. The text has a lot of underlining and highlighting with marker or other ink. Even small sketches are made in pencil and under the ruler. Do you think they’re just doing nonsense ?! Mistaken, they turn a boring lecture into an interesting lesson, engaged in coloring and highlighting the main points. In addition, at home it will be easier for them to remember this information, since they remember the terms not only in meaning, but also visually, which allows faster and better to remember information.

When it is difficult to remember any information, try to understand it not literally, but through analogies. For example: to remember the name “Battle of Borodino”, it is possible with the help of its analogy with the “Borodino bread”; remember the initials of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, you can, as “Pushkin – ace (the best specialist).” Examples may not be the most successful, the main thing is to learn the meaning and use it in your training.

To make the training even more interesting and comfortable, buy notebooks with beautiful covers, keep convenient and bright notebooks and use colorful stickers to remind you. Change pens more often and choose them not only for comfort in writing, but also for a beautiful or unusual design. From time to time, use pens whose ink smells, a delicious smell will also cheer you up, and when you open the notebook you will not only remember your duties, but also some delicious fruit or chewing gum.

Encourage yourself for success. It is difficult to make a teenager or adult young man (girl) study, but this is quite possible. Use methods of encouragement for this, for example: you have unlearned today and have not received a single bad mark – praise yourself and allow yourself to walk for an hour or two today. And if you also got a good mark in an important subject, then you can still reward yourself with something delicious (chips, chocolate or pizza). Passed an exam or a test – a bigger prize is supposed to be here: go with friends to a club, cafe or a disco. Remember that promotion should only be if you truly deserve it. If you are guilty, then there can be no question of any prize or rest. You must realize the sweetness of victory and the bitterness of defeat.

Evaluate yourself for success soberly and honestly, sometimes a stretched four deserves more praise than a solid five. In addition to grades, you can reward yourself for the learned tickets, completed homework, going to the library, active work in the lesson, etc. That is, the results can be expressed in completely different ways. Do not get hung up on estimates. It would be better to focus on the knowledge gained. After all, as we know, the assessments that teachers give us are not always objective. 

The first step is hard to do! The most difficult moment in learning is the first step, the beginning of the process. Admit to yourself how often it happened that you delayed homework until the last hours of your wakefulness ?! Probably often – after all, there are always things that seem more important than homework. Agree that starting homework is always harder than finishing it. It is so?! 

The main reason for a difficult start is banal laziness. Homework may turn out to be a matter of 15 minutes, but you need to sit down for it, start thinking, and how you don’t want to do it. The faster you overcome laziness in yourself, the faster you will start to study well. 

Learn well from the first semester!If you decide to finish this year with good grades and show yourself in the best light before teachers, parents and friends, then start to study well from the first semester. Do not put things off until later. At the beginning of the year (after the holidays), all tasks will accumulate gradually, and this is a chance to solve them quickly and correctly. If you pull, then towards the end of this year or a semester you will get an unpleasant situation, there will be little time before the end, and there will be many tasks and tasks. And you will already think not about good grades, but about how to manage to pass the subject before the session. Learn to distribute the training load evenly and then you will surely succeed! 

Work more in the classroom so that less is left at home.A tricky way for those who know how to value their time. It often happens that the teacher manages to finish the lesson before the call and, in order not to burden you with unnecessary information, offers to go about their business. We don’t advise you to waste this time, you are still at school, at your desk and can’t talk loudly with friends, so use this time properly: start your homework. Also you can use clipboards, like Samsung FLIP as an addition to their basic tools, to help yourself for teaching. Let not on this subject, but on another, even if not for tomorrow. No matter! The main thing is that you save yourself time at home, which means that you can take an extra 10-20 minutes to walk with friends in the fresh air.

Organize contests and marathons.Try to negotiate with your parents for a kind of competition in which they will sponsor prizes. For example: if you receive only good grades in algebra over the next two weeks, then they, after these two weeks, buy a new mobile phone (for example). Time and gift may vary depending on your academic success earlier, as well as on the well-being of the family. If you set the conditions for a year or a semester, then consider two factors, firstly, for six months or a year, the family budget may change (and not always for the better), so try to get guarantees from this or that purchase from your parents. Secondly, keep in mind that it is very, very difficult to motivate yourself by buying the same bike all year long. Sooner or later, you may not hold up the bar.

Manage your time correctly. Try to study and relax according to the established regimen. For example, right after classes, do not come and sit down at the computer, but come and sit at the kitchen table, eat, then go do homework, and go out for a walk or go to a club in the evening. Thus, you will always know that at this time you need to do homework and not rest. Do not be afraid to experiment with your regimen, as you will not force some to study right after lessons, they first need rest, and they start lessons the next day early in the morning, but this regimen is rather risky, as there is always a chance to oversleep. 

Develop your willpower.Sometimes it happens that no competition and no motivation can make a student begin to study. In such cases, there is only one piece of advice: “Grit your teeth, gather all your willpower into a fist and by all means, start learning! Not because I want it so much, but because it is so NECESSARY! ” Thus, you will develop your willpower, which in the future will come in handy more than once. Good luck

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