How To Live A Purposeful Life

The seed has been planted.

So you don’t wake up dreading your day.

There are so many decisions one needs to make to have an impact with their life. Questions arise such as: Do I live my life to please others? or Should I live my life to please myself?

So many people are living their lives without purpose or goals. They wake up, go to work, have conversations with others who have inserted themselves in their life, go home eat supper, do some chores around the home, watch Netflix, and go to bed.

It’s unfulfilling.

In this article, I want to discuss the purposeful, driven life. Having a purpose eludes most people and I want to make sure you understand you’re not simply here to maintain a ritual and then die.

You have been planted to overcome obstacles and surrender your mental state to a more enlightened achievement. Here are some pertinent things which may be happening in your life right now…

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The Seed Has Been Planted

If you saw someone planting something, and you didn’t realize what they were doing, you would think they were burying whatever it was you saw.

This is your life.

You are overcome by the cares of this world. The cares of everyday life. You feel stressed and the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

To tell the truth, you feel buried.

But to all of the enlightened people who will read this article and want a change I want to share some important mental health tips for you.

Your life is a seed.

The reason you feel buried by everything going on around you is because you actually ARE buried.

But not for the reason you think.

As a breather of air, you may sometimes wonder what all of the fuss is about. You may also wonder what avenue’s your life should be taking.

This is the planting season in your world.

Everyone has, deep down inside, something called potential. Potential is unrealized dreams lying dormant in the belly of your spirit. Potential is when you go to work at a mundane job and know without a doubt you should be doing something greater with your life.

Potential is the seed which has been planted in your life.

Don’t Fear The Breaking

Potential creates havoc and chaos in your world to cause you to think about other paths in which you should be taking.

Just like the seed, potential has been buried deep in your mental spirit. And, just like the seed, before you can reach your full potential and bloom, you have to break out of your protective shell.

This is why you feel your life is falling apart at times.

It’s not something placed there to kill you or drive you crazy, but it’s been sent there to cause your protective shell to crack and break. It’s only when the seed breaks out of it’s shell can it begin to climb out of the tomb it’s been placed in.

Living Your Purposeful Life

Living a purposeful life is to understand different hardships you face, and know it’s only there to create more order, not chaos. Even though it feels like your family is about to fall apart, or you’re about to lose your job, these situations are subconsciously caused by your inner potential because you know there’s something better.

If by some chance you’re reading this right now and there’s life situations which has you questioning yourself, take some time to understand yourself. You cannot determine what someone else is going to do, or the decisions they make. Worrying about the decisions of others is not living a life of purpose.

Take control. No matter if you’ve just been placed in the ground, or if you’ve broken through to the sunlight and you’re beginning to feel the effects of the first bloom in your life, at some point you have to take control mentally.

There will always be something to worry about, something going on in your life which causes you to feel less about yourself. Ignore these and continue pressing towards the sun in your life.

It may seem dark now, but this is an opportunity to grow. It’s not meant to kill you, this situation is meant to make you stronger.

Now go and be who you know you should be.

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