How To Make The Most of Your Time?

When the Universe puts you at Home!

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Time is a finite commodity we all have. Yet, we treat it as something infinite. Besides, we plan and act as such. However, you can make the most of it and extract the best from it if you possess, one specific skill.

What do you think that is?

No, it’s not time management or passion or anything effervescent. Its self-discipline!

It’s telling yourself that you have is a limited amount of time and you need to make the most of it. That subliminal thought should allow you to take every step away from procrastination, from laziness and force you into the behavior you want to execute, in order to realize and achieve your goals, no matter how big & small. All the talk about efficiency, productivity, and laser-sharp focus is great but means nothing without self-discipline. In a busy world, we all feel pressed for time, and when the time decides to stall, such as now, with you at home, among your loved ones, what do you feel most pressed for? Remember, all that you do in your personal or professional life is not about adding hours to your day but about adding value to your time, your life.

First, pause a moment and evaluate your priorities.

What are your values, goals & expectations? Have you been spending your time with a focus on these? Many of us have wished for more time with our loved ones and now that you have it, what are you doing with it? Are you really spending time together or are each of you wrapped up with your respective smart devices?

Know what your real priorities are and commit to pursuing them.

Next, weave lighter stress-free moments in your day.

We tend to run every day throughout the week, as though we are on a marathon, in the hope of finding respite during weekends and vacations. Yet, the time to unwind is never enough. Find moments in your everyday plan to destress. Take a moment to laugh your heart out at a pure silly joke. Identify what helps you unwind and find a time during your day to do just that. Don’t cheat yourself for you are helping no one with burnout.

Learn to relax, rejuvenate and be at your productive best.

Pay attention to your body, mind and soul.

No task is worth accomplishing if you do not find pleasure and fulfillment in it. And that, you will find when you develop a zest for life! Which, again is only possible when you cherish a healthy body & mind. Treat yourself to a healthy diet and use moderate exercise as a daily routine. Feed the body, mind, and soul with what is sought to nurture and grow. Read a book, spend time thinking through challenges and solutions, and find productive values you can pursue. Get enough sleep, rest and ensure you are ready to dive in completely, no matter what project you take up.

Each of us is made different. While some tend to be the early birds, others are night owls. Align your strengths based on how you want to structure your days. Find your productive peaks and exploit them to your benefit. Be fierce with your time management and bring that self-discipline into it, so you have no moments worthlessly whiled away. Remember, I am not against time whiled away when it has a purpose.

Slow down, once in a while. Smell the roses, as they say. Now is your time to do so when the universe has conspired to put you at home! Use this time to reflect, foster mindfulness, and make decisions now, actionable decisions for a better tomorrow.

At the same time, give some of your time away. Give time to others who need it, be it family, friends or strangers. The impact your time and effort can have on others at a time like this, is immense. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you can do for others.

Use your time now to reframe, reskill, unwind and go at things like you never did before, but with a strategy to succeed and be fulfilled in your quest to benefit yourself and those around you.

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