How To Know If Your Current Career Is Right For Your Mental Health

A career without mental peace will lead you nowhere.

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Mental health defines one’s state of mind-affecting one’s behavior of thinking, behaving, feeling emotional, psychologically, and socially. If you are not feeling mental fit it will impact adversely your productivity. In recent times the Importance of mental health and its awareness has also increased in every workplace.

As per the WHO study more than 264 million people are suffering from depression caused by disability with symptoms of anxiety issues. (World Health Organization) WHO study also shows that mental illness anxiety issue makes the global economy suffers from the cost of US$ 1 trillion lost productivity. WHO Also issued an information sheet for making workplace safer places by prioritizing mental health.

If a person is unable in setting his career or if one is unemployed for a long period of time there is a higher risk of mental health problems. You should choose a career reflecting your passion for finding your authentic self. many famous people had also opened up about their struggle and how they changed their career path for following their passion and for the sake of mental health.

Signs your current career is wrong for your mental wellbeing ­– there are different signs you can feel if your current career is not right for your mental wellbeing. You will feel mental illness like sadness, anxiety, mood swing, appetite issues, fatigue, headache.

Lack of motivation – you wake up every day feeling exhausted. you will feel very less motivated in doing your day-to-day work and to put in any extra effort. You will feel like you don’t even want to achieve anything.

You always want to quit – you always feel that this job is not right for you and want to quit or would be happy if they fired you from your job. A strong feeling like this is not a suitable job for you.

The career is not fitting your passion – the career you choose does not fit at all with what you are passionate about and makes you feel depressed. if your passion is to follow your dreams, your passion, and become a photographer but you are doing the job of a teacher in this scenario you will surely get depressed.

You always see yourself looking at the time – it’s correctly said that if you are in love with your work if you don’t look at the time while working but in your case, you feel like you are drained out of energy and keep waiting when the time will be over.

Job switch option – you always keep looking for the different job of different companies, your mind and heart is not settled for the job you are currently doing.

Lack of effort for goal – you are very less inspired to achieve the goal and any accomplishment.

You always criticize your work – you always keep talking bad about your work to others all the time. You always feel the work has some problems.

Frustration with getting less payment – you receive less salary for the work you keep doing regularly while putting in your extra efforts. this is enough to make you feel dissatisfied and depressed.

Signs your current career is right for your mental well being – there are different signs you can feel if you found “the one” suitable career option for yourself

Feeling of excitement – you wake up with the feeling of excitement that you have to achieve something today. One day brings one more experience and you are excited and motivated enough to face it.

Challenges make you happy – the day-to-day challenges will bring out something unique thing for you and you really want to face challenges by giving your best potential in your work.

You show creativity – while choosing the career you love you will try to be extra creative in your work you perform. You will find different unique ways of doing one work which is surely good for your mental wellbeing.

You motivate others to join – you are motivated enough to make other people feel they should be doing what you are doing and how it is beneficial for them.

Career growth – you will face immense growth with outcomes in your career if you keep doing what you love with working out of your comfort zone.

Learning with experience – you will learn a lot about different subjects, situations and how will you handle this situation with your skills. As we all know Experience is the best teacher in our life.

You don’t look at the time – you don’t even look at the time while doing your work. You are willing to put extra time into your work.

Job switching is no more an option – you don’t even scroll at other job givers profile for job seekers.

Strength will improve – your strength will improve if you choose the right career while considering your mental wellbeing. You will also get to know more about your weakness so you can work on it and eliminates it.

More self-esteem – your self-esteem will increase with getting more recognition at your workplace. you will feel a sense of happiness inside which will also reflect your good state of mental wellbeing.

Sense of responsibility – you will feel more responsible for your actions, more cautious while doing your work.

Mental health is a state of mind and as important as physical health. you could see a broken bone, bleeding on body cut but you cannot see the mental illness still it does not mean that it’s not painful as physical illness and breaking someone apart.

You can get guidance from career counselors before selecting your career path or you can make a list of careers you like as per your wish. Make a list and look for pros and cons, the salary you will get, job options you have available.

It’s nearly impossible for you to force an interest on yourself Jeff Bezos has said that “you don’t choose your passions your passions choose you”.

Before selecting a career, you need to optimize whether it is realistic to earn income from it or not.

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