How to let go of the feeling “I am not enough”?

So, do you often feel that you aren't good enough? If yes, then this will help you let go of that feeling.

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It is not very uncommon when you get that feeling that you are not good enough. The feeling of sulking in anxiety and not able to do anything is the moment where we all been. A simple question always rises in my head that – who sets up these standards? Who decides if you are good enough or not? 

The answer to these questions are many, we take these slow doses in our head every day, sometimes it’s social media while sometimes it’s the people around you, your friends, family or other people who should not matter but still obnoxiously eat our mental peace. Now, I don’t promote or would want to sound negative here, but the feeling of not being good enough sucks!

What to do when you feel that you are not good enough? 

Here’s your answer, 

  1. Take a moment alone and breathe.
  2. A notepad and a pen to clear the clutter in your head.
  3. Think about you for a while and not what will people say. 

Once you are ready, sitting alone with a notepad and a pen just thinking about yourself and all the things you have done wrong. After getting that clutter out of your head, tear the page/pages into pieces. You wonder why? Well, that’s because whatever you are thinking is something which probably you don’t want in your life or the things you did in the past and can’t be undone!

Isn’t it?

If this is the case, then you should immediately stop doing some things to save you from this mess. 

  • Stop the comparison: No matter whom you are comparing yourself. You have to make peace with the fact that you are you, that’s your superpower. You don’t have to be someone else or imitate their life achievements. You should work on yourself and make your life worth living. Stop the low key comparison for the betterment of your mental health. 
  • Your mistakes are not you: Your mistakes don’t define you; they make you a better person. The mistakes you made earlier made you a better person because you gained the experience and learnt from the same. These mistakes are those setbacks which push you and make you try harder.
  • All that matters is today: Human beings spend half of their lives worrying about the past and the future, but the thing which matters is today. Make most out of it. Hustle harder today and get the benefits in the future.
  • Your thoughts are not reality: Everything thought that enters your head isn’t the reality. Choose to focus on today and not your thoughts to progress in your life. When you focus on the negative thoughts, you generate more negative energy and prevent the good things from happening

So, here’s the deal, know that you are just enough and worthy of all the happiness and good things. “This too shall pass” it’s just a phase which will eventually pass. Nothing bad has ever lasted a lifetime. Just wait as the dawn of new opportunities is waiting for you. Step out and conquer the world!

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