How to Exercise Your Creative Muscle

Being creative is something you can work on just like any other skill in your life.

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Many people think of creativity as something that comes only with inspiration. There’s a widespread belief that you can’t control creativity. Very often, people look for perfect settings and a mysterious process to become creative.

However, the truth is that everyone has the ability to develop their creativity and apply it regularly. The more you work your creative muscle, the easier it gets to access it.

This will help you in many ways. You’ll feel more confident at your job and you’ll work better and faster. You’ll maintain a high standard of quality in your work and grow.

Let’s explore the different ways you can build and exercise your creative muscle


The most powerful solution can be the simplest one. Practicing a creative activity every day will help you increase your creativity. The important thing is not to attempt perfection or too high a standard in your work.

The desire to do things ‘well’ can build stress that impedes your natural abilities. So, make sure that you practice some form of creative activity every day, but do not force yourself to be perfect.

There’s an important lesson here – that consistent work can be more valuable than exceptional but inconsistent work.

There are many ways to exercise creativity daily. Write a short story, try to paint or draw, practice origami by referencing online videos. The important thing is to choose a small activity and work at it every day.


Freewriting is where you write without stopping or editing. The idea is to set a timer and once it starts you keep writing until the timer goes off.

You have to write without pausing or editing in any way. You also need to be fast. Freewriting has gained popularity recently thanks to the book Accidental Genius, written by Mark Levy.

Freewriting improves your writing productivity. It also taps into your problem-solving abilities and will help you solve personal and business problems. 


Doodling is something that all of us do, or at least used to do as children. It is a method of using visual language to draw concepts and map out ideas that can lead to new ways of thinking.

It is an engaging and creative activity that has become prominent thanks to Sunni Brown, the author of The Doodle Revolution. It is an effective way to engage your visual mind in understanding complex problems.

You can use it to solve business issues, start an online business, and fix customers’ problems.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

We all fall into a rut or get stuck with the same routines. Stepping out of your comfort zone can challenge you. Engaging in mildly uncomfortable and unfamiliar activities can jog your creativity. You’ll build new sources of inspiration.

There are many things you can do. Explore an unfamiliar part of town, try a different cuisine or pick an entirely random book at a store. You can also listen to musical genres you’ve never paid attention to/

Stepping out of your comfort zone can give you new and helpful information and is a powerful way to exercise your creativity.


Meditation creates peace of mind and improves awareness. It can create significant benefits for your mental wellness and help you become more creative.

Practicing meditation every day will help you become more creative by untangling your thoughts. You can learn to meditate by joining a membership site for meditation. You can also learn to try audio lessons or join a local class.

Meditation does not have to be a long process. Just a few minutes of breathing every day can enhance creativity and improve your state of mind.

Develop Your Creativity to be Your Best Self

Being creative is something you can work on just like any other skill in your life. The most unhelpful thing you can do is to wait and hope for inspiration and creativity to happen to you.

Use the suggestions mentioned here to exercise your creativity. Over time, you’ll become more creative, delivering great content consistently.

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